Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Slams Media Hack Brian Stelter on Ridiculous Cliven Bundy Fox News Smear

O'Reilly takes a lot of heat from conservatives for his alleged "liberalism," but more often than not he's the most balanced commentator on the air. He eviscerates Cliven Bundy's slavery comments, for example, listing point by point the horrors of America's system of chattel slavery. But he's especially good here ripping CNN media hack Brian Stelter, who comes up with an outlandish claim that he's never seen any network run as much supportive issue coverage as Fox News has done on Bundy Ranch. In rebuttal, O'Reilly cites MSNBC's pathetic, month-long attack on Gov. Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal, although an even better example would be the endless race-pimping coming out of the same network, on any number of stories, but captured particularly well in the Trayvon Martin coverage a couple of years ago. MSNBC's the left's network, pushing a far left agenda and constantly shilling for the White House. Those are simply facts. It's not a fact that Fox News has been endlessly pumping the Cliven Bundy story, although I think Sean Hannity sure got splattered by all this, and he's been doing some serious backtracking.