Friday, April 25, 2014

Shiree Bundy Cox, Cliven Bundy's Daughter, Hammers Sean Hannity

Well played, leftists. Well played.

As many of have been saying, this whole Cliven Bundy "racist" affair is one monumental distraction. Frankly, as I said from the first get-go, Mr. Bundy's comments were simply inarticulate. But being raw as they were, the left pounced, screaming "racist" to the high heavens. Sadly, some of the biggest voices on the right refused to speak truth to the lies, and have stood down in the face of genuine regressive evil.

Pat Dollard has the comments of Cliven Bundy's daughter, "Bundy’s Daughter Slams Hannity: He’s ‘More Worried About His Ratings’ Than My Dad."

The Hannity clip is here, which aired a couple of nights ago: "Sean Hannity Addresses Cliven Bundy Racist Remarks on Fox News - 'Racist' and 'Bigoted'."

Some conservatives are urging folks to listen to the whole "context." At Truth Revolt, for example, "Unedited Tape of Bundy Emerges, Sheds Light on 'Racist' Remarks." And from top black conservative Bob Parks, "Update: Deceptive-Edit of the Day."

But no, I can't go there. Simply, Mr. Bundy's comments on their own were inflammatory enough for the left to gain traction.

As always, it's the hypocrisy and opportunism that's key here. Leftists will stop at nothing to drive conservative speech from the public square. While Bundy's daughter swears her father's not racist, his comments stand alone as a gift to the despicable race baiters on the left, who won't stop at Bundy. They'll go all the way to the top of the conservative ranks and the GOP to tar the right-wing as irredeemably racist.

As I wrote last night, the race-trading leftist Jamelle Bouie went all out to portray the entire conservative movement as racist, claiming arguments on things like the continuing black Democrat plantation should be banned from the public realm. Typical totalitarian leftists.

For a loser like Bouie, towering intellectuals like Walter Williams are Jim Crow racists whose views are beyond the pale. People like WSJ's Jason Riley, a black conservative, are somehow "white supremacists" to be banished from respectable society.

This is the state of intellectual debate today. Cliven Bundy simply stepped in it. The disgusting leftists picked it up and threw it America's collective face.