Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Albert Camus, The Plague

I need to read some existentialism, heh.

At Amazon, Albert Camus, The Plague.

Instagram Travel Babe Madeline Relph

At Drunken Stepfather, "Madeline Relph Naked of the Day."

James Agee, A Death in the Family


At Amazon, James Agee, A Death in the Family (Penguin Classics).
Published in 1957, two years after its author's death at the age of forty-five, A Death in the Family remains a near-perfect work of art, an autobiographical novel that contains one of the most evocative depictions of loss and grief ever written. As Jay Follet hurries back to his home in Knoxville, Tennessee, he is killed in a car accident — a tragedy that destroys not only a life, but also the domestic happiness and contentment of a young family. A novel of great courage, lyric force, and powerful emotion, A Death in the Family is a masterpiece of American literature.

Jewel Heist in Paris


Terry C. Johnston, Dance on the Wind

At Amazon, Terry C. Johnston, Dance on the Wind: A Novel.

Megan Williams Takes You Away (VIDEO)

At Sports Illustrated Swimsuit:

Badass Challenger

Seen on Twitter:

Oops! Frank Luntz Gets Stuffed on Twitter!


The Recent 'Exposé' of Aziz Ansari is Arguably the Worst Thing That's Happened to the #MeToo Movement Since it Started

Following-up from the other day, "Aziz Ansari."

From the phenomenal Bari Weiss, at NYT, "Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader."

BONUS: Katie Pavlich tweeted earlier:

Big Pic Dump

At Theo's, "Pic Dump..."

What If Diversity Isn't America's Strength?

From Jonah Goldberg, at LAT, "This should elicit some fun email":
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he scolded the president for saying something scatological about certain countries and their immigrants. "Diversity has always been our strength," he allegedly said. By my count, this makes Graham the bazillionth person to proclaim some variant of "diversity is strength."

Is it true? I think the only close to right answer is, "it depends." Specifically, it depends on what — often clichéd — analogy you have in mind. Diverse stock portfolios are more resilient. Diverse diets are healthier. But that doesn't mean picking bad stocks will make you richer or that eating spoiled foods is good for you.

I once heard Jesse Jackson explain that racial integration of the NBA made it stronger and better. He was right. But would gender integration of the NBA have the same effect? Would diversifying professional basketball by height? Probably not.

All of these analogies can take you only so far. Thomas Sowell once said, "The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department."

There's a growing body of evidence that even if diversity— the kind that results from immigration — once made America stronger, it may not be doing so anymore. Robert Putnam, a liberal sociologist at Harvard, found that increased diversity corrodes civil society by eroding shared values, customs and institutions. People tend to "hunker down" and retreat from civil society, at least in the short and medium term.

I think the real culprit here isn't immigration or diversity in general, but the rising stigma against assimilation. Particularly on college campuses, but also in large swaths of mainstream journalism and in the louder corners of the fever swamp right, the idea that people of all backgrounds should embrace a single conception of "Americanism" is increasingly taboo.

Anyone of any race or national origin can be an American, but it requires effort and desire from both the individual and the larger society. There's a shortage of both these days...

U.S. Highway 101 to Stay Closed for at Least Another Week (VIDEO)

At the video from KSBY Santa Barbara above. And at USA Today below:

Danielle Gersh's Dense Fog Forecast

Well, there go those mid-'80s temperatures we've been having.

This foggy weather is chilly too.

And here's the lovely Ms. Danielle, for CBS News 2 Los Angeles:

Tiffany Watson in Sizzling Lingerie Photo Shoot in London

At London's Daily Mail, "MIC's Tiffany Watson sets pulses racing in plunging lace bra and barely-there thong as she poses between the sheets in sizzling new shoot."

Parents Arrested After 13 Kids Found Chained to Beds and Starving in Riverside County Home (VIDEO)

House of horrors.

A report at CBS News 2 Los Angeles, "13 Children Ages 2 to 29 Found Shackled to Beds In Perris Home, Parents Arrested."

Twenty-nine years old? I can't believe it, man.

And at the Los Angeles Times, "Children found shackled and malnourished in Perris home; parents arrested":
The 911 call came in at 6 a.m. Sunday. A teenage girl was on the line with an unsettling tale.

She had managed to escape from her family's home in Perris, where her parents had been holding her captive. Her brothers and sisters were still locked inside — 12 of them. Some were chained to their beds, she said.

Riverside County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to find the 17-year-old girl. When they saw her, they were struck by her small size and emaciated appearance. She looked to be only 10, according to the sheriff's account released Monday.

The nightmarish scene deputies discovered when they entered the house on Muir Woods Road was as bad as the girl had described. They found "several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings," the statement said.

The parents, David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, "were unable to immediately provide a logical reason why their children were restrained in that manner," deputies wrote. The couple were arrested on suspicion of torture and child endangerment and each was being held Monday night in lieu of $9-million bail.

The youngest child was 2. At first deputies assumed from their frail and malnourished appearance that all in the group were minors, but they later determined that seven of them were adults ages 18 to 29, the sheriff's statement said.

It was not clear from the statement how many of the children were found locked to their beds.

Deputies provided food and drinks to the children, who "claimed to be starving," before they were admitted to hospitals.

Public records show the couple own the tract house where the children were found. Its address is also listed in a state Department of Education directory as the location of the Sandcastle Day School, a private K-12 campus. David Turpin is listed as the principal.

During the last school year, the school was listed in state records as a non-religious and co-ed institution. There were six students enrolled — one each in the fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, 10th and 12th grades.

David Turpin's parents, James and Betty Turpin of West Virginia, told ABC News they were "surprised and shocked" at the allegations. They said their grandchildren are home-schooled, and that they had not seen their son and daughter-in-law in four or five years.

Public records indicate the couple have lived at the address for several years and lived in Texas for many years before coming to California. They declared bankruptcy twice, public records show...
And note as well:
Ivan Trahan, an attorney who represented the couple in their latest bankruptcy in 2011, said Monday he was shocked at news of the arrests....Trahan said that David Turpin, who worked as an engineer at Northrop Grumman, an aeronautics and defense technology company, had a "relatively high" income, but had trouble keeping up with his expenses because he had so many children.
Well, one would think two or three kids would be sufficient, although I'm not one to impose mandatory family size like leftists, heh.

Still more.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kelly Rohrbach on Vacation in Hawaii

Following-up from the other day, "Kelly Rohrbach Invites You to Explore (VIDEO)."

At Taxi Driver, "Kelly Rohrbach Topless on Her Vacation."

And at the Sun U.K., "PHWOAR-BACH: Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach does topless yoga on the beach in Hawaii - Kelly, 27, is enjoying some downtime on the island after her success in the latest Baywatch film."

Jennifer Delacruz's M.L.K. Day Forecast

It's been record warm temperatures this last few days, and while it's supposed to be cooler today, it was roasting outside already when I stepped out to get the newspaper.

Here's lovely Ms. Jennifer:

Racial Injustice Today

I saw this last week but neglected to post. Racial injustice just ain't what it used to be.

Where Can a Black Person Get Their Hair Done?

When I had an Afro back in the day, my mom used to take me to a black barbershop in Santa Ana, which was the only place where they knew how to give me a haircut. And when I was college in my 20s, even though I wore my hair short and close-cropped, some of the barbers at the local barbershop in Costa Mesa used to groan as I sat down in their seat. I don't know why you're a barber if you don't like giving a mulatto man a haircut?

At the far-left Affinity Magazine (and I do mean far-left, *smh*):

Moira Donegan

I meant to post this earlier. It's good:

Books from 'Shithole Countries'

Heh, I'm hip with the entrepreneurial exploitation of the president, lol.

This is How Radical Leftists View the President, at Home and Abroad

At Der Spiegel:

Peeled Pomegranates

We used to eat pomegranates off the trees in my neighborhood back in the day. Oh boy, what I'd have given for one peeled, lol.

Seen on Twitter just now:

Aziz Ansari

Honestly, I'm just glad I'm married and I'm not dealing with society's sex panic as an everyday participant in the dating market. It's bad enough being at far-left college for my day job, although it's been like this on campus for a long time already, so I don't have to adjust my orientation too much. (My rule has been to never be alone with a woman in a closed room, and that's been the rule since graduate school, when we were told that's the rule; it's a good rule.)

Anyway, I think Mr. Ansari is more aggressive than I ever was dating, but it's not abnormal at all.

See Caitlin Flanagan, at the Atlantic, "The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari."

And here's the piece itself, on "Babe.net", of all places, "I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life."

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This has turned into racial virtue signalling day for the radical left. Here's the New York Times, attacking President Trump, at Memeorandum, "Donald Trump's Racism: The Definitive List."

And WaPo's taking the president to task for golfing, although President Obama golfed all the time, and it was never a problem. At Memorandum, "On MLK Day, President Trump visits Trump golf course."

So, with that, here's President Trump's M.L.K Day greeting. We're lucky we have this president: