Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rio Olympics Preparations 'the Worst'


At NYT, "Preparations for Rio Olympics ‘the Worst,’ Committee Official Says":
RIO DE JANEIRO — A top International Olympic Committee official on Tuesday called Rio de Janeiro’s preparations to host the 2016 Summer Olympics “the worst I have experienced,” adding to a growing chorus of doubts about the city’s ability to get ready for the Games without international help.

“We’ve become very concerned, to be quite frank,” the official, John D. Coates, who is vice president of the committee, told reporters in Melbourne. “They really are not ready in many, many ways.”

The remarks reflected similar criticism from the Olympic Committee’s president in mid-April, when the body announced that it was sending outside experts to Brazil to monitor progress and speed up work in Rio.

“This is unprecedented for the I.O.C. to be sending in people like this,” said Mr. Coates, who has made six visits to the city and called the situation in Rio worse than in Athens in 2004.

However, he ruled out moving the Olympics to another city.

“There can be no Plan B; we are going to Rio,” Mr. Coates said. “We’ve just got to make sure that we help the organizing committee deliver Games that will enable our athletes, the athletes of the world, to perform to the best of their ability.”
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Well, Third World Olympics: The racist imperialist advanced nations will no doubt bail 'em out.