Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Woman to Medal in Six Olympics Ignored by Media Because She's Pro-Second Amendment — Except She Wasn't

I love the Gateway Pundit, but sometimes the posts over there don't match reality.

Here's the entry, "FIRST WOMAN to Medal in SIX Olympics Ignored by Media Because She is Pro-Second Amendment."

Actually, Rhode was featured very prominently at the front-page of this morning's Los Angeles Times, "L.A.'s most unsung Olympian continues to excel in her sixth Olympics."

And lots of Rhode coverage in the MSM on Twitter.

So, let's just stick to reality, okay.

There's plenty of media bias.

In the case of Kim Rhode, not so much.

ADDED: From Ed Driscoll, at Instapundit, "OLYMPIC OIKOPHOBIA: ‘Little Known’ Olympic Shooters Snubbed by Sponsors While Media Play Dumb." That's a good point about the corporate sponsors bailing out on Olympics shooters, although again, there's lots of media coverage. It's just not as sensational as fencers in hijabs, or what have you.