Monday, July 18, 2016

Police Kill Afghan 'Refugee' in Ax-Wielding Attack in Würzburg, Germany

There's a new attack every day.

If we see an increase of attacks in Germany, maybe Merkel will start to change course on the "refugee" crisis?

At WSJ, "Afghan Migrant Shot Dead After Hatchet Attack on German Train":
BERLIN—A 17-year-old Afghan migrant wielding a hatchet and a knife injured four people on a train in Würzburg, Germany, Monday evening before being shot dead by police, the authorities said.

Police were investigating a witness report that the attacker made an Islamist exclamation, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said on German television. If confirmed, the incident would represent the most significant Islamist attack in Germany since a Kosovar gunman killed two American servicemen in 2011.

Three of the victims were seriously injured, officials said.

The attacker was believed to be a 17-year-old man from Afghanistan who came to Germany as a refugee, Mr. Herrmann said in television interviews.

“I am appalled about this,” Mr. Herrmann said. “He injured a number of people, slashing around himself with a hatchet and a knife.”

Mr. Herrmann said that one witness reported hearing the attacker shout “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great.” However, other passengers on the train, he said, didn’t recognize “any particular Islamist motive” to the attack.

Unlike France and Belgium, Germany has avoided deadly Islamic State-inspired attacks even as authorities have warned that the stream of refugees and other migrants that have poured into the country presented a security risk. Roughly a million people arrived in Germany last year to request asylum, many of them from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The attack is likely to add fuel to an intense debate across Europe on immigration, Islam and how to respond to the wave of people from the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere seeking refuge on the continent. While Germany initially welcomed hundreds of thousands of people last fall, Chancellor Angela Merkel has since scrambled to limit the flow...
Well, you'd think an attack would "add fuel to an intense debate" across Europe. The continent's practically going up in smoke as it is.

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