Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Manifestation of #BDS Hate' — Hamas-Linked Students for Justice in Palestine Targets Jews for 'Eviction' at NYU

Wow, things are getting really out of hand.

It's not enough to debate your opponents, or even protest them. You've got to intimidate them with totalitarian methods worthy of Hermann Göring's stormtroopers.

At Legal Insurrection, "Dorm storming at NYU targets Jewish students."

Following the links takes us to Laura Adkins at the Times of Israel, also tweeted by CiF Watch:

More from Pamela Geller, "Jewish NYU Students Targeted in Islamic Dorm Storming Attack":
Muslim thugs, like Hitler’s nazi youth, are targeting and tormenting Jewish students in greater number across US college campuses. Under the guise of BDS, or “Israel Apartheid” or other vicious  blood libels, these savages are out for Jewish blood.

Every Jewish parent in America who has been ignoring this growing trend or who thinks this doesn’t affect them is gravely mistaken.  And they will learn the hard way — through their children.

Leftwing Jews will have much to answer for.

The dorm targeted in this latest attack is very Jewish. It houses the Kcaf (kosher cafe) and it has the only shabbat elevator.

We have seen this happen before. We know what comes nest.

The vicious pro-Hamas Muslim group, “Students for Justice in Palestine frequently is the perpetrator of these dorm stormings, as happened at Northeastern University recently, resulting in SJP’s suspension.”

SJP should be outlawed at NYU as well.
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