Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh My! #RomneyRyan at Red Rocks

Here's the amazing new clip from Team Romney, "Red Rocks":

There's just no comparable energy like this on the left. Our bankrupt president is exhorting his last bitter redistributionist followers to take out their "revenge" against Republicans. But just look at the conservative side, so happy and upbeat. People love the GOP ticket as they love this country. It's a genuine patriotic outpouring. And this has been happening all over the country, as we've seen with recent coverage from Florida and Ohio. It's simply a transcendent phenomenon, and I mean "transcendent" only in the sense of transcending what most people have been hearing from the mainstream press. Unless you're reading blogs or following the campaign closely online, you won't get this overwhelming evidence of surging support for #RomneyRyan. The mainstream press is dishonestly downplaying it.

More from John Hinderaker at Power Line, "THE ENTHUSIASM IS ALL GOP, RED ROCKS EDITION." 

VIDEO c/o ReallyIvy on Twitter.