Tuesday, September 24, 2013


With the exception of one or two below at the playlist, I've previously posted most of these songs from yesterday morning's drive time. Styx is not my favorite, although I confess to listening to "The Grand Illusion" (LP) all the time in high school ("Miss America" is particularly good). (On Facebook here.)

A great drive-time set, in any case, at The Sound L.A.

Today's my long day and I'm going out tonight with my family, so I'm not sure when blogging's going to kick back up. Until then, God bless...

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet --- B.T.O. 08:18 AM

I Wanna Be Sedated --- Ramones 08:16 AM

Gimme Shelter --- The Rolling Stones 08:10 AM

Maggie May --- Rod Stewart 08:05 AM

Let My Love Open the Door --- Pete Townshend 08:02 AM

Lady '95 --- Styx 07:59 AM

Hold On Loosely --- 38 Special 07:55 AM

Suzie Q --- Creedence Clearwater Revival 07:50 AM

My My Hey Hey --- Neil Young 07:47 AM

With a Little Help From My Friends --- The Beatles 07:39 AM

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live) --- Pat Benatar 07:36 AM