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Daily Beast's @OliviaNuzzi Hammered on #DonaldSterling Hypocrisy — #LiberalRacism

Well, here's an interesting follow-up to my earlier post, "Daily Beast Correspondent Olivia Nuzzi: 'I really don't care about this debate very much..." — #DonaldSterling."

Last night I saw Ms. Nuzzi tweeting out left-wing loser Michael Tomasky's transparent and disgusting propaganda on Donald Sterling's politics. Indeed, she was yammering cluelessly like some first-year sorority pledge about how OMG! "relevant" is Donald Sterling's so-called "Republican registration."

Of course that was after Ms. Nuzzi had already claimed that "I really don't care about this debate very much." Naturally, Ms. Nuzzi didn't "care about this debate" when the actual facts showed Sterling's campaign contribution going exclusively to Democrats and far-left ballot measures.

So, I called her out:

That was that. Or so I thought. I didn't hear back from her (the sleazy hypocrite), although earlier today I saw former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell calling out Ms. Nuzzi as well:

Political junkies might remember that Ms. Nuzzi is a former intern for Anthony Weiner's disastrous New York mayoral bid. She wrote a kiss-and-tell-all exposé slamming the corruption and inexperience of the doomed campaign organization. Barbara Morgan, Weiner's classy communications director, attacked Ms. Nuzzi as a "cunt" and a "slutbag." Morgan resigned. I wrote about it here: "Olivia Nuzzi 'Slutbag'."

Funny, though, how "slutbag" doesn't sound so inaccurate now. It turns that Ms. Nuzzi really does "care about this debate," at least when it comes to smearing conservatives and Republicans for backing Cliven Bundy. Here's her piece up today at Daily Beast, "What Cliven Bundy’s Famous Backers Said, Before and After." And notice the dramatic subtitle:
"The Nevada rancher’s breathtakingly racist comments Wednesday left Republican supporters racing to distance themselves. What they’re saying now."
Well, no doubt Ms. Nuzzi would know something about folks "racing to distance themselves" from the racist comments made by ideological partisans. As soon as I pointed out to her that Donald Sterling's a dyed-in-the-wool Beverly Hills liberal, she hightailed it for the tall grass!

The fact is Olivia Nuzzi's way more than ready to smear conservatives when it serves her leftist political and ideological program. Seriously, you've gotta give it up for this woman's astounding liberal racist hypocrisy. She's way down deep in the Democrat tank, a rank leftist hack with a byline. Maybe Barbara Morgan had her pegged all along.

Only CBS Covers #Benghazi Emails Suggesting White House Cover-Up, NBC and ABC Ignore

Well, I'm shocked.

At NewsBusters.

And Charlie Rose at CBS This Morning:

PREVIOUSLY: "New #Benghazi Emails Expose White House Cover-Up."

#NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Speaks for the Nation

From Christine Brennan, at USA Today, "Adam Silver unprecedented — and perfect":

Banned for Life photo photo11_zpsa349c625.jpg
The era of leniency and looking the other way in our professional sports world has met its match in new NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Banned for life? Now that's some serious punishment.

Isn't it wonderful to see a 21st century commissioner throw the book at someone who deserves it?

Silver did the absolute right thing Tuesday in banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life for his reprehensible racist comments that exploded throughout the news media since last weekend.

The commissioner's news conference in New York riveted the nation – and not just sports fans. The issues at play were the topics that often help form the foundation of high school history classes: racism vs. racial tolerance and advancement, the value of diversity in society, public figures and their private lives, ownership and its responsibilities.

This was about sports, but also about so much more. The conversation transcended sports, and so did Silver's unyielding performance.

He punished Sterling in every way he possibly could – and even in ways he could not. He said he fully expects the support of at least three-quarters of the other NBA owners, a league requirement to remove Sterling as an owner. That's the only thing that's left to do. Silver fined Sterling the maximum of $2.5 million, he made sure Sterling will never appear at a Clippers' game or practice again, and he banned him from making any decisions about his team or the league.

In other words: the works.

The rookie commissioner kicked out the league's longest-tenured owner – forever.

Not since Kenesaw Mountain Landis have we seen a commissioner in any sport debut in the public eye with such a bold stand. This clearly doesn't happen very often. Landis banned the Black Sox 94 years ago.

And don't miss, "Racist Liberal Donald Sterling Banned for Life — VIDEO."

#Blocked by Vile Liberal Racist @JoshTPM

I've gone 'round and 'round with TPM publisher Joshua Micah Marshall many times on Twitter, but recently I've been calling him out for his rank POS partisanship on Donald Sterling's Beverly Hills Racism. And he finally caved like a pussy and blocked:

I think these last few tweets put him over the edge:

Fact: Donald Sterling's a dyed-in-the-wool Beverly Hills liberal who's given to Democrats and far-left ballot initiatives exclusively. Honesty requires news outlets report these facts for the record.

PREVIOUSLY: "Liberal Racist Donald Sterling: 'The man who poisoned the Los Angeles Clippers for nearly 30 years with his ignorance and hate has at last been dragged away into sweet oblivion...'"

Americans Grow Weary of World Stage

War weariness.

At WSJ, "Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage, Poll Finds: Nearly Half Surveyed in WSJ/NBC Poll Back Anti—Interventionist Stance That Sweeps Across Party Lines" (via Google):
Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs even as a showdown with Russia over Ukraine preoccupies Washington, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the U.S. to be less active on the global stage, with fewer than one-fifth calling for more active engagement—an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines.

The findings come as the Obama administration said Tuesday that Russia continues to meddle in Ukraine in defiance of U.S. and European sanctions. Pro-Russian militants took over more government buildings in eastern Ukraine, while officials at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said satellite imagery showed no sign that Russia had withdrawn tens of thousands of troops massed near the border.

The poll showed that approval of President Barack Obama's handling of foreign policy sank to the lowest level of his presidency, with 38% approving, at a time when his overall job performance drew better marks than in recent months.

Mr. Obama defended his diplomacy-first approach at a news conference Monday in the Philippines, the last stop on a four-nation tour through Asia. He said those who called for a more muscular policy hadn't learned the lessons of the U.S. decision to invade Iraq.

"Why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force after we've just gone through a decade of war at enormous costs to our troops and to our budget?" he said. "And what is it exactly that these critics think would have been accomplished?"

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said, "After a week of rhetoric from the administration, I had hoped we would have responded to Russia's blatant violations…with more than just a slap on the wrist."

The poll findings, combined with the results of prior Journal/NBC surveys this year, portray a public weary of foreign entanglements and disenchanted with a U.S. economic system that many believe is stacked against them. The 47% of respondents who called for a less-active role in world affairs marked a larger share than in similar polling in 2001, 1997 and 1995.

Similarly, the Pew Research Center last year found a record 53% saying that the U.S. "should mind its own business internationally" and let other countries get along as best they can, compared with 41% who said so in 1995 and 20% in 1964.

"The juxtaposition of an America that wants to turn inward and away from world affairs, and a strong feeling of powerlessness domestically, is a powerful current that so far has eluded the grasp of Democrats and Republicans," said Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who conducts the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. "The message from the American public to their leaders in this poll seems to be: You need to take care of business here at home."

The poll results have broad implications for U.S. politics, helping to explain, among other developments, Mr. Obama's hesitance to have the U.S. take the lead in using military force in Libya, the reluctance of Congress to authorize force against Syria and the ascent as a national figure of Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.), a potential 2016 presidential candidate who has called for a restrained foreign policy.

Support for Mr. Obama's handling of Russian intervention in Ukraine slipped to 37% in the new poll from 43% in March. But at the same time, a plurality agreed with the statement that Mr. Obama takes "a balanced approach" to foreign policy "depending on the situation," with smaller shares rating him as too cautious or too bold.

New #Benghazi Emails Expose White House Cover-Up

As I always say, leftists are nothing if not consummate, inveterate liars.

At Judicial Watch, "Judicial Watch: Benghazi Documents Point to White House on Misleading Talking Points" (via Memeorandum).

Also at IBD, "Emails Show Susan Rice Prepped to Lie By White House":

Scandal: Newly obtained emails on Benghazi show then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was coached by a key White House aide to lie and ignore the facts known and reported on the ground to make the administration look good.

The fish rots from the head, as the saying goes, and no further proof is needed than a Sept. 14, 2012, email from Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, contained in more than 100 pages of documents released by Judicial Watch and obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request.

That email, with the subject line: "RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET," was sent to other key White House staffers such as then-Communications Director David Plouffe and Press Secretary Jay Carney the day before now-National Security Adviser Susan Rice made her whirlwind tour on five Sunday news show appearances to specifically and emphatically blame an Internet video for the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, in which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other nationals were killed.

One of the goals listed in the emails was the need for Rice "to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy." She was also to "reinforce the President and Administration's strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges." Her job was not to tell the truth, but to put lipstick on the Obama administration's Benghazi pig...

'The structure as you describe it ... would be as grotesque as a three-story museum dedicated to exploring the faith of Shintoism and emperor-worship, and its arts and culture, with a sanctuary for prayer services and community programs, at Pearl Harbor...'

Comment from Robert Spencer, interviewed at the New York Times, "Developer Scales Back Plans for Muslim Center Near Ground Zero":
The developer whose proposal to build a Muslim community center and mosque near the World Trade Center failed amid a national controversy three years ago said Tuesday that he now plans to construct a museum devoted to Islam in the same location.

Sharif El-Gamal, the developer, said through a spokesman that instead of a $100 million, 15-story community center and prayer space, he now planned a smaller, three-story museum “dedicated to exploring the faith of Islam and its arts and culture.” The building would also include a sanctuary for prayer services and community programs.

To make the plan more attractive to neighbors, he said in a statement, he had commissioned a French architect, Jean Nouvel, winner of the 2008 Pritzker Prize, to design the building at 45-51 Park Place, about two blocks from the former World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, and had included plans for a public green space.

“This is a more tailored approach, both physically and programmatically,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a spokesman for Mr. El-Gamal. “It will prove to be an important addition to the neighborhood and to New York City’s arts and cultural community.”

These Islamists are truly evil.

FLASHBACK: "Faith, Freedom, and Memory: Report From Ground Zero, September 11, 2010."

Rio Olympics Preparations 'the Worst'


At NYT, "Preparations for Rio Olympics ‘the Worst,’ Committee Official Says":
RIO DE JANEIRO — A top International Olympic Committee official on Tuesday called Rio de Janeiro’s preparations to host the 2016 Summer Olympics “the worst I have experienced,” adding to a growing chorus of doubts about the city’s ability to get ready for the Games without international help.

“We’ve become very concerned, to be quite frank,” the official, John D. Coates, who is vice president of the committee, told reporters in Melbourne. “They really are not ready in many, many ways.”

The remarks reflected similar criticism from the Olympic Committee’s president in mid-April, when the body announced that it was sending outside experts to Brazil to monitor progress and speed up work in Rio.

“This is unprecedented for the I.O.C. to be sending in people like this,” said Mr. Coates, who has made six visits to the city and called the situation in Rio worse than in Athens in 2004.

However, he ruled out moving the Olympics to another city.

“There can be no Plan B; we are going to Rio,” Mr. Coates said. “We’ve just got to make sure that we help the organizing committee deliver Games that will enable our athletes, the athletes of the world, to perform to the best of their ability.”
Keep reading.

Well, Third World Olympics: The racist imperialist advanced nations will no doubt bail 'em out.

'I'm wearing Google Glass. And I hate it...'

Well, when everyone's got Google Glass, it won't be so bad.

From Hayley Tsukayama, at the Washington Post, "My awkward week with Google Glass."
I've heard just about every privacy concern raised about Glass, but, as the one wearing the device, I wasn't expecting that the privacy most invaded would be my own. That type of anxiety should lessen over time, particularly as Google works with designer labels such as Luxottica's Oakley and Ray-Ban to make prettier models. But anyone who opts to buy Glass should be ready and willing to become a constant topic of conversation and to answer questions from strangers. Wearing Google Glass in public is like wearing a sandwich-board that says "Talk to me!" And, given the rare but highly publicized fights, robberies and other major incidents some Glass users have experienced, I was a little wary about wearing the device in public.

Angry Protesters Demand Donald #Sterling Sell #Clippers

He's the most hated man in America right now, a reviled racist Beverly Hills liberal.

PREVIOUSLY: "Liberal Racist Donald Sterling: 'The man who poisoned the Los Angeles Clippers for nearly 30 years with his ignorance and hate has at last been dragged away into sweet oblivion...'"

Liberal Racist Donald #Sterling Banned but Isn't Gone Yet

At LAT, "Donald Sterling has options to weigh after NBA ban":

Donald Sterling has been shamed, fined $2.5 million and banned for life by the NBA for his incendiary remarks about race.

But none of that changes the fact that Sterling still owns the Los Angeles Clippers, which gives him options.

"This may set up nicely for him," said David Carter, executive director of USC's Sports Business Institute. "He could ride off into the sunset a la Frank McCourt."

Much like the former Dodgers owner, Sterling might be forced to sell his franchise at an opportune moment, shortly before the NBA renegotiates its lucrative national television contract. An auction-like frenzy could drive the price toward $1 billion.

Or the historically litigious Sterling might turn his back on that staggering profit, choosing to stand and fight.

"If he truly doesn't want to sell, I'm going to guess he could tie this up for the rest of his life," said Richard Sheehan, author of "Keeping Score: The Economics of Big-Time Sports." "It would be an absolute disaster."

Attempts to reach Sterling for comment Tuesday were unsuccessful, so his immediate plans remained unclear...

'Can't bring myself to feel sorry over the botched execution of a guy who shot a woman and buried her alive after he raped her friend...'

Comment from Dana Loesch, on Facebook.

And that made me realize, after my earlier entry, "Clayton Lockett Botched Execution," that I never did find out about the guy Lockett's conviction.

Here's what I found online, "Appeals Court Upholds Death Penalty for Ponca City Man":

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the death sentence given to convicted murderer Clayton Darrell Lockett, of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Lockett was convicted in August 2000 of the first degree murder of 19-year-old Stephanie Nieman. Lockett was also sentenced to more than 2,285 years in prison for associated non-capital crimes occurring that night, including assault with a dangerous weapon, burglary, first degree rape, and kidnapping.

A jury found that on June 3, 1999, Clayton Lockett and two co-conspirators, Shawn Mathis and Alfonso Lockett, broke into the Perry, Oklahoma, home of Bobby Bornt. They assaulted Bornt before burglarizing his home for drugs. While they were at Bornt's home, two 19-year-old women arrived. The men repeatedly raped and assaulted one woman, whose name is withheld as a victim of sexual assault, before loading Bornt, Bornt's 9-month-old son, Stephanie Nieman, and the other woman into Bornt's and Nieman's trucks and driving them to a rural location in Kay County.

Bornt testified that he heard Clayton Locket say, "Someone has got to go," before he put Nieman in a ditch dug by Shawn Mathis and shot her twice. He also testified to hearing the men laugh about "how tough [Nieman] was" when she did not die after the first shot.

Bornt and the other victim believe they were spared because they have children; however, both testified to hearing Lockett plan to kill them and take Bornt's infant son to either a shelter or Bornt's parents' house.

Clayton Lockett was found to be the instigator of all crimes that evening. According to court documents, State's evidence included a videotaped confession by Locket in which he "confessed to going to Mr. Bornt’s home to rob him; to personally hitting and beating Mr. Bornt, [name withheld], and Ms. Neiman with his fists or with the shotgun; to binding the victims with duct tape; to planning to kill all three adult victims; to forcing them (along with the baby) to leave Mr. Bornt’s house and go to the country, where the adults were to be killed; to taking Ms. Neiman’s and Mr. Bornt’s trucks; to being the ultimate decision maker as to which victims would be killed; to instructing Mr. Mathis on how to dig the grave; to personally shooting Ms. Neiman while she cried; to threatening to kill them if they told anyone of his crimes; and to insisting that his accomplices bury Ms. Neiman when he knew she was still alive." He was convicted of 19 felony counts...
But OMG cruel and unusual!!

Spike Lee Gets Front Row Seat for #Sterling Ban Announcement — #Clippers

At Truth Revolt.

Woman Goes Running with Head-Mounted #GoPro Camera


At Theo's, "GoPro: Girl Running with a gopro (head mount)."

It's Seline Von Nass:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'I've read history and know the KKK and Jim Crow were supported by the #Democrats...'


Via Twitter:

PREVIOUSLY: "Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006."

Krauthammer: John Kerry Must Resign for 'Pernicious and Extremely Harmful' Israel Apartheid Slur

Previously, "Secretary of State John Kerry Excoriated for Israel 'Apartheid' Slur."

And now at Pat Dollard's, "Krauthammer Slams Israel Hater Kerry: He Must Resign For ‘Extremely Harmful’ Remarks That Will Be Used Against Israel."

Clayton Lockett Botched Execution

Hey, props to Oklahoma whose officials will almost single handedly ensure that the death penalty is finally ruled cruel and unusual.

This execution went so awry that officials tried to resuscitate Lockett.

Frankly, just bring back the firing squad. Damn.

At London's Daily Mail, "Killer dies of heart attack after twenty minutes of agony when Oklahoma experimental drug execution goes wrong. Second lethal injection postponed."

Also at the Tulsa World, "Execution botched before inmate dies of heart attack; second execution postponed":

McALESTER -- The execution of convicted killer Clayton Lockett was botched tonight at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary before he died of a massive heart attack. The event prompted officials to postpone a second execution scheduled for two hours later.
Lockett was given execution drugs and reacted violently, kicking and grimacing while lifting his head off the gurney to which he was strapped. He was pronounced dead at 7:06 p.m. inside the execution chamber -- 43 minutes after the process began -- Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton said.

In a media conference, Patton said Lockett's veins "exploded" during the execution, which began at 6:23 p.m. The inmate died from what Patton called a "massive heart attack." The death occurred after the execution process was halted.

Convicted killer Charles Warner was scheduled to be executed at 8 p.m. Patton said he notified the governor's office and the attorney general's office about the events and asked for a 14-day delay of Warner's execution, which was scheduled for 8 p.m.
Gov. Mary Fallin issued a statement tonight saying she had issued an executive order delaying Warner's execution for 14 days.

“I have asked the Department of Corrections to conduct a full review of Oklahoma’s execution procedures to determine what happened and why during this evening’s execution of Clayton Derrell Lockett,” Fallin said in the statement. “I have issued an executive order delaying the execution of Charles Frederick Warner for 14 days to allow for that review to be completed.”

Tonight's executions were to be the first in Oklahoma using a new three-drug cocktail of vecuronium bromide, midazolam and potassium chloride.

Lockett had no last words as the execution began. Sixteen minutes after it started, OSP Warden Anita Trammell said: “We’re going to lower the blinds temporarily.” A doctor in the chamber went to Lockett’s right arm and lifted the sheet, apparently checking his vein where a tube had been inserted.

Patton left the room for several minutes and was on the phone. Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson then left the observation area to take a phone call from the line inside the execution chamber.

When Patton returned to the observation room, he said: “We’ve had a vein failure in which the chemicals did not make it into the offender. Under my authority, we’re issuing a stay for the second execution.”
More at that top link.


Leftist demands for more "humane" executions ends up bringing about more inhumanity --- and, ultimately, a further erosion of public support for capital punishment.

There's gotta be some Alinskyite angle in here somewhere. Man, those criminal-coddling progs are good!

Liberal Racist Donald Sterling: 'The man who poisoned the Los Angeles Clippers for nearly 30 years with his ignorance and hate has at last been dragged away into sweet oblivion...'

From Bill Plaschke, at the Los Angeles Times, "Bill Plaschke: NBA makes the right move regarding Donald Sterling":
Call it the most spectacular slam dunk in professional basketball history.

With one dazzling, devastating move, the NBA has thrown down against evil.

Thankfully, finally, Donald Sterling is done.

The man who poisoned the Los Angeles Clippers for nearly 30 years with his ignorance and hate has at last been dragged away into sweet oblivion.

Four days after the release of audiotapes on which Sterling is heard making racist comments, the NBA has banned the Clippers owner for life.

“We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views,’’ said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday morning. “They simply have no place in the NBA.’’

Sterling was also fined the maximum $2.5 million, but, for the eccentric billionaire who viewed his team as a way to be accepted among his social circle, the lost money is nothing compared with his lost status.

No longer can he sit at courtside with his chest puffed out. No longer can he entertain friends in the press room after games. No longer can he go into the locker room and lead the team in awkward cheers.

The lifetime ban essentially takes away every reason that Donald Sterling has for owning the team, which would seem to make it another slam dunk that he would sell it.

But not so fast. Even in a decision that was celebrated by players and owners alike, there is a loophole...

Thirty years of leftist, Democrat-supporting hate and ignorance.

PREVIOUSLY: "Racist Liberal Donald Sterling Banned for Life — VIDEO."

Racist Liberal Donald Sterling Banned for Life — VIDEO

At the Los Angeles Times, "Sterling banned for life from NBA."

And at TMZ, which first broke the story, "Donald Sterling Suspended From NBA INDEFINITELY After Racist Comments" (via Memeorandum).

This is the most riveting press conference I've ever watched. I wanted it to keep going. Adam Silver is a freakin' star. I'll definitely have more.

Stop what you're doing and watch:

Previous racist liberal Donald Sterling blogging is here.

The Unbearable Whiteness of the American Left

At Instapundit, "AS WHITE AS A HOWARD DEAN MEETUP, A MOVEON CONVENTION, OR AN OBAMA CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS," which links to a Steven Hayward piece at Power Line, ripping the disgusting left-wing hypocrisy exposed at the Nation.

And yeah, they're white ... and implacably racist.

Melissa Debling, Jessica Davies, Danica Thrall, and Holly Eriksson

Some British glamour models at Egotastic!, "Four Fine Blondes: Holly Eriksson, Melissa Debling, Danica Thrall, and Jessica Davies Lingerie Striptease Galore."

Nonprofit Fundraising Groups Promoting Inequality at Newport-Mesa Unified School District

If you listened to Shanta Driver's comments on Sunday, much of her argument for affirmative action rests on the idea that K-12 education is "segregated" and inherently unequal for students of color. Nowhere have I heard her distinguish between de jure and de facto segregation (she can't because to do so would drain the emotionalism right out of her arguments), although if she had any intellectual credibility she might discuss the real ways in which de facto patterns of racial imbalance create economic differences among students in public education.

I've been worried about these problems for a long time. I teach lots of students who come from majority-minority public schools (a real problem in Long Beach), and it's just one more factor that explains their inadequate academic preparation and difficulties in achieving student success. (This is, in fact, the main problem facing my college as an institution, but as noted the cause is not just de facto school segregation).

In any case, a fascinating example that I've been closely familiar with for a long time is the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Newport Beach is one of the most affluent cities in the state, in not the country. And right next door is Costa Mesa, a nice city, very beautiful, but extremely diverse and a longtime magnet for recent immigrants from Mexico and Latin America. I often refer to it as the O.C.'s "Little Santa Ana."

Sunday's Costa Mesa Daily Pilot ran a great front-page report on this, "Unintended consequence of foundation groups: inequality":
The median income in Newport Beach hovered around $109,677, according to U.S. Census data collected between 2008 and 2012, whereas it was $65,373 in Costa Mesa for the same time period.

In Newport-Mesa Unified, there are 13 foundations serving schools on an individual level. Out of the 20 schools in Costa Mesa, there are four foundations serving Costa Mesa Middle School and High School, TeWinkle Middle School and Estancia High School, Kaiser Elementary and Woodland Elementary, and California Elementary. The nonprofits raised about $484,000 in 2012, according to tax forms.

There are nine foundations serving the 12 schools in Newport Beach. In all, they raised about $3.6 million in 2012, according to the organizations' tax forms.

The only group that funds all of the district's schools is the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation, which provides money to individual teachers through a grant program, said Barbara Harrington, president of the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation.

In 2012, the organization raised slightly more than $1 million, according to tax forms.

When the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation was first formed in the 1980s, it raised money to provide services like extra music teachers and instruments for schools, similar to how current foundations operate at individual campuses, Harrington said.

However, more-affluent communities became upset that they were raising money for teachers on the poorer side of town, she said. In response, the organization changed the way it operates.

"If you try to equalize it, and people see that more money is coming from the Eastside and funding the poorer areas, you'd find that people on the Eastside wouldn't give as much the next year," she said.

While the pockets may not be as deep in some Costa Mesa schools compared with Newport Beach communities, student education doesn't suffer, DeVusser said.

"We don't have a foundation that sits behind us and asks us what we need," he said. "We do have incredible teachers that work every day to make sure kids are receiving a quality education, regardless of where they live."

The Costa Mesa High School Foundation has been expanding in recent years in order to access more donors and be comparable to other foundations in more-affluent areas, said Foundation President and Newport-Mesa Board Trustee Katrina Foley.

Foundations have proven to help schools deal with education cutbacks handed down from the state in recent years, she said.

"Foundations should come in and pay for the extras," she said. "We need to get back to that."
So, while you can see the clear disparities in economic resources between the Newport Beach schools and those of Costa Mesa, the fact remains that even if spending were 100 percent equal on all the money raised by the nonprofits, educational performance among the Newport Beach students would far surpass the performance of kids in Costa Mesa schools. The reasons for this are found in the intangible factors that regressive leftists refuse to talk about. Things like the breakdown of the family in minority communities, illiteracy (particularly among poorer minority families and recent immigrant children), and cultural disadvantages that have longstanding bases in the natural dynamics of social strata in American society. Very little of these things can be changed by equalizing funding. Change has to come about through larger public policies that strengthen families and communities among very traditional and conservative lines. In a word, "values" matter. There will be little improvement in educational outcomes among the disadvantaged until regressive leftists stop blaming "structural inequality," "racism," and "white privilege," and start building families and communities from the bottom up, along the lines of upward mobility that have marked successful ethnic groups throughout American history.

Rush Limbaugh: Donald Sterling's a 'Typical Hollywood Liberal...'

Heh, Rush Limbaugh nails it!

See, "Mock Shock: Donald Sterling is a Typical Hollywood Racist -- and Everyone Knew It."

Actually, I'm just calling out Sterling as the ultimate RINO, lol.

PREVIOUSLY: "Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is 'Registered Republican' OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!"

Secretary of State John Kerry Excoriated for Israel 'Apartheid' Slur


It's all over the place. Democrats, leftists, Beverly Hills liberals: It's just hate, hate, hate. Nonstop hate.

At the Daily Beast, "Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’."

Also from Erika Johnsen, at Hot Air, "Ted Cruz: John Kerry should resign over that “apartheid” comment."

A bunch of Democrats have even condemned Secretary Lurch.

See especially Jonathan Tobin, at Commentary, "Kerry’s Apartheid Slur Sabotages Peace":

Last Friday while speaking to a closed meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Secretary of State John Kerry raised the ante in his bid to keep his Middle East peace initiative alive. While lamenting the latest collapse of the talks, Kerry cast blame for the outcome on both Israel and the Palestinians but made it clear that the consequences for the former would be far more serious. In the recording of his comments, which was obtained by the Daily Beast, Kerry not only repeated his past warnings that if peace wasn’t reached Israel would be faced with a new round of violence from the Palestinians as well as increased boycott efforts. He went further and said that the alternative to an Israeli acceptance of a two-state solution was that it would become “an apartheid state.”

In doing so, Kerry exploded the notion that he is an evenhanded broker since he is, as he has done previously, effectively rationalizing, if not justifying the next intifada as well as the continued efforts of the BDS—boycott, divest, sanction—movement against Israel. The point here is that if the maintenance of the status quo will make Israel an apartheid state, then it must already be one. Given the odious nature of such a regime, that would not only justify the boycotts but also violence on the part of the Palestinians against Israel...
Keep reading.

But seriously. Democrat Party racism and eliminationism goes right to the top. Mindboggling.

More at the Daily Beast, "Kerry Apologizes for Apartheid Comments."

And at Twitchy, "‘If I could rewind the tape’: John Kerry clarifies ‘apartheid’ remark."

'No More Mister' Hat-Trick! Donald Douglas 'Doesn't List Sterling's Donations to Liberal Causes' OMG! LOL! BLARGH!!!

Man, I'm living rent free over at No More Mister Nice Blog, and the idiot Steve M. does it again!

Okay, sure, I didn't actually enumerate the far-left causes to which racist liberal Donald Sterling has made contributions. But ahem, it's a bit much to blatantly deny that Sterling's an institution of L.A.'s westside liberalism, but 'No More Mister' gives it the old college try.


Read the whole thing, but old Steve M. doesn't like my "cranked-past-11 rhetoric," lol!

And he continues:
This is the modern right's biggest problem in microcosm.

We had this over the weekend in a National Review post originally titled "Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat":
At the American Power blog, Donald Douglas has an extended discussion of Sterling's donations to liberal causes and the left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past.
Actually, that's not what's in Douglas's post -- that's what he says is in it, but the content doesn't match the description. Douglas quotes a deeply skeptical article about Sterling from the L.A. Times, an opinion piece by Earl Ofari Hutchinson urging the NAACP not to give Sterling an award, and a Sports Illustrated story that finds Sterling throwing lavish parties and stiffing a charity. There are no "left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past." And Douglas's post doesn't list Sterling's donations to liberal causes, apart from the references to the NAACP...
No kidding! No "left-leaning commentators"!! Oh no doubt! All the Beverly Hills liberals he's hanging out with 24/7 at all those foundation galas just can't stand Donald Sterling holla!

And no "liberal" causes?

Oh, hey Steve M, you mean "no liberal causes" like the ballot initiatives sponsored by the far-left Humane Society of the United States? You know, like California's Prop. 2, which passed at the ballot box in 2008? Would that be "liberal" enough?


Don't change 'No More Mister'!! Don't change. You da best bro, lulz!!

See, "Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is 'Registered Republican' OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!."

PREVIOUSLY: "Sad Little 'No More Mister': Cliven Bundy OMG! RACISM! KKK!! NOT A THROWBACK!! BLARGH!!! OMG!!!," and "Bwahaha! 'No More Mister' Pulls Post Attacking 'Donald Douglas' for 'Curiously Incomplete Search Results' — LOL!"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Shout Out to Bad Blue on Awesome Banner Headline Aggregation Holla!

I'm getting some full banner headline linkage at Bad Blue right now, the second one in days.

Here's tonight's entry, "Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is 'Registered Republican' OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!"

And here's Saturday's banner, which was up almost the entire day, from about 2:00pm 'till 10:00pm or so.

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-26at51048PM_zps8543db3d.png

Holla to Doug Ross at Director Blue for the great blog aggregator Bad Blue!

#NBA Expected to Fine and Suspend Racist Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling

Sterling's eventually gonna go the Marge Schott route. It's only a matter of time.

It's like Charles Barkley said: It's a "black league."

What can I say? Couldn't happen to a more classic West Los Angeles liberal.

At LAT, "Table set for NBA action on Sterling as sponsors flee":
A stream of sponsors cut ties with the Los Angeles Clippers, and Mayor Eric Garcetti called for the harshest possible punishment Monday as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver prepared to announce the results of his investigation into remarks about blacks attributed to team owner Donald Sterling.

Sterling's purported comments were widely condemned, and the commissioner, after three months as leader of the 30-team league, confronts one of the most unsettling crises the NBA has faced in recent years.

Although NBA bylaws give the pro basketball league the power to oust owners in limited circumstances, experts said Silver would more likely hit the Clippers' owner with a sizable fine and a lengthy suspension, perhaps with the intent of pressuring the real estate magnate into selling the franchise he has owned for 33 years.

"He'll tell Sterling, 'If you choose to stay, I won't let you go to any games,' " predicted Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College economics professor and a former consultant to the NBA players association. "'I won't let you make any personnel decisions. I won't let you communicate with the general manager, hire anybody in the front office, or talk to the media. You could do that, or sell the team … and walk away with a $700-million capital gain.' "

Sterling paid $12 million in 1981 for the team in San Diego and three years later moved the Clippers to Los Angeles. Years of losing would ensue, but the team's fortunes and value have risen precipitously in the last few years. Forbes magazine recently valued the team at $575 million, though some in the sports world think the franchise could sell for as much as $700 million.

The websites TMZ and Deadspin posted audio recordings over the weekend of a man they identified as Sterling chastising a female friend for making public her association with blacks. The conversation took place after the woman, V. Stiviano, posted an Instagram photo of herself posing with Lakers great Magic Johnson.

On Monday, 15 Clippers advertisers said they have terminated or suspended their sponsorship, although most expressed their continued support for the team's players, coaches and fans...
Continue reading.

Previously Donald Sterling liberal racism blogging here.

Daily Beast Correspondent Olivia Nuzzi: 'I really don't care about this debate very much..." — #DonaldSterling


Leftists don't really seem to "care about this" anymore when the facts show that racist Donald Sterling contributes exclusively to Democrats and far-left ballot measures.

PREVIOUSLY: "Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is 'Registered Republican' OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!"

Desperate Leftists: Beverly Hills Liberal Donald Sterling Is 'Registered Republican' OMG! TAKE THAT!! BLARGH!! OMG!!!

OMG this is hilarious!

Desperate, depraved and deluded leftists have "proved" that racist Democrat Donald Sterling's actually a "registered Republican."

And how do we know? Well, for one thing idiot leftists have been swarming my Twitter feed today, attempting to flay me with OMG! RACIST!! REPUBLICAN!!! taunting neener-neener tweets for hours.

Here's the big "gotcha" post from some brainless leftist at Mother Jones, "Donald Sterling Is a Registered Republican." If you follow the links, you can go to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters and plug in Sterling's information --- and up pops search results that claim the Clippers owner is a "registered Republican"!!

Who knows what party he's registered with, really? Maybe he registered Republican when he was depressed a few years and never punched a single ticket for a GOP candidate? He's had loads of legal and marital problems. He's been sued for his Democrat "plantation style" racism before. And only changed his registration to Republican in 2008? Maybe the far-left Democrat primaries that year --- with all the attendant collectivist, confiscatory socialist proposals --- freaked him out like he was going to lose his assets.

Whatever. That fact is, as I've been saying for days now, Sterling's a dyed-in-the-wool far-left Beverly Hills liberal of the first order. All --- and I mean all --- of his political campaign finance contributions have been to Democrat candidates, and not just "25 years ago" like the loser leftists are screaming until the cows come home.

Indeed, Jaime Fuller at the Washington Post, has a beautiful rundown of Sterling's political giving to far-left Democrats and liberal environmental causes:
Although Sterling is a registered Republican he has supported Democratic candidates in the past. He gave $5,000 to Gray Davis' gubernatorial campaign in 2002, and $1,000 in support of a group pushing for Proposition 2 in 2008, which sought to give farm animals larger living quarters. He gave another $1,000 to Davis in 1991, a year when he also gave $1,000 to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy. In 1989, he gave $2,000 to former basketball player and Democratic senator from New Jersey Bill Bradley. If Republicans wanted to go really deep, they could also mention that Sterling attended the wedding of Jeff Greene in 2007, who ran in the 2010 Democratic Senate primaries in Florida -- to disastrous result.

In 2009, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP gave Sterling a Lifetime Achievement Award, and he won the NAACP Presidents Award in 2008. His 2009 award coincided with Baylor's lawsuit. The NAACP chapter's president told the Los Angeles Times, "We can't speak to the allegations, but what we do know is that for the most part [Sterling] has been very, very kind to the minority youth community." He was scheduled to receive another Lifetime Achievement Award this week, but the chapter changed its mind.
Typically, WaPo's Fuller draws unsubstantiated conclusions when she closes by arguing, "What does all of this say about Sterling's political affiliation?"

Actually, we can say a lot about Sterling's "political affiliation" from the information she's provided. I mean, seriously. Sterling gave "$1,000 in support of a group pushing for Proposition 2 in 2008"?

Right. Well, according to Ballotpedia, "Proposition 2, or the Standards for Confining Farm Animals, was on the November 4, 2008 ballot in California as an initiated state statute, where it was approved."

Oh, Prop. 2 was on the ballot in November 2008, six months after Sterling supposedly registered for the "Republican" primary? Again, Sterling was probably depressed and registered in the GOP primary without a second thought. But when it comes to making political donations, well money talks, as they say. And what "group" did Sterling support with that $1000 contribution? Fuller doesn't say, but Ballotpedia lists Proposition 2's major sponsors, which lists like a who's who of far-left interest group organizations:
The YES! on Prop 2 campaign was run by Californians for Humane Farms, sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary, and other animal protection groups, family farmers, veterinarians and public health professionals.

Joe Ramsey was the official sponsor of the initiative. In addition to humane societies and animal welfare groups, the measure was also backed by the California Veterinary Medical Association, the Center for Food Safety, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Consumer Federation of America, Clean Water Action, the Sierra Club, the United Farm Workers, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Proposition 2 was also endorsed by several politicians, including the California Democratic Party and U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Jennifer Fearing was the campaign manager for the "Yes on Prop 2" campaign...
OMG! totally Republican or something!!

Radical leftist Jennifer Fearing is the California Senior State Director for the Humane Society of the United States. And here's the list of Prop. 2's far-left supporters, including the California Democrat Party.

But TOTALLY MAN! Donald Sterling is really a "registered Republican" OMG!! BLARGH! RACIST!!!

The truth is that the racist Clippers owner is a classic, typically far-left liberal from L.A.'s typically progressive westside.

Desperate leftists can take that to the bank the idiot losers.

In Search of Vladimir Putin's Secret Fortune — #Russia

Now, this is interesting.

At NYT's front-page yesterday, "Sanctions Revive Search for Secret Putin Fortune":
WASHINGTON — When the Obama administration imposed sanctions on individual Russians last month in response to Moscow’s armed intervention in Ukraine, one of the targets was a longtime part-owner of a commodities trading company called the Gunvor Group.

His name, Gennady N. Timchenko, meant little to most Americans, but buried in the Treasury Department announcement were a dozen words that President Obama and his team knew would not escape the attention of Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin. “Putin,” the statement said, “has investments in Gunvor and may have access to Gunvor funds.”

For years, the suspicion that Mr. Putin has a secret fortune has intrigued scholars, industry analysts, opposition figures, journalists and intelligence agencies but defied their efforts to uncover it. Numbers are thrown around suggesting that Mr. Putin may control $40 billion or even $70 billion, in theory making him the richest head of state in world history.

Government troops outside Slovyansk on Saturday. The army is weak, but Ukraine has a history of partisans’ attacking invaders.News Analysis: For Russia, Negatives Seem to Outweigh Positives of an InvasionAPRIL 26, 2014
For all the rumors and speculation, though, there has been little if any hard evidence, and Gunvor has adamantly denied any financial ties to Mr. Putin and repeated that denial on Friday.

But Mr. Obama’s response to the Ukraine crisis, while derided by critics as slow and weak, has reinvigorated a 15-year global hunt for Mr. Putin’s hidden wealth.

Now, as the Obama administration prepares to announce another round of sanctions as early as Monday targeting Russians it considers part of Mr. Putin’s financial circle, it is sending a not-very-subtle message that it thinks it knows where the Russian leader has his money, and that he could ultimately be targeted directly or indirectly.

“It’s something that could be done that would send a very clear signal of taking the gloves off and not just dance around it,” said Juan C. Zarate, a White House counterterrorism adviser to President George W. Bush who helped pioneer the government’s modern financial campaign techniques to choke off terrorist money....
Well, let's hope Treasury locates Putin's riches. The White House needs something --- anything! --- on which to claim some foreign policy successes.

An #Auschwitz Survivor Searches for His Twin on Facebook

A great story, at the Daily Beast.

#Democrat Crony Paul Begala Warns Conservatives on Donald Sterling, Gets Schooled — #LOL

Heh, this is luscious!

At Twitchy, "‘Check your donor lists’: Paul Begala advises conservatives not to defend Donald Sterling; Instapundit leads schooling."

Heh, guess who didn't the memo? ... "Professor Scott Lemieux, College of Saint Rose, Claims #Democrat Donald Sterling Will Be Next 'Conservative Martyr'."

And that bogus Bundy line is so lame. I guess Begala's reading No More Mister, lol!

Via NewsBusters, "Begala's Blunder: Warns Republicans Not to Defend Democrat and NAACP Benefactor Donald Sterling."

Benjamin Netanyahu Holocaust Remembrance Day Message

To Israel's enemies, at Twitchy, "Benjamin Netanyahu sends Holocaust Remembrance Day message to those who ‘seek to destroy us’."

Benjamin Netanyahu: Abbas 'cannot speak out of both sides of his mouth...'

The Israeli Prime Minister, on "Face the Nation" yesterday:

And here's the story at NYT, "Mahmoud Abbas Shifts on Holocaust."


And at BCF, "Netanyahu dismisses Abbas Shoah comments, cites alliance with Hamas which ‘attempts to create an additional Holocaust’."

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Professor Scott Lemieux, College of Saint Rose, Claims #Democrat Donald Sterling Will Be Next 'Conservative Martyr'

Here's Lemieux's faculty homepage, "History and Political Science Faculty."

You know, I don't have a problem with professors adding their own opinions on the issues they teach, but when your ideology completely blinds you to the clear, objective facts out there, then you've got a credibility problem in your profession.

I'm not block-quoting from the post (it's brief), so just go read it at Lesbians, Gays, and Marxists, "Donald Sterling: Same As He Ever Was." Lemieux claims that Sterling's "likely to become the next conservative martyr..."

I know: WTF?

Leftists have been in fits trying to deflect the fact that Sterling's a dyed-in-the-wool Beverly Hills liberal. My post on Saturday pretty much went viral, even getting picked up at National Review, "Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat."

Now, as much as I've been hammering the precious idiot Steve M. at No More Mister, at least he's attempted to rebut the facts surrounding Sterling's disgusting Democrat Party racism, although I've still been having a ball, lol. See, "Sad Little 'No More Mister': Cliven Bundy OMG! RACISM! KKK!! NOT A THROWBACK!! BLARGH!!! OMG!!!"

Typically, though, Lemieux just buries his face in the muck, happy to be stroked by the racist commenters inhabiting the swamp at LGM. I'd say my commenter, Tabitha Bliss, pretty much nails it:
I'm having a good time watching the left twist itself into knots trying their darndest to make this guy out to be some kind of right wing, TEA Party conservative! Even Obama is trying to frame the story that way!

Of course conservatives aren't surprised to hear liberals spew such vileness in the least. We've heard it all before. I think what still does shock us is the total hypocrisy of the leftist movement in general.

I mean these people are still having a total melt-down over Bundy's (poorly stated) comments, but let's put things in perspective here. Compare & contrast the statements made by the two men & what is & what is not real bigotry & hatred becomes obvious!
Very well said.

Bundy's no hero at this point, but certainly his comments amounted to at most an inarticulate effort to make the case on longstanding government and Democrat indifference to the plight of black Americans. And it's widely understood that the black family as an institution is worse off today than at any time since the Civil War. Indeed, leftists are all about context, although in Bundy's case his very compassionate statements on Hispanic families have been completely swept under the rug. So yeah, despicable leftist hypocrisy all around.

This is why I push back hard against the lying leftists losers. Fortunately, I've been able to get a little traction of late, but the battle is never over. Keep smacking down leftist liars at every turn. They never stop. They're ruthless and will do anything to destroy people of decency who are thought to stand in their way.

Tabitha Bliss is on Twitter as well. She's a good lady.

Previous Donald Sterling blogging is here.

Lake Bell for Esquire

She's very beautiful!

At Egotastic!, "Lake Bell Sweet Epic Hot Outtakes from Esquire."

And, while I'm a little behind on my #Rule5 blogging --- what, with all the Donald Sterling news, lol! --- do check out Blackmailers Don't Shoot, "Jennifer Lawrence Spotted at the North Pole with Santa Claus: Rule 5 Linkfest," and Camp of the Saints, "Rule 5 Saturday: Sarah Willis."

Exclusive Extended Audiotape of #Democrat Donald Sterling Racist Rant

Via Deadspin, "Exclusive: The Extended Donald Sterling Tape." It's raw video with additional excerpts.

Plus, my report from yesterday, "Liberal #Democrat Donald Sterling Caught on Tape Screaming Ugly Racist Epithets."

And here's TMZ's YouTube of the audiotape, 9 minutes long and subtitled. He basically spews profanities about Magic Johnson. The f-word. He's clearly going off with totally unrestrained racism. Intense.

Previous Donald Sterling blogging his here.

#Democrat Donald Sterling Celebrates Black History Month!

I just got a kick out of this via Google, lol!

Oh the irony.

Free tickets for the kids, but just don't bring Magic Johnson will ya, lol!!

ICYMI, "Liberal #Democrat Donald Sterling Caught on Tape Screaming Ugly Racist Epithets."

 photo donald-sterling-ad_zpsd34c0166.jpg

And ICYMI, "Clippers Protest #Democrat Donald Sterling by Wearing Shirts Inside-Out for Warm-Ups."

Plus my previous #Democrat Donald Sterling blogging here.

Clippers Protest #Democrat Donald Sterling by Wearing Shirts Inside-Out for Warm-Ups

At CBS Los Angeles, "Clippers Turn Shirts Inside-Out In Silent Protest Against Sterling."

And at the New York Times, "With Uproar Around Sterling, Clippers Take the Court":

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Los Angeles Clippers, finding themselves embroiled in controversy surrounding racist remarks attributed to the team’s owner, took the court for their playoff game Sunday with a statement, both fashion and political. In sartorial signs of solidarity, players wore their shirts inside out during warm-ups, and each wore black socks and black wristbands during the game.

The owner’s wife sat courtside, across from the Clippers’ bench, with her husband barred from attending while the N.B.A. investigates the matter. She wore all black.

The recordings of the remarks, apparently made by Donald Sterling, the Clippers’ owner, bounced around the globe on Sunday like viral aftershocks, rattling the league’s leadership, overshadowing its playoff games and even receiving the attention of President Obama in Malaysia.

But the epicenter was at Oracle Arena, where the Clippers played the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series. The teams are closely matched rivals, and although there were no clear signs that the crowd’s enthusiasm and voracity had anything to do with Sterling, the story line certainly provided a boost to the energy and intrigue.

The remarks struck a nerve in the N.B.A., in which the majority of players are black and the majority of owners are white. That the controversy should involve a team based in Los Angeles, a diverse city with its own history of race-relation problems but one that has long revered black athletes, only added a layer of complex context.

As the Clippers’ players quietly went through their usual pregame routine of stretching and relaxing, trying to make the unusual circumstances feel normal, their coach stepped into a warm and crowded room. Over seven minutes, he answered 13 questions about the racist comments attributed to Sterling.

“Racism, injustice of any kind, it should always be front and center, and we should never run from it,” the Clippers’ coach, Doc Rivers, said. “I think we all do a good job running from it. You should never run from it. You should confront it and try to do your best to handle it. I think we are doing our best right now in this case by trying to do that.”

In a meeting on Saturday, the team considered all its options, from ignoring the comments to boycotting the game, as some suggested.

“Our message is to play,” Rivers said. “Our message is that we’re going to let no one and nothing stop us from what we want to do. And I think that’s a good message.”
Also, at the Lede, "Reaction to the Remarks Linked to Donald Sterling."

Previous Donald Sterling blogging here.

Sad Little 'No More Mister': Cliven Bundy OMG! RACISM! KKK!! NOT A THROWBACK!! BLARGH!!! OMG!!!

Poor little Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog.

He got called out badly yesterday, had to retract his attack on me, and then got the sads after I hammered him as a pathetic leftist loser.

But oh, he couldn't let go, lol! He restored his lame attack in his updated post --- the one that doesn't have DONALD DOUGLAS!! in all caps screaming at you with authoritah! --- hoping that I'd get my widdle feelings hurt.

Man, what a sad little blog is No More Mister, catering to a sad little community of hateful, racist left-wing trolls. Steve M. desperately wants Democrat Party racism to go away. He's so desperate that he posts unhinged rants without even proofreading, pulls 'em after being called out (by his own commenters even!), and then gets all butthurt and reposts the stupid drivel in an update --- to get back at that old meanie DONALD DOUGLAS waaahhhh!!

My 12-year-old is more mature, heh.

But OMG! Republican racism OMG!

Here's his latest hilarious rant on how Cliven Bundy's "ideology" is all KKK and totally not a throwback or anything OMG! ...
[South Carolina Lieutenant Governor and Cliven Bundy clone] Glenn McConnell's thriving career is a reminder to me of why I automatically tune out any argument that contains the phrase "political correctness." I grant that there are things you simply "can't say," according to America's "official culture." But outside America's political and media centers, these "incorrect" ideas are loving cultivated, valorized, and carefully transmitted to future generations. That's why there are still Klansmen and neo-Nazis. That's why well-educated young men still think sexual penetration after the administration of Rohypnol or a few too many drinks is perfectly OK. That's why Silicon Valley and Internet comments sections are still hotbeds of virulent sexism. And so on. Cliven Bundy isn't a throwback. He's just a guy whose ideology usually flies under the radar. We just ignore the precincts where that ideology thrives.
Oh, the poor precious widdle weftists. 'Cuz hatefwul conservatives are all about roofies, or something lol!!

BONUS: At the risk of shattering Steve M's tender pwogwessive sensibilities, you gotta check this out --- and love it too. Turns out my post from yesterday got picked up by Tim Cavanaugh at National Review, with the hilariously accurate headline, "Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat."

And in the comments there:
Moonbattery • 4 hours ago

All Democrats are racists. It is the foundation of the Democratic party. Keeping blacks in poverty is just an extension of when Democrats founded the KKK and opposed all civil rights acts the Republicans were trying to enact.

Don't let them keep rewriting history.
Nails it!

FLASHBACK: "Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006."