Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kathryn Steinle, Vibrant 32-Year-Old San Francisco Woman, Murdered by Illegal Alien Suspect Francisco Sanchez

Yeah, because Mexico sends us their very best citizens, or something.

And the suspect was on probation from Texas. Tell Donald Trump to stop telling too much truth!

At the San Jose Mercury News, "'Random' San Francisco shooting kills 32-year-old ex-Pleasanton resident."


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The family of a San Francisco woman who was killed in a seemingly random act of violence is mourning her loss as police continue to search for a motive.

On Thursday, police announced that Texas resident Francisco Sanchez was arrested in connection with the shooting death of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, known to friends and family as Kate. The 45-year-old has been formally charged with her murder.

Video taken by a person who lived at a nearby apartment building shows bystanders trying to help Kate, who was mortally wounded. Police say the suspect never exchanged words with her before he shot her.

"The victim said something to her family members to the extent that she didn't feel well," said Sgt. Mike Andraychak. "Like she realized something had taken place with respect to her and she fell to the ground."

A police boat dragging sonar equipment cruised slowly around the pier on Thursday morning, looking for the gun that was used in the shooting. Sources tell ABC7 News that a gun has been found in the water. However, ballistics tests will need to be performed to see if the gun was the one used in the shooting at Pier 14.

Police believe the suspect tossed the weapon into the waters after the shooting.

Kate was fatally shot at around 6:30 p.m. as she strolled the pedestrian pier with her father.

"There does not appear to be any connection between the victim and the suspect," said Andraychak. "At this point, it appears to be a random shooting incident."

At the time, there were about a dozen people on the popular pier where thousands walk and jog every day. Police descended on the area after they received numerous 911 calls.

Investigators quickly emailed other officers some cell photos taken by witnesses of the suspect. Police found Sanchez about an hour after the shooting, hiding in front of a restaurant on the corner of Embarcadero and Townsend.

Bartender Noah Bucoy saw the takedown.

"Well, we just saw a guy on the floor and a cop putting a gun at him, and we're like, 'that's pretty serious,'" he said.

Kate lived across the street from where he was arrested.

Police say Sanchez is on probation in Texas. ABC7 News sources tell us he's been deported to Mexico several times and that his rap sheet includes aggravated assault.

In the meantime, the victim's family is in shock. The victim's brother, Brad Steinle, says his sister loved to make people laugh and smile that he'll miss everything about her.

"We loved Kate, and I will love her till the day I die," he said.

All while trying to find the strength to move on.

"I had the best sister," Brad said. "She was the most wonderful, loving, caring person."
Ima hazard a guess that this story won't be leading the network news reports over the weekend.

Idiots like America Ferrera and Eva Longoria will, but not this evil illegal alien Francisco Sanchez.

Food Terrorism: Pins and Nails Found Inside Prince Edward Island Potatoes

The next big thing in leftist protest movements. Spiking food with pins and nails.

Yeah. That ought to win over a lot of political converts.

At the Guardian UK, "Canadian potato farmers on the hunt for saboteurs: 'These are really evil people'":

A picturesque corner of rural Canada best known as the idyllic home of Anne of Green Gables is now fighting for its economic life against a mysterious outbreak of alleged “food terrorism”.

The prosperous farmers of Prince Edward Island in the gulf of St Lawrence have offered a reward of CAN$500,000 (US$400,000) for tips leading to the conviction of the person or people who have been inserting pins and nails into potatoes grown on the island. Since the sabotage began last October, tampered Prince Edward Island potatoes have been found in grocery stores in four different Canadian provinces, triggering what has been described as the most serious crisis to hit sleepy PEI since the British conquest of Acadia in 1710.

“It’s food terrorism,” said island potato farmer Alex Docherty. “The people doing this are cowards, lower than a snake wearing snowshoes. These are really evil people.”

The saboteurs are also having a major impact on the local economy, where growing and processing the tubers is a billion-dollar industry, supplemented in the summer by Japanese tourists eager to visit the island’s many shrines devoted to their cherished “red-haired Anne”.

“Farm families all over the world work so hard to produce food and to have something like this happen is really disheartening,” said Docherty, chairman of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board. “We want the cowards caught and dealt with to the full extent of the law.”

Jackie Johnson's Got Your 4th of July Weekend Weather

She's so sweet.

And we're having fabulous moderate temperatures. It's gonna be fantastic weather for Independence Day!

Bloomberg's John Heilemann: Hillary Clinton Should Be Quaking at Massive Rallies Turning Out for Bernie Sanders

Heilemann's the co-author of Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime.

And he's a leftist.

Donald Trump Has a Point

From Rich Lowry, at Politico, "Sorry, Donald Trump Has a Point":
I was skeptical that Trump was really running, but now that the boats are burned behind him, watch out. He is set to be Herman Cain squared — an early-nominating-season phenomenon with a massive media megaphone.

As for his instantly notorious Mexico comments, they did more to insult than to illuminate, yet there was a kernel in them that hit on an important truth that typical politicians either don’t know or simply fear to speak. “When Mexico sends its people,” Trump said, “they’re not sending their best.”

This is obviously correct. We aren’t raiding the top 1 percent of Mexicans and importing them to this country. Instead, we are getting representative Mexicans, who — through no fault of their own, of course — come from a poorly educated country at a time when education is essential to success in an advanced economy.

Trump’s comments made it sound as though Mexico is sending us moral defectives. That’s not the larger problem (although gangs certainly exploit the border and there are criminals in any population). Immigrants are willing to work. Immigrant men aged 18-65 are in the labor force at a higher rate than native men.

It’s just that a lack of education is an anchor around even the hardest-working person in modern America. This is illustrated in an exhaustive report based on government data, by Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors a lower level of immigration. I rely on it for the figures that follow.

Immigrants here from Mexico — which has sent more immigrants than any other country for decades — have the lowest levels of education. Nearly 60 percent of them haven’t graduated from high school. Only about 10 percent have some college and nearly 6 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

By way of comparison, the situation of immigrants from Korea, for instance, is almost exactly reversed. More than 50 percent of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and less than 4 percent failed to earn a high school diploma.

This puts Mexican immigrants at an inherent disadvantage, and it shows. Nearly 35 percent of immigrants from Mexico and their U.S.-born children are in poverty; nearly 68 percent are in or near poverty. This is the highest level for immigrants from any country (the Philippines is the lowest, with 5.5 percent in poverty).

Fifty-four percent of immigrants from Mexico lack health insurance. A higher proportion of Mexican immigrants uses means-tested government programs than immigrants from any other country—more than 57 percent. As Camarota notes, this is “even higher than for refugee-sending countries like Russia and Cuba.” By contrast, the lowest percentage is for immigrants from the United Kingdom at just over 6 percent.

Immigrants make progress on almost every indicator over time, but are still far behind natives after two decades. (The exception to the general progress is welfare use, which actually increases among immigrants here for 20 years compared with immigrants here fewer than five years.)

For all its crassness, Trump’s rant on immigration is closer to reality than the gauzy clichés of the immigration romantics unwilling to acknowledge that there might be an issue welcoming large numbers of high school dropouts into a 21st-century economy. If we don’t want to add to the ranks of the poor, the uninsured and the welfare dependent, we should have fewer low-skilled immigrants — assuming saying that is not yet officially considered a hate crime...
That's great, c/o Memeorandum.

Leftist Stogie at Saberpoint Joins Marxists and Radical Libertarians on Civil War Revisionism

If you've been following the Stogie-Donald debates on the origins of the Civil War, one clear pattern you've seen is Stogie's vehement ideological hostility to facts that disprove his cherished yet deranged view that the South stands for all that's good in the world and the North is the epitome of evil. In fact, history does not conform neatly to partisan, ideological debates, and those who want it to must distort the truth to conform to their historical revisionism and partisan blindness.

Frankly, as I've pointed out, Stogie's basically a leftist. He's been deploying classic postmodernist Derridean social constructionist interpretation of the Civil War that are in fact grounded in Marxist and radical libertarian programs. It's pretty sick and disgusting, when you boil down to it. But Stogie's view are based on hatred and unreason. Indeed, he declared me an enemy in the comments at his blog last week --- this after us being good friends online for 8 years!

In any case, Professor Larry Schweikart, the conservative author of the extremely popular anti-revisionist textbook, A Patriot's History of the United States, is an historian of the Civil War who's published widely in peer-reviewed outlets, including the Journal of Southern History, Southern Studies, and Civil War History. Schweikart took his professional training at Arizona State University and the University of California at Santa Barbara, two institutions not widely known as bastions of "Yankee-biased" historical research.

Another popular book Schweikart's published is 48 Liberal Lies About American History: (That You Probably Learned in School). There you'll find a penetrating discussion whereby Professor Schweikart demolishes Stogie's lunatic ravings on the coming of the war. See for yourself at the photos below, "Lie #39: Northern Capitalist Greed --- Not Slavery --- Drove the Civil War":
"It's hard to believe that with all the available evidence a fusion of Marxists and radical libertarians still want to discount the central place of slavery as the causative factor in the Civil War."
Actually, it's not that hard to believe at this point. Stogie's been offering a full repertoire of far-left, radical libertarian fever-swamp talking points that only a tinfoil crackpot could love.

As always, I'll continue to debate in good cheer. So, don't miss future iterations of the Stogie-Donald debates!

Larry Schweikart photo 11048789_10207463216441572_2475794514150279857_n_zpsibpsgiqa.jpg

Larry Schweikart photo 11703147_10207463216481573_5630500622875122290_n_zpspgqehff5.jpg

Larry Schweikart photo 11709618_10207463216401571_7095130397723981255_n_zpsjgqeyykw.jpg

Larry Schweikart photo 11667536_10207463216361570_3359718833594552021_n_zpsm1wxsjgc.jpg

Surf's Up with Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley, the world's sexiest surfer, says FHM.

Majority of Americans See Confederate Flag as Symbol of Southern Pride

At CNN, "Poll: Majority sees Confederate flag as Southern pride symbol, not racist":

Washington (CNN) - American public opinion on the Confederate flag remains about where it was 15 years ago, with most describing the flag as a symbol of Southern pride more than one of racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. And questions about how far to go to remove references to the Confederacy from public life prompt broad racial divides.

The poll shows that 57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism, about the same as in 2000 when 59% said they viewed it as a symbol of pride. Opinions of the flag are sharply divided by race, and among whites, views are split by education.

Among African-Americans, 72% see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, just 25% of whites agree. In the South, the racial divide is even broader. While 75% of Southern whites describe the flag as a symbol of pride and 18% call it a symbol of racism, those figures are almost exactly reversed among Southern African-Americans, with just 11% seeing it as a sign of pride and 75% viewing it as a symbol of racism.

Among whites, there's a sharp divide by education, and those with more formal education are less apt to see the flag as a symbol of pride. Among whites with a college degree, 51% say it's a symbol of pride, 41% one of racism. Among those whites who do not have a college degree, 73% say it's a sign of Southern pride, 18% racism.

Efforts to remove the flag or other references to the Confederacy from public places have emerged in the weeks since nine African-American churchgoers were killed by a white man who said he was trying to start a race war in a Charleston church. But the poll shows the public is mixed on how far those efforts should go, and nearly all flag-related questions reveal broad racial divides.

A majority favors removing the Confederate flag from government property that isn't part of a museum: 55% support that while 43% are opposed. And half support private companies choosing not to sell or manufacture items featuring the Confederate flag: 50% are in favor, 47% opposed.

But most oppose other efforts, including redesigning state flags that feature Confederate emblems or symbols to remove references to the Confederacy (57% oppose that), renaming streets and highways named after Confederate leaders (68% oppose that) and removing tributes to those who fought for the Confederacy from public places (71% oppose that)...
The public's quite reasonable on this. Certainly, the flag represents Southern heritage, and it's not inherently racist. But, since it is the flag of the Confederacy, which at base fought the Civil War to protect states' rights to own property in slaves, it's going to be divisive to large numbers of Americans, hurtful especially to blacks, and hence a strong majority of 55 percent say the flag should not fly over government facilities.

I think that's a fair understanding of the issues and that's my position as well. Note that the public sees the efforts to send the Confederate flag down the leftist memory hole as mistaken.

More at Memeorandum.

Arte Moreno's #Angels Have Become the Object of National Ridicule

A brutal commentary, form Bill Plaschke, at the Los Angeles Times, "Angels' Arte Moreno took Mike Scioscia's side, let Jerry Dipoto walk":
Call it the most expensive beer discount in baseball history.

On that fateful May afternoon in 2003 when Arte Moreno was introduced as the third owner in Angels history, he immediately won friends by reducing the price of his stadium's $8.50 bleacher beer.

"I can do that, can't I?" he charmingly asked at the time.

He can, and he did, and everyone loved him for it. Yet in the dozen years since then, Angels fans have paid a steep price for embracing the man whose tenure has been marked not by cheaper booze, but by chaos and dysfunction.

Moreno bought a team that had just won a World Series, yet he has not been to a World Series since, and has mostly made his mark with misguided decisions often based on impulsive emotions marked by anger.

Moreno enraged the Anaheim faithful by adding the name "Los Angeles" to the team name, even though Los Angeles still barely pays attention. He has attempted to bully the city of Anaheim into a better stadium deal at taxpayer expense. He signed Albert Pujols to a 10-year, $240-million contract that prevented the improvement of his roster in other areas and, even with Pujols' big numbers this year, will never be worth the money. He threw away $60 million to angrily dump Josh Hamilton, an admitted alcohol and drug addict, for briefly succumbing to his illness.

And now, in a move Wednesday that was stunning even for what has become The Not-so-Happiest Place on Earth, Moreno allowed a cultural rift between tradition-bound Manager Mike Scioscia and analytics-minded General Manager Jerry Dipoto to escalate into Dipoto's departure in the middle of a potential playoff season.

That's right, the baseball boss of a team that last season finished with the best record in baseball, and this season was 41-37 and only four games out of first place in the American League West, just packed up and bolted this week with three months left on the schedule and one month until the trading deadline.

And Moreno, who has long supported Scioscia, did nothing substantial to stop him.

Seriously? When is the last time this has happened in baseball? In a sport of old-school values and rituals in which warring front-office factions often hunker down for the good of the team, Dipoto's departure was stunning. But then again, this is how it happens with Moreno's Angels, an organization he runs with such impetuousness it has become the object of national ridicule...
Angels baseball is my main break from the national cultural insanity. It's a bummer that Arte Moreno has to constantly remind people that he's kinda insane himself.

I just want these guys to win. They've got so much talent and promise. They probably would've swept the Yankees had it not been for the controversy yesterday, which needless to say was a major distraction.

Continue reading, in any case.

No Truce With the Left

From Daniel Greenfield, at Sultan Knish:
By 2024, the Republican gay and tranny candidates will be dismissed as tokens while the media oohs and aahs over a vocal and charismatic campaigner for some other love that dare not speak its name.

And that's the point. It has always been the point.

The left does not care about gay rights. If you doubt that, consider how many of the left's favorite Muslim countries have gay rights. The left has recently divided its campaign passions between gay marriage and defending Iran. Iran denies the existence of gays and hangs them where it finds them.

The USSR treated homosexuality as a crime even while it was recruiting gay men as spies in the West. Cuba, the darling of the American left, hated both gays and blacks. The ACLU backed the police states of Communism. If the left supports an enemy nation, the odds are excellent that it is also a violently bigoted place that makes a KKK rally look like a hippie hangout.

To understand the left, you need to remember that it does not care about 99 percent of the things it claims to care about. Name a leftist cause and then find a Communist country that actually practiced it. Labor unions? Outlawed. Environmentalism? Chernobyl. The left fights all sorts of social and political battles not because it believes in them, but to radicalize, disrupt and take power.

The left does not care about social justice. It cares about power.

That is why no truce is possible with the left. Not on social issues. Not on any issues...

He's a little too honest about the left, heh!

Keep reading.

Socialist Bernie Sanders Draws 'Massive' Crowd of 10,000 in Wisconsin

Heh, you go Bernie!

The socialist Sanders will pull Hillary even farther left than she already is, and she's been pandering hard to that left fringe of late.

At the Hill, "Sanders draws massive crowd in Wisconsin."

Cash Crunch Hits Everyday Life in Greece

At the Wall Street Journal, "Shutdown of Greece’s banking system cripples businesses, makes it hard for people to pay bills; just €1 billion in cash left":
ATHENS—At an automated teller machine underneath the Acropolis, Angeliki Andreaki clutched her debit card with both hands. She pays her bills in cash, and €330 in rent and €39 in telephone bills were due Wednesday.

“Tsipras has turned this country into North Korea,” the 83-year-old Ms. Andreaki said Tuesday, shaking her head about Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras. “I can’t believe at this age I have to line up to get rationed cash.”

She withdrew as much as she could—just €60 ($66)—and went straight to pay her phone bill. She said she would have to come back for five more days to get enough cash for the rent.

This is everyday life in Greece since it shut down its banking system and imposed controls to prevent money from flooding out of the country.

Greece’s ruling party continued to say it was offering new compromises to its creditors and urged a “no” vote in Sunday’s referendum. European leaders dismissed the overtures as insufficient and said they would hold off on further negotiations until the vote.

The first opinion surveys in Greece since Mr. Tsipras called for the referendum show conflicting results but suggest the outcome could be close.

The freezing of Greece’s banking system is the most dramatic moment of the country’s five-year debt crisis—and perhaps its most pivotal. Since Monday, Greeks can get only €60 a day at cash machines and can’t transfer money abroad.

How long the remaining cash lasts and how unsettled Greeks become will be big factors in Sunday’s referendum on creditors’ demands for more austerity in exchange for more bailout funds. The tighter the squeeze, the more Greeks might vote “yes” to reconcile with creditors, analysts say.

As of Wednesday, Greece’s banking system had about €1 billion in cash left, according to a person familiar with the situation. Even with the €60-a-day limit on ATM withdrawals from Greek’s closed banks, “it’s a matter of a few days” until the money runs out, this person said.

By Wednesday, many ATMs in central Athens had constant lines of people waiting to withdraw their daily limit. The crunch has suffused the economy. Merchants report lower spending. Wholesalers can’t pay for supplies. Importers’ foreign counterparts won’t trade.

Airline Ryanair Holdings PLC, which flies to Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek cities said Tuesday it would accept cash for tickets at airports because Greek customers have had trouble paying with debit cards. Ryanair is based in Ireland, and electronic payments abroad are prohibited.

The worst nightmare as far as the business community is concerned has come true,” said Constantine Michalos, the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. Michalos also has a food wholesaling business, and 65% of his product line is imported. As of this week, his foreign suppliers aren’t sending any more, leaving him with about 20 days of remaining inventory. “I have the ability and necessary funds in my bank account to import,” he said. “I am not allowed to make an electronic transfer.”

Greece’s cash crunch hit small merchants first. They are less able to get credit from their suppliers, especially those dealing in perishable products that are continually imported. Christos Georgiopoulos owns a gourmet supermarket in Plaka, a picturesque Athens neighborhood frequented by tourists. He sells Champagne and Russian crab legs.

Nobody is buying. “I haven’t had a single customer in two days,” he said Wednesday. He is shutting down his shop and says he doesn’t know when he will reopen. He gave some crab legs to his workers and is taking some home. “I haven’t paid my staff and don’t know if and when I will,” he added.

Marie Palandjian-Raxevsky, marketing director at Mini Raxevksy, a Greek children’s clothing brand, depends on Google Inc. advertisements to generate sales from consumers in Greece and elsewhere.

Late Tuesday night, she got an email saying her Greek corporate credit card, which pays for the ads, was declined. “Now our campaign has completely disappeared,” she said.

Who has cash and who doesn’t is often arbitrary. Aspasia Kourana, an 80-year-old retiree, was shopping Tuesday at one of Athens’s many open-air fruit and vegetable markets, a staple in neighborhood life here known as laiki.

She got her monthly pension of €600 last Thursday. Her daughter withdrew it all the next day.

By Monday, Ms. Kourana’s daughter and son-in-law couldn’t get more than €60 of their respective salaries out of the bank. “We’ll use my €600 pension for the next few days,” Ms. Kourana said. “I might even get some cherries for my grandson. He loves them.”...
Still more.

BuzzFeed's Struggles on Homosexual Marriage

From Mollie Hemingway, at the Federalist, "BuzzFeed’s Journalistic Struggles on Same-Sex Marriage, In GIFs."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Germany Faces Billions in Losses If Greece Goes Bust

Well then, I can see why Angela Merkel put the kibosh on further negotiations until after the Greek referendum. Germany's looking to get hammered if Greece goes completely belly up.

At Der Spiegel, "The Bill: Germany Faces Billions in Losses If Greece Goes Bust":
Vast amounts of German money are at stake if Greece goes bankrupt -- with liabilities as high as €84 billion. Even though that figure is a large one, it would be paid over years and dangers to the Berlin budget are limited.

"So far, Germany hasn't had to spend a single euro from the federal budget on Greece." It's a line one has heard dozens of times on German talk shows in recent years. Soon, though, the claim may no longer hold true. A Greek insolvency is now within the realm of possibility and if the country does go bust, it could directly burden the German federal budget.

But how many billions of euros in German money are actually at stake? It may seem like a simple question, but there are no easy answers, because Germany's actual liability for Greek debt depends on a number of factors.

For a simple answer, just scroll to the last graphic in this article, where you will find the maximum burden for the German budget in a worst case scenario. If you're looking for a more nuanced answer, then please continue reading.

In order to determine the maximum possible liability for Germany as of the end of June 2015, you have to consider several factors, including whether …

* Greece becomes insolvent but remains in the euro zone. Then Germany would be held liable for up to €61.5 billion ($68.6 billion) in Greek loans. But these liabilities would be for payments that are planned as far into the future as 2054.
Or whether …

* Greece also withdraws from the euro zone. In the event of a Grexit, Germany's total liabilities would increase to around €84.5 billion.

But how do these numbers fit together?

The important thing here is that these figures represent the maximum conceivable damage to the German budget. They would be incurred if Greece didn't pay a single cent back on its debts over the next four decades -- an extremely unlikely scenario. It's far more likely that Greece would service certain debts, but not others.

In other words, there are varying probabilities of default for Greek loans that Germany has backed...

BONUS: At Zero Hedge, "'Heartbreaking' Scene Unfolds at Greek Banks as Pensioners Clamor for Cash."

Smokin' Hot Kate Mara for Esquire Magazine

At Esquire, "Kate Mara on Life, Death, and Her Devotion to the Giants."


Greece Bailout Offer Falls Short of Demands

Some of the stories of people going hungry are heart-wrenching, no matter what you think of Greece's clusterf-k socialist economy.

At the Wall Street Journal, "Fresh Greek Bailout Proposal Falls Short of Creditors’ Demands":

Eurozone officials dismissed a new Greek proposal for budget cuts and policy overhauls as insufficient and said that the currency bloc’s finance chiefs wouldn’t hold any more talks on a rescue for Athens until the country holds its referendum on creditors’ conditions for aid on Sunday.

Officials in Brussels said the proposal, received Tuesday night by the representatives of Greece’s official lenders, appeared to fall short of creditors’ demands. Greece defaulted on a €1.55 billion ($1.72 billion) repayment to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also reacted coolly to Greece’s new offer, emphasizing that Berlin would maintain its tough stance on bailout terms for Greece and was prepared for a battle. Ms. Merkel and other senior officials have said that Germany would discuss a new bailout request only after Greece’s referendum on the creditors’ conditions for aid had taken place, or if Greece called it off.

“A compromise at any cost would only be a result to get a result, only because one isn’t able to live with a conflict because one is afraid to fight the battle,” Ms. Merkel said.

The eurozone’s finance chiefs also agreed in a Wednesday teleconference to hold off on further negotiations until after the snap Greek referendum, which is set to take place Sunday.

“Given the political situation, the rejection of the previous proposals, the referendum which will take place on Sunday and the ‘no’ advice of the Greek government, we see no ground for further talks at this point,” said Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who presides over meetings of the currency bloc’s finance ministers.

Greece’s finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, though, said that the other finance chiefs had said that “Greece’s proposal is in the right direction, but asked for more details on its fiscal effect.”

In a televised address, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras remained defiant, vowing to push ahead with the referendum and calling Greeks who vote “yes” in Sunday’s vote accomplices to those looking to continue the painful policies of austerity in the crisis-stricken country. The premier has argued that a “no” vote would give Greece leverage in talks with its creditors, while eurozone officials have countered that it would be tantamount to a vote to leave the euro.

“A ‘no’ vote is a decisive step for a better agreement, which we aim to sign straight after the referendum,” Mr. Tsipras said. “ ‘No’ does not mean a rupture with Europe.”

Earlier in the day, Germany’s finance chief, Wolfgang Schäuble said that this week’s turmoil—including the closure of Greek banks, the expiration of the bailout program, and the decision to call a referendum—have changed the circumstances too much for bailout talks to simply be resumed from where they were when negotiations broke down on Friday.

Mr. Schäuble said that Greece’s left-wing government had to provide more clarity on its demands before negotiations about further financial aid could resume. The letter sent Tuesday hadn’t done that, he said.

“This is no basis for serious” negotiations, said Mr. Schäuble during a news conference on the government’s 2016 budget. “First of all, Greece has to declare what it wants.”

Markets were nevertheless cheered by the latest offer as a sign that a deal was still possible. The Stoxx Europe 600 opened higher and extended gains sharply. Bonds yields fell in Italy and Spain, highly indebted countries that in past years were seen as vulnerable to spillover from Greece...
Still more.

And stay with the video at the top. Holly Williams reports and it's emotional.

Kim Kardashian on the Cover of Rolling Stone


I don't really love her celebrity shenanigans, but you gotta admit she's rockin' this cover.

At Rolling Stone, "Kim Kardashian Gets Real: 11 Revelations From the New Cover Story."

I'm sure lots of people will love the pictures.

Young Boy Riding Bicycle Hit by Car in Reseda, Driver Leaves the Scene in Suspected Hit-and-Run

The boy's lucky he wasn't killed. I literally can't believe the driver did not stop the car.

Watch, at CBS News Los Angeles: "Footage Shows Young Boy on Bike Being Struck in Suspected Hit-and-Run."

TV Land Yanks 'Dukes of Hazzard'

Hey, America's still "The Land of the Free," right?

Well, maybe not.

At Variety, "TV Land Yanks ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Amid Confederate Flag Backlash."

And at AceofSpadesHQ, "Viacom Removes "The Dukes of Hazzard" Reruns from TVLand Schedule, Because Urge to Purge":


Some time ago, Bill Quick attacked me, claiming, wrongly, that I was inconsistent to support a baker's right to not make a gay wedding cake when of course I would be fighting, racistly angry about a Muslim who insisted on Islamic dress codes in his own store.

I am republishing this essay because it's directly on-point.

America is in a dark chapter of its existence -- we have faced worse external threats, but not worse internal threats.

The threat now comes from within.

There are those who are insistent that we shall all have the same bland gray vanilla corporate non-culture culture, and that we shall all bow to the strange gods of the left.

As Andrew Breitbart once said:

Fuck you. War.

Below, my essay on what America is, and what is not, and how cowards, idiots, weaklings, and cuckolds want to turn America into a dark perversion of itself...
Continue reading.

Is the Breakup of the United States In Our Future?

From AWD:

Obama Could Sink the Democrats in 2016

He could.

He's our first homosexual president.

At the Hill:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Stogie–Donald Debates: Debunking Abraham Lincoln's Fort Sumter 'Plot'

Stogie attacked me at the comments of my earlier post, "Abraham Lincoln 'Plotted' to 'Force the South' to Fire the First Shot at Fort Sumter?":
Donald, instead of insulting me, why don't you actually read a book or two? Yes, Lincoln deliberately provoked the South into firing the first shot at Fort Sumter. He planned it, he plotted it. This is proved by historical research and reference to original documents, like . Read "Lincoln and Fort Sumter" by Charles Ramsdell, the Southern Historical Association, 1937. It is now in the public domain. Lincoln admitted his pleasure at the South firing the first shot, in a letter to a Captain Fox. He wrote:"You and I both anticipated that the cause of the country would be advanced by the attempt to provision Fort Sumter, even if it should fail; and it is no small consolation now to feel that our anticipation is justified by the result." [starting the war]. The result was that thousands of angry Northerners joined the army, falsely believing that the South's attack on the fort was unjustified.
And my response:
Who's insulting whom, Stogie? Obviously I read books all the time. It's simply that any countervailing evidence cannot penetrate the tinfoil redoubt you've built up to defend this so-called Southern heritage. Why is the Klan campaigning to keep the Confederate flag up in Columbia? Doesn't that bother you to have the KKK for an ally?
Less belligerently, as readers of course know, I read books all the time. It's pretty much what I do when I'm not blogging, besides eating, sleeping, watching news and sports, and hanging out with my family. I've got until the end of August to lollygag around until the fall semester starts.

So, I'm reading all kinds of things, like I always do.

Perhaps Stogie might check out Richard Nelson Current's, Lincoln and the First Shot, a history of the roughly two-month period leading to the outbreak of hostilities at Fort Sumter. In his afterword, Current reviews the evidence that Lincoln "plotted" to force the South to fire the first shot, and he follows that discussion with more recent scholarship that debunks the memes of the Southern heritage partisans by citing the works of historians James Randall, David Potter, and Kenneth Stamp. I've photographed the key sections. As the summary of Professor Randall indicates, "Lincoln intended and expected a peaceful provisioning of the fort."

You can read the full passage below. Clearly, partisans will adopt their favored views, but Stogie is delusional if he thinks that Lincoln "plotted" to force the South to strike first. Indeed, Stogie's ravings are right in line with the feverish rants of Marxists and radical libertarians, positions that are way outside mainstream and authoritative interpretations of the origins of the Civil War.

And by the way, Stogie has yet to respond to the announcement that the Ku Klux Klan will march to support the Confederate flag in Columbia, South Carolina. Clearly, those KKK ghouls haven't gotten the "innocent Sorth" memo.

Lincoln and the First Shot photo 11692766_10207449592700987_6509380521233457359_n_zpsyxtcnhak.jpg

Lincoln and the First Shot photo 11703136_10207449591380954_1047232389156126524_n_zpsp0cy8az8.jpg

Lincoln and the First Shot photo 11692649_10207449591340953_2853521747704528846_n_zpsbdwutxhf.jpg

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

The rumors have been swirling for awhile.

At Variety, "Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorcing After 10 Years of Marriage."

And at the Los Angeles Times, "Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce after 10 years of marriage."

Célia Šašić Misses Penalty Kick Against #USWNT — #USAvGER

That was kinda shocking.

This Šašić is the goat of Germany.

At Sports Illustrated, "Watch: Germany's Célia Šašić misses penalty kick against USWNT."

The Next Culture War

From David Brooks, at the New York Times.

Read at the link for Brooks' discussion on the new round of the culture wars that's been unleashed with the Obergefell decision. Brooks suggests that it may be time to move past the current battles, which conservatives have lost:
Consider a different culture war, one just as central to your faith and far more powerful in its persuasive witness.

We live in a society plagued by formlessness and radical flux, in which bonds, social structures and commitments are strained and frayed. Millions of kids live in stressed and fluid living arrangements. Many communities have suffered a loss of social capital. Many young people grow up in a sexual and social environment rendered barbaric because there are no common norms. Many adults hunger for meaning and goodness, but lack a spiritual vocabulary to think things through.

Social conservatives could be the people who help reweave the sinews of society. They already subscribe to a faith built on selfless love. They can serve as examples of commitment. They are equipped with a vocabulary to distinguish right from wrong, what dignifies and what demeans. They already, but in private, tithe to the poor and nurture the lonely.

The defining face of social conservatism could be this: Those are the people who go into underprivileged areas and form organizations to help nurture stable families. Those are the people who build community institutions in places where they are sparse. Those are the people who can help us think about how economic joblessness and spiritual poverty reinforce each other. Those are the people who converse with us about the transcendent in everyday life.

This culture war is more Albert Schweitzer and Dorothy Day than Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham; more Salvation Army than Moral Majority. It’s doing purposefully in public what social conservatives already do in private.

I don’t expect social conservatives to change their positions on sex, and of course fights about the definition of marriage are meant as efforts to reweave society. But the sexual revolution will not be undone anytime soon. The more practical struggle is to repair a society rendered atomized, unforgiving and inhospitable. Social conservatives are well equipped to repair this fabric, and to serve as messengers of love, dignity, commitment, communion and grace.
More at Memeorandum, especially Rod Dreher, at AmCon, "David Brooks on ‘The Next Culture War’," and Vox Day, at Vox Populi, "They are the SAME war."

I thinks folks on the right should just step back, take a breather on the culture wars and start prioritizing a national security agenda for election 2016. Economics and national security should be the big issues, with immigration a key plank on the homeland side of security. Give homosexual marriage a rest --- at least for now.

Celebrate Fourth of July with Hannah Davis

Hey, for sure.

Via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit:


FLASHBACK: "Hanna Davis on Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2015," and "Hannah Davis Super Sexy Outtakes."

Australian Supermodel Nicole Trunfio Breastfeeds Her Baby on the Cover of Elle Magazine

It's the Australian edition of Elle.

She's mounting a celebrity protest against breastfeed-shaming.

At Us Magazine, "Nicole Trunfio Breastfeeds Her Baby Boy on Elle Australia Cover."

And at the Independent UK, "Nicole Trunfio defends breastfeeding Elle front cover after 'beautiful' shot is criticised":
Nicole Trunfio has responded to the mixed reaction her June 2015 cover shot of Elle Australia has received.

The image shows the supermodel breastfeeding her five-month-old son Zion; a photograph she says that wasn’t “planned or contrived” and that she hadn’t intended to be controversial.

Support for Trunfio was equally as vocal. Many women have even adopted the #normalisebreastfeeding hashtag she used on social media. Another, #Bressure, has since sprung up in response to a campaign by YouTube community Channel Mum.

“I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal,” Trunfio told Good Morning America.

“There's nothing worse than, as a mother, doing something that's so necessary like feeding your child and feeling like somebody could have an opinion about it or somebody's looking at you the wrong way.

“I think it should be something that isn't a [subscriber's cover], it's a huge part of being a woman and motherhood.”

On just how naturally the shot came about, she added: “He was with me on set all day and there were periods I'd take off to feed him and I had on this beautiful outfit and the stylist was like, ‘Wow, that looks amazing, let's move you on set to have this picture taken.' Not that it was going to become a part of the shoot.”

Reports of the Supreme Court's Leftward Turn Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


At Politico, "Supreme Court's liberal admirers get reality check":
Liberals still giddy over a series of major victories at the Supreme Court last week got a bracing reality check Monday, as conservatives carried the day on key cases involving the death penalty and President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda.

Progressives got another signal that any momentum they were experiencing at the high court could be short-lived: the justices announced they will address the thorny issue of affirmative action next term, taking up for the second time a case challenging the University of Texas’s use of race in its admissions process.

For some, it felt like whiplash.

“The cases today are shocking,” said Nan Aron, a prominent liberal activist and president of Alliance for Justice. “Last week was wonderful and no one can take away the victories that occurred, but I think it’s also important to understand those victories in a context [that] the court is one that continues to rule in favor of powerful and wealthy interests at the expense of most Americans. The decisions certainly today suggest that trend continues.”

Aron dismissed conclusions that the court was shifting to the left as it ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights and upheld the nationwide availability of insurance subsidies under Obamacare, calling such pronouncements “largely premature and exaggerated.”
Some conservatives agreed that the court wasn’t necessarily taking a new direction.

“I always thought the claims that the Roberts court ‘is the most conservative since’ whenever were overblown and I think the claims of a dramatic leftward turn are overblown, too,” said Jonathan Adler, a law professor at Case Western Reserve. “When you kind of step back and look at the substance of the cases, what’s at issue and what the court did, I don’t think you see a great liberal shift.”

All three decisions the justices issued Monday were 5-4 rulings. Justice Anthony Kennedy voted with the court’s other Republican appointees to reject a challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol, effectively easing application of the death penalty nationwide, and to knock back regulations the Obama administration issued trying to limit mercury in power plants, complicating Obama’s environmental policies.

Even the sole case where the court’s liberal wing prevailed Monday by winning over Kennedy had a potential downside for the left. The court’s ruling allowing the redistricting of congressional seats to be handled by independent commissions is likely a setback to Republicans in Arizona, which brought the case to the justices, but a blow to Democrats in the much-larger state of California....
Keep reading.

In-Depth: 4 Harms the Court's Marriage Ruling Will Cause

From Ryan Anderson, at the Daily Signal.

Grizzly Bear Climbs on Car at Yellowstone National Park

Pretty fascinating, actually.

Good thing the folks inside kept their windows rolled up, considering.

Watch: "Grizzly Bear Clambers Over Family Car."

Jeb Bush Calls Confederate Flag a 'Racist' Symbol

I don't care for Jeb Bush, but coming out so forwardly and unashamedly attacking the Confederate flag as "racist" is no doubt an extremely calculated political move.

Lots of conservatives love that flag, and in a number of important states, they'll be a crucial bloc of voters. And Jeb's blowing them off. Or, he's signaling to them that the Confederate flag's just not going to be up for debate in the GOP primaries, and if you're going to make it an issue you're going to be demonized as no different from the KKK. It's pretty harsh, but I suspect that calculation is the reality of the top brokers at the heights of Republican power and money.

At the Washington Post, "Campaigning in South Carolina, Jeb Bush calls Confederate flag ‘racist’."

Walmart Apologizes for Making ISIS Cake After Saying No to Confederate Cake

I thought this was some conservative Twitter meme at first, but it's not. Walmart really made an ISIS cake.

At ABC News, "Walmart Apologizes for Making ISIS Cake for Man Denied Confederate Flag Design."

Viviany Beleboni 'Crucifixion' at São Paulo Homosexual Pride Parade

I had to follow up on this, especially since my blog was getting some hits off this post: "Celebrate Hate? Homosexual Revelers Use Brazil Pride Festivities to Blaspheme Jesus Christ."

See Blazing Cat Fur, "After Blasphemous Gay Pride Parade, Brazil Seeks to Ban ‘Christophobia’."

And at BuzzFeed, "This Transgender Actress Caused a Huge Internet Uproar After Dressing Up as Crucified Jesus In a Parade."

Imprisoned Mobster Whitey Bulger Writes Letter to Three Teenage Girls from Massachusetts

This is pretty interesting.

The girls were doing a high school project and mob boss Whitey Bulger wrote back to them.

At the Washington Post, "Boston mobster Whitey Bulger writes letter from prison: ‘My life was wasted and spent foolishly’."

And at CBS This Morning, "Legendary mob boss Whitey Bulger expresses regret in letter to teen girls."

Apple Music's Streaming Debut

This is cool, especially if you're a super hip digital music aficionado.

At WSJ, "High Expectations Play in Background of Apple Music’s Debut."

And at BuzzFeed, "Apple Music Launches Tuesday With Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”."