Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tomi Lahren's Pro-Choice?

As hot as she is, there's always been something that's bugged me about Tomi Lahren.

Sure, she's a little too cock-sure about everything. Sometimes she comes off as superficially informed. But when I saw her speak at Comic Con last June, I noticed that she seems kinda mean. She didn't come off as a friendly sympathetic figure. Not at all. Mind you, she took the stage alongside Mary Katharine Ham, who's the nicest lady you'd ever want to meet -- and a smart-as-hell conservative who held her own against blowhard Bill O'Reilly on Fox News for years -- so yeah, Lahren might have had a little competition in that regard. But she just exuded meanness nevertheless.

After the panel, fawning young conservative women swarmed the podium, many of them attempting to get near Ms. Tomi, to get a selfie or even perhaps exchange business cards, or phone numbers, or whatever it is young hipsters exchange these days. I would have liked to say hello, to give Ms. Tomi kudos on her considerably impressive record of conservative commentary. But on second thought I said nah. She seems mean, as noted, but she also came off as stuck up. You know, she's the hot blonde chick you wanted to go out with in high school but would never have been given you so much as the time of day had you approached her. If a young hotsie-totsie like this deigned to speak to you during high school it was most likely for you to get the hell out of the way, you beta male nincompoop. So with that, I made off into the convention hall, not to worry about it too much. I'd scored a couple of photos of the woman's phenomenal legs, so I guess that was an added bonus of attendance.

So now here comes Truth Revolt with the report that Ms. Tomi's pro-choice? WTF?!! You can't be conservative and be pro-choice. It's like you can't be an all-American male and not like women in bikinis. It's just not a thing.

Well, I guess it is, for the young so-called conservative Ms. Tomi.

See, "'Conservative' Tomi Lahren's Pro-Abortion Stance Pleases 'The View'."

Like I said, sometimes I doubt Ms. Tomi's too smart. Definitely nice legs though.