Saturday, April 26, 2014

#RNC Spokesman Furious GOP Lumped with Cliven Bundy — Furious!!

At Mememorandum, "RNC Spokesman Is Furious the GOP Has Been Lumped With Bundy (VIDEO)."

And one of the things I find amusing is how everyone's tripping over themselves running away from the guy. Myself? I think it's a fabulous story, and Mr. Bundy's tapping into a real sense of federal overreach. But honestly, as I wrote earlier, "Sounds as if the Bundy family may have bitten off more than they could chew." So it's way beyond that now. It's about the real racists attempting to turn an inarticulate old man into a Klansman, when the real Klansmen are in the Democrat Party killing people (and they always have been). Further, you've got stupid race-trading leftists attacking Mr. Bundy as satanic like it's nothing.

But it's understandable, in our PC-drenched culture. Leftists can scream "RAAAAACIST" and instantaneously shut down the discussion. Notice, though, that the idiots progs aren't messing with me, because they know I'll call 'em out on their lies and they know they'll lose. They'll be exposed as the ASFLs they are, everything. F-k 'em.

Bonus: I think Ron Christie's comments just destroy the leftist meme at the clip, and Carol Costello is the most brainless shill for the Democrats it's hilarious.