Friday, October 24, 2014

Have Dems Lost Millennials?

No, but it's not looking good for the idiot Democrat-progs.

At the Hill, "Millennial voters a new worry for Dems":
Disenchantment among millennial voters is the latest worry for Democrats fighting to hold their Senate majority.

Young voters rallied to President Obama’s side when he first ran for the White House in 2008, and then defied predictions that their enthusiasm would drop off in 2012.

But there is no guarantee they will turn out for Democrats at the polls next month.
Plagued by unemployment and economic anxiety, 18- to 34-year-olds feel a sense of disappointment in the party it helped boost in previous elections, political observers say.

Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist and former spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said the promise of “hope and change millennials invested in has hit a brick wall.”

Manley said that this in turn has made young voters “very cynical about the political process and less likely to vote than they had in the past.”

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, agreed that winning over young voters is an issue for Democrats.

“Obama in 2008 had been successful at exciting millennials about political institutions they distrusted and giving them faith in an economy that really wasn’t delivering on the American dream,” Zelizer said.

Since then, Zelizer added, Obama “seems like politics as normal while the economy continues to crawl.”

“Democrats have failed to really lock in their support,” he said.

A poll released earlier this year showed a significant decline in the number of Democratic-leaning millennials who planned to vote in the midterm elections.

The survey, conducted by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, found that young voters are increasingly turned off by the political environment.

It revealed that a mere 23 percent of Democratic-leaning millennials said they would vote in the midterm elections. That was down from the 31 percent who said they would vote in the 2010 midterm elections. (Only 24 percent actually showed up at the polls that year.)

At the same time, the poll indicated that 32 percent of conservative-leaning millennials said they would vote in the election.

“We’ve seen a growing disenchantment with Democrats generally,” John Della Volpe, director of polling at the Institute of Politics, said in an interview.

While millennials were an important part of the Democratic coalition in recent election cycles, that same coalition appeared to be “fractured” now — something that should concern Democrats, Della Volpe said.

Sensing a weakness, Republicans have pounced...
Well, Republicans shouldn't get cocky. It's a pox on both houses, as far as I'm concerned. But the fault lies with young voters themselves.

Recall, there's no youth movement today to speak of, as I wrote last weekend, "Where Is the Anti-War Movement?" That said, the problems facing young people nowadays are no less daunting than those facing youth in the '60s and '70s, with the obvious exception of the draft. On the economy, for example, there's simply no expectation that today's youth will enjoy a higher standard of living than their parents. Perhaps that's not enough to get voters out in the streets and to the polls, but it's nevertheless going to take major social change to bring about the kind of structural reforms that will trigger lasting improvements in the quality of life for young people. One place to start with be with restoring basic liberty, on the economy in particular. Democrats, of course, won't do that, so Millennials may decide to give the idiot Democrat-progs the boot once and for all. Indeed, that's the gist of it from the Hill article. So continue reading.

Sexy Girls in Halloween Costumes

At Toasted on the Inside.

The 'Colorado Model' Goes Thud

This is just ticklish.

From Kim Strassel, at WSJ, "Republicans are poised to make big gains in the state Democrats thought would be a national model for liberal governance":
Alamosa, Colo.

The political class is so focused on what Democrats may lose Nov. 4 that it has largely missed what the party already has lost. So much for the much-vaunted “Colorado Model.”

Nothing has buoyed the progressive left more in recent years than a self-satisfied belief in that blueprint, Exhibit A in their promise of a new Democratic majority. The party poured money into the Centennial State, building an activist infrastructure honed to outspend and attack Republican candidates. These messages were aimed at what was described as an ascendant coalition of liberal whites moving to the state, and minorities—who would join to keep Colorado blue for decades.

It seemed to be working. Democrats, beginning in 2004, would ultimately take from Republicans the state legislature, the governorship, both U.S. Senate seats, key House districts and a variety of statewide offices. The media pronounced a new Democratic dominance of the Mountain West, and the left promised exportation of its model far and wide.

Or not. If Colorado is serving as a model for anything these days, it’s the risks of Democratic overreach. Sen. Mark Udall has trailed GOP Rep. Cory Gardner in every poll since September. Gov. John Hickenlooper is trailing Republican Bob Beauprez in poll averages. Republicans are poised to take back the state Senate. Democrats recently pulled funding from the only Colorado U.S. House seat they had targeted, that of GOP Rep. Mike Coffman.

The party’s biggest mistake was thinking its recent electoral victories—based largely on a superior campaign game—translated into a mandate for liberal governance. Colorado long has been, and remains, a pragmatic state. It’s a place that for decades gave Republicans the state legislature and Democrats the governor’s mansion. It loves its political independents, folks like former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who it elected in 1992 as a Democrat and re-elected in 1998 by an even bigger margin as a Republican.

No surprise, the state hasn’t appreciated Mr. Obama’s ideological agenda. Some 22,000 residents just found out they’re losing health insurance; some 200,000 more face cancellations next year. Residents are worried about Ebola and the terror threat, frustrated by falling incomes, disturbed by Washington scandals. The president’s approval rating—in supposedly liberal-ascendant Colorado—is 40%...

American Bridge, Media Matters Smear Outfit, Achieves Epic Fail with Despicable Attack on David Perdue

American Bridge, according to the Center for Public Integrity, is a far-left super PAC whose key principal is David Brock of Media Matters. See, "PAC Profile: American Bridge 21st Century":
American Bridge 21st Century was started by former journalist and liberal activist David Brock, who staffed the super PAC with former Hill staffers and employees of his nonprofit, Media Matters for America.

Media Matters describes itself as a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” American Bridge’s mission is similar, with a strong focus on opposition research to help Democratic candidates and other allied super PACs.
It's worth noting then how badly these losers screwed up today with their ill-considered attack on Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue.

Here's their tweet, which links Evan McMorris-Santoro of BuzzFeed, followed by the latter's tweets and retractions, and related posts. F-king scumbag losers:

Seriously, Evan McMorris-Santoro's nothing but a leftist political hack with a byline. This isn't journalism. It's character assassination, brought to you by David Brock's Democrat-allied Media Matters for America, and sleazily enabled by the BuzzFeed political assassination unit.

And to think, Perdue was signing a kid's insulin pump to help raise awareness for diabetes. Nothing's too scuzzy for the desperate and depraved Democrats these days. Absolutely nothing.


So, I guess it's appropriate that Glenn Greenwald's mug flashed before my eyes this morning, after I got back from dropping off my kid at school, pulled out the L.A. Times, and sat down to take a dump. Yep, if there's ever a leftist piece of fecal refuse it's Greenwald.

Kenneth Turan has the review of the Laura Poitras documentary, "Review 'Citizenfour' a compelling look at Edward Snowden's actions."

 photo 005136ad-4ec0-4133-ae16-3e190129ee59_zps23d8aee6.jpg

China's Nuclear Subs Alter the Global Strategic Balance

The question is when do we really start worrying about China's challenge to American strategic preeminence? Back in the late-1990s, lots of policy and scholarly work pumped up the China challenge, but it's only now that Beijing's truly giving the U.S. a run for its money. Recall, just a week or so ago folks were getting all fired up about China's GDP numbers surpassing America's, although some might have been over-stating the case (by using purchasing power parity).

Still, China is growing and competing against America for global military and economic leadership. The day of reckoning won't be anytime soon, and fortunes can change, but it pays to look at more micro-economic foundations of power, particularly in the military realm.

With that, here's the Wall Street Journal, "Deep Threat: China’s Submarines Add Nuclear-Strike Capability, Altering Strategic Balance":
One Sunday morning last December, China’s defense ministry summoned military attachés from several embassies to its monolithic Beijing headquarters.

To the foreigners’ surprise, the Chinese said that one of their nuclear-powered submarines would soon pass through the Strait of Malacca, a passage between Malaysia and Indonesia that carries much of world trade, say people briefed on the meeting.

Two days later, a Chinese attack sub—a so-called hunter-killer, designed to seek out and destroy enemy vessels—slipped through the strait above water and disappeared. It resurfaced near Sri Lanka and then in the Persian Gulf, say people familiar with its movements, before returning through the strait in February—the first known voyage of a Chinese sub to the Indian Ocean.

The message was clear: China had fulfilled its four-decade quest to join the elite club of countries with nuclear subs that can ply the high seas. The defense ministry summoned attachés again to disclose another Chinese deployment to the Indian Ocean in September—this time a diesel-powered sub, which stopped off in Sri Lanka.

China’s increasingly potent and active sub force represents the rising power’s most significant military challenge yet for the region. Its expanding undersea fleet not only bolsters China’s nuclear arsenal but also enhances the country’s capacity to enforce its territorial claims and thwart U.S. intervention.

China is expected to pass another milestone this year when it sets a different type of sub to sea—a “boomer,” carrying fully armed nuclear missiles for the first time—says the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, or ONI.

China is hardly hiding its new boomers. Tourists could clearly see three of them at a base opposite a resort recently in China’s Hainan province. On the beach, rented Jet Skis were accompanied by guides to make sure riders didn’t stray too close.

These boomers’ missiles have the range to hit Hawaii and Alaska from East Asia and the continental U.S. from the mid-Pacific, the ONI says.

“This is a trump card that makes our motherland proud and our adversaries terrified,” China’s navy chief, Adm. Wu Shengli, wrote of the country’s missile-sub fleet in a Communist Party magazine in December. “It is a strategic force symbolizing great-power status and supporting national security.”
Continue reading.

Chinese subs can't run silent, run deep, so we won't be seeing a replay of the "Hunt for Red October" anytime soon. The U.S. is far ahead on silent, underwater sonography technology.

Evening News Shows Ignoring 2014 Midterms but Pumped Up Democrat Takeover Prospects in 2006

And ABC World News Tonight is the freakin' worst, the Democrat (Stephanopoulos) d-bags

At NewsBusters, "TV News Blacks Out This Year’s Bad Election News for Democrats."

And at Fox News, Judith Miller just trashes Obama-shill Lynn Sweet's leftist "no bias" talking points. I mean the numbers aren't even close. And millions still tune into the network news broadcasts every night, so this Lynn Sweet line about how viewer news habits have changed is just pure bullshit. Shame on Fox for even giving that Chicago-shilling hack the airtime.

Wheelie Motorcycle Riders Taunt CHP Officer on Freeway

The video is the ultimate in rebellion against law enforcement. Oh, how many times when I was a young kid did I wish this was me waving off a highway patrolman? Pure gold.


And at LAT, "CHP probes video of motorcyclists shooing, taunting pursuing officer."

The Senate Remains Too Close to Call

Republicans will probably take enough seats to win the majority, but the folks at Sabato's Crystal Ball are erring on the side of caution.

A great piece, "Senate Forecast: Cloudy With a Good Chance of a Republican Majority."

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: Canadian Terrorist's Journey to Jihad

At the Wall Street Journal, "Ottawa Shooter’s Journey to Terror: Canadian Sought Passport to Travel to Syria Before Attack; Earlier Years Marked With Petty Crimes":

Three weeks before Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed a Canadian soldier and thrust the government into a terrified lockdown on Wednesday, he came to Ottawa to get a passport so he could travel to Syria, police said. On Tuesday, he prayed and slept in a downtown hostel for the homeless where he had been staying.

A number of details about Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau emerged Thursday that began to fill in a picture of a middle-class suburban youth who grew estranged from his family—last week he had lunch with his mother, Susan Bibeau, a federal civil servant he hadn’t seen in five years—and descended into a string of petty crimes. What authorities couldn’t yet answer was why that led to the attack.

“I think the passport figured prominently in his motives,” said Bob Paulson, the commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Investigators learned of his plans to travel to Syria from his estranged mother on Wednesday, the RCMP said, after the shooting and his own death.

Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau was on the radar of Canadian intelligence and deemed a man “down on life,” according to one person familiar with the investigation. But he wasn’t on a list of 90 Canadians deemed “high-risk” travelers because of their potential for terror links abroad, according to the RCMP.

He may have had links, however, to one such person. Investigators said they are probing a possible connection to a Vancouver-area man who is believed to have traveled to Syria. That man is Hasibullah Yusufzai, according to a U.S. official.

In July, Mr. Yusufzai became the first person charged in Canada under a law passed last year making it illegal to travel to another country to try to commit an act of terrorism. Mr. Yusufzai had left Canada by the time the charges were laid, and his relatives have denied the accusation. Mr. Yusufzai, a 25-year-old Afghan immigrant, attended the same Vancouver-area mosque as Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau, according to Aasim Rashid, religious director for the B.C. Muslim Association.

In a statement sent to the Associated Press, Ms. Bibeau said of her son’s actions: “We have no explanation to offer.”

Ms. Bibeau’s statement was cosigned by Bulgasem Zehaf, whom she characterized as her husband although the two divorced in 1998, according to court documents.
Canadian intelligence briefings indicate that the couple’s son had some form of mental illness, according to another person familiar with the investigation.

A U.S. official said that Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau didn’t appear to have been active in any local terrorist cells or radical mosques. Investigators believe that he was probably inspired by Islamic State militants, rather than taking direction from them, this official said...

Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander

From Charles Krauthammer, at the Washington Post:
The president is upset. Very upset. Frustrated and angry. Seething about the government’s handling of Ebola, said the front-page headline in the New York Times last Saturday.

There’s only one problem with this pose, so obligingly transcribed for him by the Times. It’s his government. He’s president. Has been for six years. Yet Barack Obama reflexively insists on playing the shocked outsider when something goes wrong within his own administration...

Obama's the biggest dirtbag loser, which is sayin something, since Democrats have such a deep bench.

New York Doctor Contracts Ebola

At the New York Times, "Craig Spencer, Doctor in New York City, Is Sick With Ebola."

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Desperate Democrats and the Stages of Leftist Grief

On progressive death and dying.

A great post, from Noah Rothman, at Hot Air, "Circular firing squad: Democrats ready to dump on Obama if they lose the Senate":
While the race for control of the U.S. Senate is not over yet, and Democrats are aggressively defending embattled incumbents as well as supporting capable candidates in traditionally Republican states like Kentucky and Georgia, the situation is looking grim for the president’s party.

While the Senate is not yet in Republican hands, Democrats are engaging in the stages of grief right before our eyes as the last remaining bulwark propping up the nearly spent Obama presidency crumbles...

And see also, the Wall Street Journal, "A Catastrophic GOP Victory":
A President can use his veto pen, but he also has to pick his spots lest he become the main obstructionist. A shrewd GOP leadership would be able to make at least incremental progress toward the party’s goals of faster economic growth, rising incomes, and more health-care choice.

The media know all of this, which may be the real reason so many are so eager to portray a GOP victory as defeat even before the votes are counted. Their real worry is that Republican gains in the House, and a sweep in the Senate, would represent a repudiation of six years of liberal governance. Their fear is that a GOP Congress might even succeed.
Heh, I'm feeling the exquisite early pangs of schadenfreude.

Kat Von D Attacks CBS-2 News Crew in West Hollywood

Kat Von D is Katherine von Drachenberg, who's basically a dirtbag famous for being famous.

At CBS Los Angeles, "Caught On Video: Kat Von D Attacks CBS2 News Camera After Fire at WeHo Tattoo Shop."

Ebola Death Panels?

At Instapundit, "BOY, RON KLAIN JUST STARTED YESTERDAY AND THEY’RE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT EBOLA DEATH PANELS: Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients."

Democrats love death panels, so it'll be no surprise when Ebola patients are denied treatment.

Behati Prinsloo Lingerie Shoot for Victoria's Secret October 2014

At Egotastic!, "Behati Prinsloo Downright Sprung Upright for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie."

Dana Loesch's New Book, Hands Off My Gun: Out Now!

Dana's new book is the must-have conservative tome for the holidays.

Buy it: Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America.

Dana Loesch photo Dana-Loesch_Hands-Off-My-Gun_zps7f4b3283.png

When 'Tolerance' Becomes Illiberal

At the O.C. Register:
Gay rights advocates have won a sweeping and deserved victory in the court of public opinion – and done so at a breathtaking pace. They ought not to tarnish that triumph by employing a type of victor’s justice that calls into question how far their professed loyalty to tolerance really runs.
Well, they're not really about tolerance at all, but RTWT.

Shia LaBeouf Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Stay with this. Shia's freakin' hilarious.

Also, "Shia LaBeouf Removed His Tooth," and "Shia LaBeouf on Fighting Brad Pitt."

Game Theory Explains #GamerGate

Game theory and Darwinian evolution.

Pretty amazing.

From Clark, at Popehat, "Gamer Gate: Three Stages to Obit."

Look for Leftists to Rewrite the 1990s as Hillary Gears Up for 2016

At the Wall Street Journal, "An Affair to Remember":
As Hillary and Bill Clinton prepare for another White House ramble, the country is fated to endure more than a few 1990s flashbacks, often including attempts to whitewash the real history. The latest character to re-emerge is Monica Lewinsky, the former intern who is doffing her beret to reinvent herself as an anti-cyberbullying activist.

In a speech this week at a Forbes magazine conference that went viral on the Web, Ms. Lewinsky describes herself as a “survivor” of online abuse—she became “the creature from the media lagoon.” As the worst abusers, she cited Matt Drudge and the New York Post, which gave Ms. Lewinsky a term of tabloid endearment as “the portly pepperpot.” Another culprit was “a politically motivated independent prosecutor,” or Ken Starr.

The problem is that Ms. Lewinsky was actually the victim of the Clinton lagoon, as White House operatives tried to destroy her reputation when the scandal broke. The real bullies weren’t online but in the West Wing...
Keep reading.

Behind the Scenes, a Tank Expert Kept 'Fury' Authentic

At War is Boring, "Former British Army soldier David Rae got to play a German commander, too":
“You’re not going to see a tank film again,” Rae explained. “There’s not much shelf-life left on these machines.” Fury is these old war wagons’ last chance to show off. Rae was there to make sure they showed off right.

Ottawa Parliament Attack is 'New Face of Terror'

Once again, the inimitable Charles Krauthammer.

Also at Instapundit, "CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Homegrown Radicals Like Ottawa Gunman ‘New Face of Terror.’ They should be mocked and shamed like the pathetic, gullible losers that they are."

3-Month Old Baby Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

At the Times of Israel, "Baby killed as car rams crowd in Jerusalem terror attack," and "Baby killed in Jerusalem terror attack laid to rest."

Also, video at Israel Matzav, "And again: 'Palestinian' terrorist drives into crowd near light rail station, murders 3-montth old girl."

Charlie Cook Isn't Quite as Whacked as the Kos Kook

Well, Charlie's predicting no 14-seat GOP pickup in the Senate, like the Kos Kook from the other day, "'Democratic Armageddon'."

Indeed, it's no sure thing for the Republicans. See, "Kansas and Georgia Change the Equation on Senate-Majority Math":
Republicans still have the edge for a Senate majority, but this fight has a lot more uncertainty than the computer models suggest.
No matter the size of the GOP gains, the Democrats are going to get hammered. It's not going to be pretty.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Scandalous


Evidence Supports Officer's Account of Shooting in Ferguson

At the Washington Post.


And at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Source: Darren Wilson says Michael Brown kept charging at him." (Via Memeorandum.)

Kelly Brook 2015 Calendar (PHOTOS)

Freakin' glorious.

At Egotastic!, "Kelly Brook Boobtastic Hotness Seeps Through Her 2015 Calendar."

'Somewhere out there online, Neal Rauhauser must be lurking in the shadows of #GamerGate...'

From Robert Stacy McCain, "A #GamerGate Oddity."

The Hunter Biden Chronicles of Cronyism and Corruption

From Michelle Malkin:

Everything you need to know about Beltway nepotism, corporate cronyism and corruption can be found in the biography of Robert Hunter Biden. Where are the Occupy Wall Street rabble-rousers and enemies of elitist privilege when you need them? Straining their neck muscles to look the other way.

The youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden made news last week after The Wall Street Journal revealed he had been booted from the Navy Reserve for cocaine use. His drug abuse was certainly no surprise to the Navy, which issued him a waiver for a previous drug offense before commissioning him as a public affairs officer at the age of 43. The Navy also bent over backward a second time with an age waiver so he could secure the cushy part-time job.

Papa Biden loves to tout his middle-class, “Average Joe” credentials. But rest assured, if his son had been “Hunter Smith” or “Hunter Jones” or “Hunter Brown,” the Navy’s extraordinary dispensations would be all but unattainable. Oh, and if he had been “Hunter Palin,” The New York Times would be on its 50th front-page investigative report by now.

Despite the disgraceful ejection from our military, Hunter’s Connecticut law license won’t be subject to automatic review. Because, well, Biden.

Biden’s bennies are not just one-offs. Skating by, flouting rules and extracting favors are the story of Hunter’s life.
Pretty rich, but keep reading, heh.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What We Know About Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Gunman in Ottawa Terror Attack

At Toronto's National Post, "Alleged Ottawa shooter apparently had criminal past in Quebec, was repeatedly brought in on drug charges."

And at the Blaze, "Here’s Everything We Know About Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Gunman Identified in the Canada Shooting."

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau photo michael-zehaf-bibeau_zps724459a6.jpg

PREVIOUSLY: "Ottawa Terrorist Attack."

Holiday Shopping at Amazon

Get started with some shopping for the kids, at Amazon, 2014 Holiday Toy List.

Bonus: And for mom and dad, Snow Sports.

Texas Democrat Wendy Davis: She's All About 'Dildos, Cripple-Shaming, and Killin' Viable Infants'


Man, it's come to this?!!

At Twitchy, "Keep digging, Wendy! Tapped-out Team Davis reduced to playing the dildo card."

'Hot Shots' Calendar Under Fire for Photo Shoot on U.S. Military Base

Heh, some of my favorite British hotties.

At Telegraph UK:

Also at Free Beacon, "PICTURES: Unauthorized Models Infiltrate U.S. Army Compound."

Batgirl, Mr. Incredible Knockdown Fight in Hollywood

Well, that's L.A. for you.

At LAT, "Mr. Incredible, Batgirl brawl in Hollywood; Freddy Krueger keeps peace."

Joni Ernst Brings Back Hogs in New Campaign Spot

Remember from earlier this year, "'I'm Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. So when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork...'"

And now at National Journal, "New Joni Ernst TV Ad Goes Back to Her Hog-Castrating Roots."

First-Person Reporting on Ottawa Terror Attack from Inside Canadian Parliament

It's Josh Wingrove, from Toronto's Globe and Mail, on Twitter.

Ottawa Terrorist Attack

A huge story today.


Also, "Ottawa attack timeline: At 9:56 a.m., motionless body seen outside Library of Parliament," and "Firsthand accounts of fatal Ottawa shooting: ‘There was a very real sense that nothing will ever be the same again’."

And at the Globe and Mail, "Potential flaws in parliamentary security pointed out in 2012 report," and the New York Times, "Canadian Soldier Dead After Attack Near Parliament in Ottawa."

Expect updates...

CDC Is Awash in Social-Justice Ideology

So lame.

From Heather Mac Donald, at City Journal, "Infected by Politics":
The public-health establishment has unanimously opposed a travel and visa moratorium from Ebola-plagued West African countries to protect the U.S. population. To evaluate whether this opposition rests on purely scientific grounds, it helps to understand the political character of the public-health field. For the last several decades, the profession has been awash in social-justice ideology. Many of its members view racism, sexism, and economic inequality, rather than individual behavior, as the primary drivers of differential health outcomes in the U.S. According to mainstream public-health thinking, publicizing the behavioral choices behind bad health—promiscuous sex, drug use, overeating, or lack of exercise—blames the victim.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Communities Program, for example, focuses on “unfair health differences closely linked with social, economic or environmental disadvantages that adversely affect groups of people.” CDC’s Healthy People 2020 project recognizes that “health inequities are tied to economics, exclusion, and discrimination that prevent groups from accessing resources to live healthy lives,” according to Harvard public-health professor Nancy Krieger. Krieger is herself a magnet for federal funding, which she uses to spread the message about America’s unjust treatment of women, minorities, and the poor. To study the genetic components of health is tantamount to “scientific racism,” in Krieger’s view, since doing so overlooks the “impact of discrimination” on health. And of course the idea of any genetic racial differences is anathema to Krieger and her left-wing colleagues.

Local public-health programs are just as committed to “social justice.” The National Association of County and City Health Officials promoted a seven-part PBS documentary, Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making us Sick?, to trigger community dialogues about health equity. NACCHO’s Health Equity and Social Justice initiatives seek to “advance the capacity of local health departments to tackle the root causes of health inequities.”

During the height of the AIDS epidemic, the public-health profession abjured any focus on abstinence as a means of stopping the spread of the disease. This silence was contrary to decades of public-health response to venereal disease, which stressed individual responsibility, as well as contact tracing, to prevent further infections.

The American Journal of Public Health recently published a study coauthored by Columbia University professor and longtime police critic Jeffrey Fagan arguing that young black men who have been stopped and questioned by the New York Police Department suffer from stress and anxiety. The more times an individual gets stopped, Fagan claims, the more stress he may feel. The study did not consider whether individuals who have been stopped numerous times by the police may be anxious because they are gang members operating in a world where retaliatory shootings are common. Nor did it compare the stress of stop subjects with the stress once experienced by law-abiding residents of high-crime neighborhoods before the NYPD brought violent crime down 80 percent.

The public-health profession has a clear political orientation, so it’s quite possible that its opposition to a visa and travel moratorium is influenced as much by belief in America’s responsibility for the postcolonial oppression of Africa, and suspicion of American border enforcement, as it is by a commitment to public-health principles of containment and control...
Remember, if the Ebola doesn't kill you, leftism will.

Sill more at that top link.

Jeanne Shaheen Won't Say She Voted for Obama, Audience Erupts in Laughter

From last night's New Hampshire Senate debate:

Renée Zellweger?

I thought she was nice looking. She had a nice face. And she went and did this?

At People, "Renée Zellweger to PEOPLE: 'I'm Glad Folks Think I Look Different'."

British War Brides

An interesting piece, from Duncan Barrett, at the Los Angeles Times, "British war brides faced own battles during 1940s."

GOP Bullish with Two Weeks to Go

I can dig it.

At the Hill.

Also, "Obama political missteps boost GOP midterm chances."