Monday, December 31, 2012

Kate Upton: American Power's Woman of the Year for 2012

For sheer volume, I've probably posted more coverage of Kelly Brook, but as measured by the wider "It Girl" social trends, no doubt Kate Upton deserves the first annual American Power babe-blogging award for 2012.

Here's an amazingly good sample "Kate Upton See-Through Outtakes from GQ."

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And a flashback from last month, "Gratuitous Kate Upton Rule 5 Video."

Here's to another year of blogging. I think babe blogging helps prevent blog burnout, so screw the freak progressive PC lawfare/harassment freaks. You know who you are, assholes.

And hats off to The Other McCain for keeping the flame alive amid all the progressive prudery: "Rule 5 Sunday: Come Dancing."

Stay tuned for 2013!