Friday, January 25, 2013

Bobby Jindal's Speech to RNC's Winter Meeting 2013 (VIDEO)

Lots of folks are paying attention to Jindal's speech, so I gave it a listen. He's both attractive and articulate, although it's not so much that he's presenting new ideas as it is the overall package he pulls together, and his willingness to pull no punches on some of the party's emerging shibboleths, especially the notion that the GOP needs to move to the center. His main themes are that the Republicans are the party of growth and that Washington, D.C., isn't the center of the American political universe. Probably the biggest challenge for the party going forward is being able to effectively articulate its vision, and thus be able to appeal to new generations of Americans.

The last ten minutes are very good if you're pressed for time, or just skim the transcript, from Charlie Spiering, at the Washington Examiner, "Full text: Bobby Jindal's dynamite speech to the Republican National Committee in Charlotte" (via Memeorandum).

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