Sunday, November 11, 2012

John Podhoretz Parts Ways With Literary Commentary Writer D.G. Myers

Here's the story, "A Note."

And here's D.G. Myers' angry response, "Statement on my firing."

Myers claims that Podhoretz terminated their relationship because of the former's aggressive advocacy of same-sex marriage. Podhoretz in turn vehemently denies the allegation and frames the dispute as a matter of editorial purview. Myers was insubordinate to write about political topics on Commentary's exclusively literary blog.

Note that Commentary's main blog is heavily edited. All posts are discussed among writers and reviewed by at least two editors. On the other hand, Myers had a completely free hand at the literary blog, as long as he stayed within the topical parameters. Once he went off on an apparent diatribe against conservatives on gay marriage at the literary blog (a post he deleted at once when called out for insubordination), he'd abused the trust that was invested in him.

Read the whole thing, in any case. It's interesting to see the curtain back pulled back on the editorial process at the magazine, which is one of my very favorites.

EXTRA: I'll link straight to Myers' attack on conservatives at the main Commentary blog. Apparently a goofier version at Literary Commentary is what got the guy in trouble: "GOP Can’t Be the Party of Old White Men."

UPDATE: Linked at The Other McCain, "Podhoretz ‘Evolves’ on Gay Marriage; Editorial Insubordination, Not So Much."