Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sad Little 'No More Mister': Cliven Bundy OMG! RACISM! KKK!! NOT A THROWBACK!! BLARGH!!! OMG!!!

Poor little Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog.

He got called out badly yesterday, had to retract his attack on me, and then got the sads after I hammered him as a pathetic leftist loser.

But oh, he couldn't let go, lol! He restored his lame attack in his updated post --- the one that doesn't have DONALD DOUGLAS!! in all caps screaming at you with authoritah! --- hoping that I'd get my widdle feelings hurt.

Man, what a sad little blog is No More Mister, catering to a sad little community of hateful, racist left-wing trolls. Steve M. desperately wants Democrat Party racism to go away. He's so desperate that he posts unhinged rants without even proofreading, pulls 'em after being called out (by his own commenters even!), and then gets all butthurt and reposts the stupid drivel in an update --- to get back at that old meanie DONALD DOUGLAS waaahhhh!!

My 12-year-old is more mature, heh.

But OMG! Republican racism OMG!

Here's his latest hilarious rant on how Cliven Bundy's "ideology" is all KKK and totally not a throwback or anything OMG! ...
[South Carolina Lieutenant Governor and Cliven Bundy clone] Glenn McConnell's thriving career is a reminder to me of why I automatically tune out any argument that contains the phrase "political correctness." I grant that there are things you simply "can't say," according to America's "official culture." But outside America's political and media centers, these "incorrect" ideas are loving cultivated, valorized, and carefully transmitted to future generations. That's why there are still Klansmen and neo-Nazis. That's why well-educated young men still think sexual penetration after the administration of Rohypnol or a few too many drinks is perfectly OK. That's why Silicon Valley and Internet comments sections are still hotbeds of virulent sexism. And so on. Cliven Bundy isn't a throwback. He's just a guy whose ideology usually flies under the radar. We just ignore the precincts where that ideology thrives.
Oh, the poor precious widdle weftists. 'Cuz hatefwul conservatives are all about roofies, or something lol!!

BONUS: At the risk of shattering Steve M's tender pwogwessive sensibilities, you gotta check this out --- and love it too. Turns out my post from yesterday got picked up by Tim Cavanaugh at National Review, with the hilariously accurate headline, "Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat."

And in the comments there:
Moonbattery • 4 hours ago

All Democrats are racists. It is the foundation of the Democratic party. Keeping blacks in poverty is just an extension of when Democrats founded the KKK and opposed all civil rights acts the Republicans were trying to enact.

Don't let them keep rewriting history.
Nails it!

FLASHBACK: "Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006."