Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Smith matter-of-factly described what happened in chilling detail, telling authorities he finished Kifer off with a shot under her chin because a .22-caliber 'doesn't go through bone very well'..."

From the trial of Byron Smith, in Little Falls, Minnesota, who's accused of lying in wait to murder two teenagers suspected of previously breaking into his home. Prosecutors say after firing the initial shots, the teenagers were no longer a threat. Smith finished them off execution style.

"Kifer" is Haile Kifer, 18, who apparently laughed at Smith as his gun jammed trying to pump off another round.

At London's Daily Mail, "'I don't see them as human': Homeowner who shot dead two teens during Thanksgiving break-in called them 'VERMIN' on audio recording and told himself killing them was his 'civic duty'."

Why were these kids breaking into the guy's house? I mean, yeah, Smith went beyond the level of appropriate force to neutralize the threat. But why were these kids in the house? Teenagers? As bad as this case is, I can't help but thinking the kids were asking for it.