Friday, January 27, 2012

Mark Levin Slams Newt Gingrich Attackers!

My goodness.

This is a vociferous rant, via Legal Insurrection, "“If this is what the conservative movement has become, then count me out”":


Reliapundit said...

newt and levin can suck my wang.

newt's attacks on capitalism are UNFORGIVABLE.

newtnutz and newtrinos are living in an alternative universe if they think newt's redmeat bs will work on the 10% of the electorate we need to defeat obama.

the polls all still show this.

newt has huge negatives - and they've embedded in most of the electorate for decades.

newt might've convinced some he was a new newt until his attacks on capitalism.

delay dole molinari santorum

all served with newt and none have nice thinsg to say about him as a steady relaible leader.

or a steady reliable conservative.

i used to love levin, but i canl;t stand his por-cain and pro-newt bs.

it's unbearable and i am a very conservative person.

that bs will not win newt a single independent vote in the general.

i live in nyc and my lib friends are salivating at the prospect of a newt candidacy.

as is obama and soros and axelrod.

thanks god mitt leads in fla:

newt would lose big to obama:

Gingrich weakest against Obama
Romney fares best against the president, trailing Obama by six points among registered voters, 49 percent to 43 percent. That’s a four-point improvement for the president from a month ago.
Obama, however, beats Gingrich by a whopping 18 points, 55-37 percent, expanding the president’s 11-point lead a month ago.
Santorum also loses to Obama, but by a narrower margin, 53-38 percent, than Gingrich.

"Gingrich is Goldwater," said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. "In the general election, Gingrich not only takes down his ship, he takes down the whole flotilla."