Friday, November 22, 2013

The Man Who Used to Walk on Water


At the Economist, "How Barack Obama can get at least some of his credibility back."
AN AMERICAN president’s most important power is not the veto pen or the ability to launch missiles. It is the bully pulpit. When a president speaks, the world listens. That is why Barack Obama’s credibility matters. If people do not believe what he says, his power to shape events withers. And recent events have seriously shaken people’s belief in Mr Obama. At home, the chaos of his health reform has made it harder for him to get anything else done. Abroad, he is seen as weak and disengaged, to the frustration of America’s allies.
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Used to Walk on Water photo 20131123_cna400_zps06f5cd74.jpg

Via Instapundit, "... not the Economist cover Obama wants to see."