Thursday, August 4, 2016

'Mentally Ill Norwegian-Somalian' Somehow Creates 'Knife Bloodbath' in London's Russell Square

Because, of course, a "Norwegian-Somalian" with "mental health issues" couldn't possible have anything to do with global jihad.

See Sky News, "A 19-year-old Norwegian believed to have mental health issues is in custody after a deadly knife attack in London."

They don't even get the "Somalian" part in there. You'd think it was another Anders Brevik just looking at the headline.

And then there's the Telegraph U.K., "Russell Square attack: American woman stabbed to death in London rampage by 'mentally ill' Norwegian-Somalian knifeman as police find no link to terrorism."

At least they got the "Norwegian-Somalian" part in there.

Not much better at London's Daily Mail, although that's more likely because the police aren't releasing much information.

Here, "PICTURED: The moment police bundled crazed Norwegian-Somali knife attacker to the ground after he stabbed US woman to death in Russell Square. Police claim attack was 'spontaneous and random'."

It turns out, though, that Islamic State didn't get the message of the "crazed" Norwegian-Somalian killer with "no link to terrorism."

See Jihad Watch, "Islamic State hails stabbings in “centre of ‘Christendom’ London”."

Following the link there takes us to the Sun U.K., "'NICE TO WAKE UP TO SUCH NEWS' Vile ISIS supporters celebrate Russell Square ‘terror’ attack just hours after knife bloodbath: One Arabic account which posted the tragic scene at Russell Square glorified the attack - near where 7/7 bomb was detonated."

The death of just one alone is already horrific, but thank goodness more weren't killed. This obviously won't be the last attack, and also not the last time leftists dismiss militant jihad as "mental illness."