Friday, April 25, 2014

Sick Leftist Jamelle Bouie Attacks Alleged Racist Rancher as Demonic 'Cloven' Bundy

Jamelle Bouie's one of those standard black leftist race-traders who claims moral superiority on the basis of skin color. Seriously, he's been around the leftist fever swamps for sometime now, and very little that he spews is exceptional or original.

But he did go off on a little rant yesterday on Cliven Bundy, slithering down to a pretty sick Biblical attack on Mr. Bundy as some kind of demonic figure of purported boilerplate conservative racism.

Here's his tweet attacking Mr. Bundy as "Cloven," which I forwarded to the editor of Slate David Plotz:

And here's the oh-so tolerant Bouie on Alex Wagner's MSNBC show last night:

As I posted yesterday, Bouie's just a typical leftist hypocrite: "Leftists Shamelessly Exploit Cliven Bundy Comments to Smear GOP as 'Racist'."

And I just love how Bouie's fellow regressive tweeps thought "Cloven" was an "awesome typo," the hacks.

I sent out quite a few tweets to some of the Slate folks. I'll update if I get a response, especially an apology.