Friday, August 15, 2014

Pepperdine Pulls Faculty Page for Professor Russell A. Burgos, Who May Have Been Fired

Following-up from the other day, "Pepperdine University Issues Statement on Professor Russell Burgos."

And now here's Twitchy, "Exclusive: Pepperdine removes Russell Burgos’ bio from its website; Update: Pepperdine President says there’s no longer an active investigation: ‘We know all we need to know’."

The university has not released a formal statement on whether Burgos has been fired, but University President Andrew K. Benton said Wednesday, "We know all we need to know and there is no ongoing investigation."

At Pepperdine's Facebook page, a commenter wrote, "I guess the professor is no longer teaching at Pepperdine."

Professor Burgos was probably fired, although I'll update if the university releases a formal statement. And to be clear, Burgos is a flaming leftist who lied about his online activity, essentially attempting to cover up his hateful anti-conservative bigotry. Just the attacks on Pepperdine alumna Michelle Fields were likely fireable offenses by themselves (these attacks had been ongoing for years), but with his attempted cover-up, Burgos unequivocally crossed the ethical line. I expect they threw his rat's ass out on the street like a plague. Pepperdine cut him out like the cancer he was.

Typical progressive. So much hate it engulfed him.