Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keith Morris Recounts the Origins of the Los Angeles Punk Scene

I'm just clicking around on YouTube looking for a different version of "Nervous Breakdown" and I come across this Keith Morris interview. I start listening thinking I'm just going to check it out for a couple of minutes but Morris sucks you in. There's no one like him. From his accent and mannerisms, to his encyclopedic revelations of the early punk movement, you can't not be riveted to this man talking. At times it seems he's having a brain malfunction, like he's lost his train of thought, only to blast out a fascinating recollection using the most colorful examples and analogies. You gotta love this guy. (And if you're able to stay with it until the end, Morris regales the story of Chuck Berry, during a concert in St. Louis, coming up on stage to jam with the Circle Jerks and then later telling the club manager how much he loved Morris' music.)