Thursday, July 24, 2014

Israel Pounds Gaza — As Well It Should

I'm surprised this letter to the Los Angeles Times was even considered by the editors, much less published as the lead at that section.

See, "Who'll stop the killing in the Gaza Strip?":
To the editor: Although it is true that too many people are dying, your headline for the print version of this story ("'Too many innocent people are dying'") was unfair because it undercut what Israel has attempted to do: minimize Arab casualties while trying to defend the safety of its citizens. I know of no other country that is so moral that it calls civilians to warn them that the country is about to attack. ("Israel pounds Gaza neighborhood it says is rocket-launching site," July 20)

Yes, too many people are dying. The Israelis want no one to die; what they do want is the violence against their country stopped.

The Arabs argue about Israel not being moral enough. But where is the Arabs' moral ground? How is it that they don't complain when Hamas puts its weapons in tunnels under homes and schools, acting like they do not care if their people live or die?

If Hamas doesn't want people to die, it should agree to the proposed cease-fire, as Israel did. Thank you for every effort you make to be more fair.

Lisa Kassner, Northridge

Obama's Illegals Heading to Bourne, Massachusetts?

Well, not if local patriots can help it.

It's the Murrieta model, in the Bay State.

At the Boston Globe, "Officials in Bourne decry plan to bring migrant children."

Plus, "Voters split on sheltering migrant children in Mass. Globe poll finds divisions over plan by Patrick, other immigration issues":
Massachusetts voters are split on Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to provide temporary shelter for up to 1,000 unaccompanied immigrant children on a state air base or military training installation, according to a new Boston Globe poll.

Given the details of Patrick’s proposal, including the fact that the facilities would be staffed and paid for by the federal government and open for up to four months, 50 percent of those polled expressed support, with 43 percent opposed. That’s within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

But on national immigration initiatives, respondents were more skeptical. Asked more broadly whether the migrant children should be allowed to stay in the United States after judicial hearings, only 39 percent answered yes, compared with 43 percent who said the children should be deported.
Also at the Lowell Sun, "Debate over immigrant children coming to Massachusetts hits the House floor."

Eau So Sexy

From Theo Spark, "Victoria's Secret Introduces Eau So Sexy Places to Wear Fragrance."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VIDEO: Obama Hits Tony Hancock Park Fundraiser Amid Escalating Crises in Israel, Ukraine

At CBS News Los Angeles:

Be sure to stay with the video to about 2:45 minutes, where you'll see a woman posing as a Democrat Party low-information caricature, as she argues that President Obumbler's been "a great leader" who has "raised our society up in every way."

Just wow!

Also at Pat Dollard's, "Pissed Off Los Angeles Commuters Take to TWITTER to Blast Traffic Delays… Thanks to Obama."

Senator John Walsh (D-Montana) Plagiarized His Army War College Master's Thesis

This is mind-boggling to me --- and interesting too, since the Army War College materials draw overwhelmingly from international security studies in political science, my specialty field.

At the New York Times, "Senator’s Thesis Turns Out to Be Remix of Others’ Works, Uncited Senator: John Walsh Confronts Questions of Plagiarism":
WASHINGTON — Democrats were thrilled when John Walsh of Montana was appointed to the United States Senate in February. A decorated veteran of the Iraq war and former adjutant general of his state’s National Guard, Mr. Walsh offered the Democratic Party something it frequently lacks: a seasoned military man.

On the campaign trail this year, Mr. Walsh, 53, has made his military service a main selling point. Still wearing his hair close-cropped, he notes he was targeted for killing by Iraqi militants and says his time in uniform informs his views on a range of issues.

But one of the highest-profile credentials of Mr. Walsh’s 33-year military career appears to have been improperly attained. An examination of the final paper required for Mr. Walsh’s master’s degree from the United States Army War College indicates the senator appropriated at least a quarter of his thesis on American Middle East policy from other authors’ works, with no attribution.
Keep reading.

And the Times has some nifty graphics of the plagiarized thesis, "How Senator John Walsh Plagiarized a Final Paper" (via Memeorandum).

Pallywood Video: Anti-Israel Groups Allege Wounded 'Palestinian' Civilian Killed by Israeli Sniper

This is "Pallywood" propaganda, but big media outlets are running with it anyway, at London's Daily Mail, for example, with the disclaimer that the clip has not been independently verified, "The moment 'unarmed civilian was shot dead by an Israeli sniper' as he desperately searched for his family: Palestinians release shocking video."

And Telegraph UK, has an interview with Mohammed Abedullah of the International Solidarity Movement, who alleges that an Israeli sniper killed the wounded "Palestinian." Watch, "Activists release video purporting to show Palestinian shot by Israeli sniper."

Here's the report from the ISM, "War crime: video shows sniper killing of wounded Gaza civilian."

Robert Mackey, at the New York Times, also spins the "Israeli sniper" narrative, uncritically reporting the claims of virulent anti-Israel leftist Joe Catron:

And Catron tweets:

CAMERA calls out the media bias and anti-Israel propaganda, "Robert Mackey's 'Open Source' Journalism Anything But."

Mackey has seen a full 15-minute clip of the incident but has refused to release the video to CAMERA for independent verification, so there's that.

More, "Did Newsweek Promote Fake Atrocity Video? Will ISM Produce Video for Inspection?"

And the video is debunked here, "A FAKE ATROCITY VIDEO FROM GAZA."

Yep, a total fake.

Ukraine Accuses Russia for Downing Two Su-25 Fighter Jets Over Dmytrivka

At the New York Times, "2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down as Fighting Intensifies."

And at the Los Angeles Times, "Ukraine believes missiles from Russia downed 2 military jets":

Ukrainian officials said Wednesday that two military jets have been shot down in the eastern part of the country, and the missiles that downed them may have been launched from Russia.

There was no immediate response from Russian officials. Russia's state-run Itar-Tass news agency reported that the planes were shot down by a Ukrainian separatist militia.

The pilots of the Su-25 fighter aircraft ejected from the planes, the Ukrainian government said, but their whereabouts are unknown. The incidents occurred near the Russian border, in a part of Ukraine where the government is waging a battle against pro-Russia separatists.

However, at an afternoon security briefing, a Ukrainian defense spokesman said the military believes that the missiles that brought down the planes came not from separatists in Ukraine but from the Russian side of the border.

"They were downed not by terrorists," said Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council, using the government's term for the separatists. "‎According to our preliminary information it was done from across the border."

Bill Whittle's Firewall: 'The Case for Israel'

Via Theo Spark.

An utterly devastating indictment of leftist Jew-hated (Jew-hatred that goes right to the top, to the Obama White House):

British Fashion Model Cara Delevingne Bikini Photos in Saint-Tropez

Heh, a little fashion model bikini break from leftist Jew-hatred blogging.

At Egotastic!, "Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne on vacation in Saint-Tropez."

VIDEO 'Palestinian Solidarity' Protesters Attack Jews and Israel Supporters in Calgary

Here's a segment with Ezra Levant, at Sun News, "'Palestinian Solidarity' Protesters Attack Israel Supporters in Calgary."

Scroll forward to 2:45 minutes at the clip, where leftists snatch an Israel flag from a guy, Jeff Willerton, just standing there watching, and he's then pushed to the ground and beaten as he tries to get his flag back.

And then go to about 7:00 minutes at the video. The pro-Palestinian protesters cross the street to track down pro-Israel Jews, and viciously attack them.

And, wouldn't you know it? There were no police on hand in Calgary.

Sounds familiar.

Believe me, last Saturday it took a lot of self-restraint not to fight back against the ANSWER communists, who were assaulting me, but I knew that not only would I be ransacked, stomped on, and beaten by the racist dregs, but that they'd make propaganda videos attempting to show that I was a "provocateur" who instigated the violence.

Well, listen to Levant's commentary at the end of the clip: "If there's no cops there, these protesters will do whatever the hell they want. To hell with Canadian law. Or customs. Or norms. To hell with the rule of law, with democracy, to the peaceful resolution of our political differences. Left to their own devices, they like to beat Jews. And any Christians 'foolish' enough to support them, like Willerton [the guy with the Israel flag]."


PREVIOUSLY: "VIDEO: Anarchists, Communists Attack 'American Power' at Anaheim #ANSWER Protest: 'He's an Agitator!'"

'We are Hamas!… From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!'

And so it goes, via Gateway Pundit, "Muslims in Miami Chant “Let’s Go Hamas!… From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!” (Video)."

PREVIOUSLY: "Los Angeles #Gaza Protesters Demand Extermination of Israel and Death to the Jews," and "Walter James Casper 'Reaching Out' to Anti-Israel #ANSWER Communist 'CassandraRules'."

Also, "Cassandra Rules: 'It's Troubling' That Jew-Hating Leftists 'Are Being Painted as Anti-Semitic...'"

'Max Steinberg's story fills me with pain, but also with pride -- as an American, as an Israeli, and as a Jew...'

Click through at the tweets for Avi Mayer's loving commentary on fallen soldier Max Steinberg.

VIDEO: Jews Flee France Amid Worst Anti-Semitic Violence Since the Holocaust

Recall my blog post from June, citing the New York Times, "Number of French Jews Emigrating to Israel Rises."

Now, according to the Huffington Post, the number of Jews making aliyah to Israel has skyrocketed, "France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue":

More than a thousand Jews have made aliyah (the term used when Jews immigrate to Israel) in the past 10 days, according to the Israeli government.

"I came because of anti-Semitism,” said teary-eyed Veronique Rivka Buzaglo, one of 430 immigrants who arrived from France the day before. "You see it in the eyes of people.

I see it in everything," she told HuffPost. Buzaglo says nothing would have stopped her from becoming an Israeli citizen this week - not even the rocket sirens frequently blaring in the south of the country, where she plans to live.
Be sure to click through for the photos. It's like Kristallnacht.

At the video, French women exclaim," I've seen nothing like this in 41 years" and "We are at war!"

VIDEO HAT TIP: Vlad, "French news video from Sarcelles on the antisemitic attacks by muslims on the weekend."

Cassandra Rules: 'It's Troubling' That Jew-Hating Leftists 'Are Being Painted as Anti-Semitic...'

What a sad, evil, hate-addled communist stooge.

Here's "Cassandra's" bizarre and normatively evil tweet from this morning:

And now just refer to Blazing Cat Fur, "From Today's Gaza March In France":

PREVIOUSLY: "Los Angeles #Gaza Protesters Demand Extermination of Israel and Death to the Jews," and "Walter James Casper 'Reaching Out' to Anti-Israel #ANSWER Communist 'CassandraRules'."

Yes, because Repsac's always reaching out to leftists who endorse anti-Semitic hatred, genocidal hook-nosed imagery, and collectivist hatred. That's who he is.

Pamela Geller: 'Muslims Are Rioting with Impunity Across the World...'

A great interview.

At Atlas Shrugs, "VIDEO: Pamela Geller on One America News Network Discussing Israel, Hamas, and Jihad."

Peter Lavelle, 'Russia Today' Propagandist, Blames Ukraine for #MH17 Downing

Wow, these Russia Today stooges are completely whacked.

At Mediaite, "CNN’s Cuomo to RT Anchor: Why Are You Carrying Water for Russia?

The full interview's at that link.

Excerpts here:

The End of the Liberal Critique of Israel

From Jonathan Tobin, at Commentary:
Israelis understand the current conflict has nothing to do with arguments about settlements or borders. You don’t have to be a supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or those of pro-settlement critics on the right here to understand that Hamas and its sympathizers don’t care where Israel’s borders should be drawn. Nor is there any real debate about the impact of a Palestinian political culture in which even the supposed moderates applaud terrorism and treat those who slaughter Jews as heroes. The point of the terrorist fortress in Gaza that the Israel Defense Forces is trying to disarm if not dismantle is to serve as the base for an ongoing war against the existence of the Jewish state. The choice of Hamas’s leaders to deliberately sacrifice as many of their own people as possible in order to protect their terrorist infrastructure has not been lost on Israelis. Nor has it escaped their notice that the whole point of the massive investment in rockets and infiltration tunnels by the government of a district mired in poverty is to produce as many Jewish casualties as possible regardless of the impact such actions may have on the safety or the quality of life of Palestinians....

If, at some point in the indefinite future, the Palestinians turn on Hamas and its less radical allies and embrace a national identity that is not inextricably linked to Israel’s elimination, perhaps then we can resume the debate about settlements and borders that J Street craves. But until that unlikely event happens, it is imperative that Americans realize that the J Street critique of Israel that is often echoed by some in the Obama administration and throughout the left is over. The only question to be asked today is whether you stand with Israel’s right to defend itself or not. Jews and others who consider themselves friends of the Jewish state must find the courage to speak up for the justice of Israel’s cause in the current crisis against the forces of hate. Viewed from the perspective of the last week’s events here in Israel, anything else is a waste of time.
Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

Additional Responses to 'Cowardly #ANSWER Communists'

I posted some initial responses here.

I've been contacted by followers on Twitter who thanked me for being a "true American patriot," and for standing up against the communist thugs.

I especially love this tweet from Robert Stacy McCain:

I'll have more blogging later today.

'Gaza Solidarity' Protesters in Berlin: 'Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come on out and Fight'

At the Tablet, "Berlin Protesters Chant: ‘Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come on out and Fight’":
In a video taken at a large anti-Israel rally in Berlin this past Thursday, hundreds of protesters can be seen chanting in German, “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight on your own” (“Jude, Jude, feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kämpf allein“).

Watch it for yourself below:

Also at Arutz Sheva, "Protest against Israel’s operation in Gaza in Berlin gets ugly as protesters chant anti-Jewish slogans."

Remember, as Carolyn Glick noted the other day, anti-Jewish violence and intimidation in Europe "has reached levels not seen since the Holocaust."

PREVIOUSLY: "Los Angeles #Gaza Protesters Demand Extermination of Israel and Death to the Jews," and "VIDEO: Baltimore 'Gaza Solidarity' Protest Sponsored by Stalinist Front Group International Action Center (IAC)."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VIDEO: Baltimore 'Gaza Solidarity' Protest Sponsored by Stalinist Front Group International Action Center (IAC)

The Quinton Report indicates that radical activist Steven Ceci, with the Baltimore People's Power Assembly, was one of the organizers of Batimore's anti-Israel protest over the weekend. See, "Anti-Israel protest organized by Marxists."

Ceci is interviewed at this clip from WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore, but as is always the case with media coverage of communist activists, the dude's full background isn't revealed:

A search on Ceci's background picks up a number of results going back to the mid-2000s. He's been affiliated with the Troops Out Now Coalition protesting the Iraq war, as well as Baltimore All Peoples Congress -- both front groups for the IAC, which is itself affiliated with the communist revolutionary World Workers Party.

Here's the Gaza solidarity organizing page at the International Action Center, "Around the world, people stand with Gaza against Israeli massacres." Also at Workers World (newspaper of Workers World Party), "U.S. protests in solidarity with people of Gaza."

Some background on IAC at the World War 4 Report (back in 2002-03):
The dirty open secret on the American left--universally, but rarely openly, acknowledged--is that ANSWER is led at its core by an outfit called the International Action Center (IAC), which is itself a front group for the reactionary and Stalin-nostalgist Workers World Party. What nobody wants to say out loud is clearly evident: IAC and Workers World support genocide.

IAC's frontman, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, is a founding member of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, and IAC routinely dismissed accounts of the atrocities against Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Albanians as imperialist "lies." Even now, IAC supports Milosevic almost without reservation, portraying him as a defender of socialism. During the worst of the Bosnia bloodshed, IAC«s Clark travelled to Bosnia to meet with Serb strongman Radovan Karadzic (now indicted on war crimes charges) and offer his support.

Workers World also supported Deng Xiaoping in the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, portraying the protesters as "counter-revolutionaries." In 1991, Workers World split the movement against Desert Storm by refusing to condemn Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. In the ensuing years, Clark and IAC dismissed human rights allegations against Saddam as more imperialist propaganda.

Workers World Party--whose cadre such as Brian Becker are ANSWER's most visible spokespersons--is a vigorous apologist of mass murder.
And see John Perazzo, at Discover the Networks, "The Many Faces of Socialist 'Peace' Activists: The International Action Center" (2006):
The socialist International Action Center (IAC) is one of the most significant and influential organizations on the American political landscape today. It is also among the most dangerous. Its leaders have spawned a considerable number of additional groups –ostensibly independent entities focusing on their own respective crusades. But in truth, they are not independent at all; each of these groups is the International Action Center – radical socialism dressed up in the variegated vestments of such noble sounding causes as “peace,” “social justice,” “civil liberties,” and “human rights.” The unifying theme underpinning IAC’s (and its cohorts’) activism is an unwavering contention that a racist, imperialist United States is the world’s chief violator of these high ideals; that America is the central wellspring of evil on earth – guilty of unspeakable atrocities, past and present, foreign and domestic. Based on this premise, IAC aggressively supports a host of organizations and individuals who detest America so passionately that they in fact seek its destruction – so that a new socialist paradise might one day be built atop its smoldering ruins. This would be of little import if IAC were an impotent group of fringe lunatics without much social influence. But such is not the case. Rather, millions of unsuspecting Americans have been subtly, incrementally infected by IAC’s axiomatic belief that the United States is the focus of evil in the modern world. To understand how this has occurred, we must first understand exactly what IAC’s mission and worldview are.

IAC is, most notably, the driving force behind the antiwar group International ANSWER (henceforth, ANSWER), about which more will be said momentarily. IAC is a fiercely anti-American organization whose creed reads, “Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed.” It is staffed by members of the Workers World Party (WWP), a Marxist-Leninist vanguard that idolizes the former Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin and regards Fidel Castro as a hero of the common man. Founded in 1959, WWP has been, since its inception, a fierce critic of the United States. Having supported the Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, as well as the barbaric regimes of Slobodan Milocevic in the former Yugoslavia and Kim Jong Il in North Korea, WWP frankly defines itself as follows: “We’re independent Marxists who respect the struggles for self-determination and progress of oppressed nations. We try to understand their problems in a world dominated by Western imperialism. . . . Our goal is solidarity of all the workers and [all the] oppressed against this criminal imperialist system. . . . We fight hard for a better life right now, but we know that nothing is secure . . . as long as capitalism exists. So our goal is a society run by the workers, not just as pawns in a capitalist political game but as collective owners of the social wealth.” Such are the ideals of the organization behind one of the largest “peace” movements in world history. IAC was founded by Ramsey Clark, the onetime U.S. Attorney General (under President Lyndon Johnson) who now works as a defense lawyer, generally representing clients he portrays as victims of American civil liberties and human rights violations. For decades, Clark has consistently condemned American foreign policy and its related military campaigns, from the Vietnam War, to the Iraq War, to the broader War on Terror. Conversely, he has backed myriad groups, governments, and individuals with rabidly anti-American, and even terrorist, agendas. Whatever the nature of any conflict, Clark invariably sides with America’s adversary.
IAC and ANSWER remain loosely affiliated today. Brian Becker is now ANSWER's national coordinator. IAC founder Ramsay Clark frequently headlines ANSWER events, for example, at the San Francisco chapter's 2012 teach-in on the 9th anniversary of the Iraq war.

Here's the statement on the group's from the Anti-Defamation League, "International Action Center & ANSWER: An ADL Backgrounder" (2011):
Under the guise of an anti-imperialist and anti-war agenda, the Far-Left International Action Center (IAC) and its affiliate, the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition, have been at the forefront of injecting anti-Israel fervor and support for terrorism into the anti-war movement.

Founded in 1992 by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, IAC regularly organizes protests against capitalism and what it perceives to be American imperialism, including policies related to the economy, immigration issues and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ANSWER, its anti-war spinoff which was founded in 2001, has a narrower agenda and focuses on "campaigning against U.S. intervention" in foreign countries.

IAC and ANSWER's ideology is strongly rooted in the Workers World Party, a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party founded in the 1950s on the principle that only socialism will end "exploitation, racism and war." Both IAC and ANSWER organize many anti-war rallies around the country and they have become a galvanizing force behind the anti-war movement, leading the way in expressing opposition to the United States' wars abroad.

Along the way, they have consistently sought to link the Palestinian cause with other "anti-colonialist" and "anti-occupation" initiatives. ANSWER signs at anti-war rallies often read, "Occupation is a Crime: Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine." By equating the United States' wars abroad to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ANSWER has sought to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the anti-war movement's agenda, and has, to some extent, succeeded in making the conflict a core issue for the anti-war left.

In addition to its anti-war activity, IAC and ANSWER have sponsored and organized numerous anti-Israel events, rallies and demonstrations in the United States. ANSWER in particular has positioned itself as the leading organizer of the large rallies against Israel that usually take place during periods of heightened tension, including the Gaza War in the winter of 2008-2009 and the summer 2006 war in Lebanon. These protests, often co-sponsored by other anti-Israel organizations, regularly featured anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, expressions of support for terror and offensive Holocaust imagery likening Jews and Israelis to Nazis.

ANSWER and IAC have both repeatedly expressed support for terrorist groups determined to dismantle the state of Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as "resistance" groups fighting U.S. forces abroad. Hamas and Hezbollah flags and signs expressing solidarity with these groups are often on display at ANSWER and IAC-organized anti-Israel rallies. IAC representatives have also attended conferences in the Middle East with Hamas and Hezbollah representatives to discuss strategies for shoring up support for these groups.

These groups are vehicles for the most vile eliminationist anti-Semitism. Mainstream media outlets do significant harm in omitting any mention of the ideological, anti-Semitic background of organizers like Baltimore's Steven Ceci and his ilk.

PREVIOUSLY: "Los Angeles #Gaza Protesters Demand Extermination of Israel and Death to the Jews."

VIDEO: Europe Rejects Tough Russia Sanctions Despite Anger Over #MH17

The Europeans aren't ready to declare economic warfare on Russia, despite the growing evidence of Moscow's role in the attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

The Netherlands, who lost almost 200 souls in the attack, is Russia's biggest importer, and the French have no plans to halt shipment of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia.

The New York Times reports, "Despite Anger Over Downed Jetliner, Europe Shies Away From Sanctions on Russia":

AMSTERDAM — In cafes across the Netherlands a new Cold War with Russia had already erupted. “We have to draw a line somewhere,” said Meindert van der Kaaij, a silver-haired journalist, lamenting over beers those who died on Flight 17, 193 of them from the Netherlands.

“We must say something.” Russia, everybody agreed, was the real culprit. “What can we do?” Niels Romijn, a civil servant, snapped back.

“We must be realistic; there is just not much we can do.”

t was a mirror image of the debate that unfolded in bland diplomatic language in Brussels, where foreign ministers of the European Union’s 28 member states were under pressure to display resolve and common purpose after the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet over eastern Ukraine. In the end, there was plenty of tough talk, yet no real punishment for Russia despite calls from Australia, Britain and the United States, who have all accused Russia of supplying the missile that brought down Flight 17, to take a tougher line.

Despite widespread anger over the plane’s downing, European nations have shied away from measures that would further isolate Russia. Dependent on Russian gas and oil, wary of confrontation on the Continent and alive to the fact of Russia’s proximity, Europe’s leaders have largely decided they will have to live with a newly assertive Russia.

“Almost every European state has voluntarily handed over power to Mr. Putin, allowing him to play countries against each other,” said Marietje Schaake, an influential member of the European Parliament. “We should choose for energy independency, for principles, human rights and rule of law. But that is not what we are doing now.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, the foreign ministers agreed to draw up a new, broader list of targets for sanctions, including Russian individuals and entities, said Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s foreign affairs chief.

But no new additional measures were imposed, reflecting fears among some Europeans that tougher sanctions would invite reprisals by Russia against countries dependent on its energy supplies, harming the Continent’s economic growth.

Nowhere is the European conundrum clearer than in the Netherlands, a tiny nation of 16 million but one of the wealthiest in the European Union. For more than a decade, the Dutch have been forging closer ties with Russia, emphasizing a growing trade and economic partnership while pointedly ignoring President Vladimir V. Putin’s regional ambitions.

Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, which has its head office in The Hague, is one of the largest foreign investors in Russian gas fields in Siberia. Shell is the largest corporation in the Netherlands, and its stock is widely held in the nation’s pension funds. If Shell loses money, the pensions of Dutch teachers, civil servants and many others suffer.

As a result, the ties between Shell and the government are extremely close, and the company’s welfare inevitably influences policy, analysts said.

“They have direct access to everybody in the establishment,” said Sweder van Wijnbergen, who was the secretary-general of the ministry of economic affairs from 1997 to 2000. His former boss in that job, who was then the minister in charge of the economy, Hans Wijers, sits on the Shell board of directors. “Naturally Shell will try to prevent any sanctions against Russia,” Mr. van Wijnbergen said. “Of course the government ultimately makes its own decisions.”

A spokesman for the company declined to say whether Shell would reconsider its investments in Russia after the downing of the plane. Four Shell employees died in the crash of Flight 17.

After China, the Netherlands is Russia’s most important trading partner. The Russians and the Dutch have invested billions in each other’s countries. In 2012, the Netherlands imported 20.3 billion euros, or about $27.3 billion, worth of gas, reselling 95 percent of it to the rest Europe, official statistics show. Russia imported €7.2 billion in office equipment, food and flowers...
There's more, but you get the picture.

Lea Michele Bikini Photos in Italy

Here's a needed break from the anarcho-communist blogging.

Check out the "Glee" actress in Italy, at Egotastic!, "Lea Michele seen on a boat in Italy."

Looks like a wonderful vacation.

VIDEO: Anarchists, Communists Attack 'American Power' at Anaheim #ANSWER Protest: 'He's an Agitator!'

"He's an agitator! That's just what he does. He's just going to cause a problem."

Watch the clip starting at 24:45 minutes. As noted, I was surrounded by dozens of anarchists, communists, dirty hippies, and meth-heads. Look at this retinue of human waste. Note especially the dirtbag with the obligatory upside down American flag. And of course notice at all the cameras being stuffed in my face. My response all day was "This is a public park. You have no right to stop me from participating in this protest." But with no police presence on the ground, thuggery was the order of the day. My phone was stolen from my hands at total of three times (I forgot to mention previously that the dirty tie-died hippie also assaulted me, stealing my phone and throwing it to the grass. Recall I had to retrieve my phone out of the street and from over a 10-foot brick wall as well.)

And forget the lies at the clip. I wasn't agitating anything, other than trying to take a few photos and Vines for my blog. What you're seeing is the mob siege that took over once the ANSWER communists realized who I was. This went on for probably half an hour at least, as I tried to move toward the main speakers, including Genevieve Huizar, the mother of dead gang-banger Manny Diaz, who in 2012 Anaheim police saw brandishing a weapon before being shot while fleeing the scene.

Robert Stacy McCain has the roundup of my earlier posts, "Commies in Anaheim?"

I'm surprised I haven't yet seen more videos of the mob attack. The reality is that the anarcho-communists were in my face, trying to intimidate and provoke me into violence, which then would have been captured on video as "proof" that I was a violent right-wing extremist. To their endless dismay, I was classically peaceful and composed, while being shut-down by criminal thugs in the typical fashion of leftist brownshirt totalitarianism.

Anti-Israel Nutjob Max Blumenthal: Netanyahu’s 'Extreme Right-Wing' Coalition Conducting 'Revenge Campaign' in Gaza

Apparently there were two alleged "neo-Nazi" counter-protesters at a Tel Aviv pro-Gaza demonstration on July 12th, and there are claims that "right-wingers" were shouting "death to Arabs."

Two, that's it. At Revolution News, "2 Israelis Wore Neo Nazi Shirts During Attack on Anti War Protest in Tel Aviv."

Cited there is this piece at 972 Magazine, "The night it became dangerous to demonstrate in Tel Aviv." And you gotta love this leaps of complicity here:
I have to say this clearly: it is not just these fascists, Eliassi and his people, or those carrying Liberman’s posters and the rest of the thugs. It comes from the top. It comes from a government which serially incites against Arabs and the Left. It comes from MK Yariv Levin sitting in the Channel 10 News studio, boldly lying about the Gaza siege policy, and refusing to allow Ran Cohen from Physicians for Human Rights to talk, calling him a liar, saying Channel 10 was derelict in its duty when it allows the government to be criticized on the air – criticism which was entirely hard, dry facts. It comes from policemen, who are quite adept at attacking Left-wing demonstrations, or ultra-Orthodox ones, and of course Arab ones – but somehow stand in silence in the face of fascists marching through the streets. And it comes from a prime minister who has been silent for weeks while masses flood the streets, attacking Arabs, swearing, humiliating, a whole population group feeling threatened and isolated, with nobody to turn to.

So yes, it will happen again. We will keep demonstrating, as we demonstrated this evening also in Haifa and Jaffa and earlier in Tira and Sakhnin and other places. But we have to know this will happen again, and prepare accordingly.
Also, according to JPost, in Haifa "Buses carrying Arab protesters who were coming to demonstrate against the Gaza operation were attacked."

Hmm, okay.

Here here comes insane anti-Israel extremist Max Blumenthal, alleging that "neo-Nazis" have "infiltrated" right to the top, and Israel's self-defense in Gaza is a "revenge campaign" orchestrated by "extreme right-wing elements" and "army reservists" who "came together as part of the orange cells that protested the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2006."

Man, some really nasty, nutjob conspiratorial stuff. See, "Israeli Peace Demo Violently Disrupted, Dozens Injured as Counter-Protesters Yell 'Death to Arabs'."

Pretty typical for the left, though, whose contingents are currently protesting around the globe in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands, demanding the extermination of Israel and death to the Jews.

Seriously, there is nothing comparable on the pro-Israel side, which explains why insane nutjobs like Max Blumenthal have even been widely repudiated by anti-Israel leftists.

Negotiating the Terms of Our Surrender? White Flags Appear Atop NYC's Brooklyn Bridge (VIDEO)

It's the signal message of the age of Obama and the cowardly political left.

Film Ladd nails it at the tweet:

And it was an American flag white-washed for surrender, the cruel irony:

And at CBS News New York:

Vancouver 'Sex Positive' Activist Drops Out of Local Election Amid Masturbation Video Scandal

You gotta give it up for Robert Stacy McCain and his #RadFem blogging. Some of the whacked out women he finds are just too hilarious. Check out this "sex positive" LGBT activist Trish Kelly of the "Vancouver Vision" party. Turns out the lady goes for the "solo sex" every night, lol. Prolly shouldn't have been making selfie videos however, heh.

Here, "Canadian Candidate Drops Out After Masturbation Video Surfaces":

I’m going to take a wild guess that the recommended “inclusive approach” to “gender-variant community members” might be somewhat controversial even in liberal Vancouver. And I’m going to take another wild guess that Ms. Kelly’s masturbation video — which highlighted her bisexual queer femme “sex-positive activism” — might have caused some voters to wonder, “What kind of long-term agenda is Vision Vancouver pursuing, if they’re willing to put this kinky weirdo on the Park Board, to eradicate ‘the gender limitations and constraints of today’?”

More at the Vancouver Sun, "Why Trish Kelly’s masturbation video was more trouble for Vision Vancouver than for her":
As everyone who cares now knows, Kelly, a performance artist, quit the Vision campaign Thursday after a risqué video she did in 2006 about masturbation began floating around. Kelly never made any secret about her views, and she has an extensive body of literary and video work touching on her self-described attitudes as a “sex-positive” and “queer” artist.

It appears that body of work and fears that it may [be] “dribbled out” over the coming months of the election by unnamed people, may now be what caused Vision to have “several conversations” about whether it might be better for her to throw in the towel now.

Both Kelly and Vision co-chair Maria Dobrinskaya acknowledge that the potential public attention presented “a growing distraction” to the campaign. But here’s the thing: a distraction to whose campaign? Kelly has never shied away from what she is or does, and in fact looked forward to using her office, should she be elected, to espouse some of those views.

Rula Jebreal 'TV Appearances Cancelled' After Slamming #MSNBC for 'Disgustingly Biased' Israel Coverage

Background at the Other McCain, "Is MSNBC Too Pro-Israel?"

Jebreal claims her "forthcoming TV appearances have been cancelled!"

I doubt it, actually. Her comments are tame compared to all the stuff for which MSNBC is constantly apologizing.

And besides, she gets hammered by Eli Lake, who says he's "baffled" by this woman's truly bizarre statements:

IDF Soldier Max Steinberg, Los Angeles Native, Killed in Gaza

At the Los Angeles Times, "Israeli soldier from Los Angeles is killed in Gaza."