Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daily Beast's @OliviaNuzzi Hammered on #DonaldSterling Hypocrisy — #LiberalRacism

Well, here's an interesting follow-up to my earlier post, "Daily Beast Correspondent Olivia Nuzzi: 'I really don't care about this debate very much..." — #DonaldSterling."

Last night I saw Ms. Nuzzi tweeting out left-wing loser Michael Tomasky's transparent and disgusting propaganda on Donald Sterling's politics. Indeed, she was yammering cluelessly like some first-year sorority pledge about how OMG! "relevant" is Donald Sterling's so-called "Republican registration."

Of course that was after Ms. Nuzzi had already claimed that "I really don't care about this debate very much." Naturally, Ms. Nuzzi didn't "care about this debate" when the actual facts showed Sterling's campaign contribution going exclusively to Democrats and far-left ballot measures.

So, I called her out:

That was that. Or so I thought. I didn't hear back from her (the sleazy hypocrite), although earlier today I saw former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell calling out Ms. Nuzzi as well:

Political junkies might remember that Ms. Nuzzi is a former intern for Anthony Weiner's disastrous New York mayoral bid. She wrote a kiss-and-tell-all exposé slamming the corruption and inexperience of the doomed campaign organization. Barbara Morgan, Weiner's classy communications director, attacked Ms. Nuzzi as a "cunt" and a "slutbag." Morgan resigned. I wrote about it here: "Olivia Nuzzi 'Slutbag'."

Funny, though, how "slutbag" doesn't sound so inaccurate now. It turns that Ms. Nuzzi really does "care about this debate," at least when it comes to smearing conservatives and Republicans for backing Cliven Bundy. Here's her piece up today at Daily Beast, "What Cliven Bundy’s Famous Backers Said, Before and After." And notice the dramatic subtitle:
"The Nevada rancher’s breathtakingly racist comments Wednesday left Republican supporters racing to distance themselves. What they’re saying now."
Well, no doubt Ms. Nuzzi would know something about folks "racing to distance themselves" from the racist comments made by ideological partisans. As soon as I pointed out to her that Donald Sterling's a dyed-in-the-wool Beverly Hills liberal, she hightailed it for the tall grass!

The fact is Olivia Nuzzi's way more than ready to smear conservatives when it serves her leftist political and ideological program. Seriously, you've gotta give it up for this woman's astounding liberal racist hypocrisy. She's way down deep in the Democrat tank, a rank leftist hack with a byline. Maybe Barbara Morgan had her pegged all along.