Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Macan, Porsche's New 'Speed-Hunting' SUV

I've loved these cars ever since I was a little kid.

Some day. Some day.

At LAT, "The Macan, Porsche's New 'Speed-Hunting' SUV":

Pay no mind to the Porsche Macan's 18 cubic feet of cargo room, its capacity to carry five adults comfortably and its commanding view of the road. With 340 horsepower and reflexes that would make Catwoman jealous, the Macan S never got the memo that it's not a sports car. Porsche's speed-hunting pedigree shows in every corner of this all-new small SUV.

The Macan is the smaller sibling to the Cayenne, the German marque's original SUV, which sent Porsche purists into fits when it was introduced a decade ago but reaped huge profits in the U.S. and globally.

The company is hoping for similar success with the Macan, which is Indonesian for "tiger." For sale now, it's Porsche's play for the burgeoning compact crossover segment — one of the fastest-growing areas of the luxury vehicle market, fueled by wealthy empty-nesters, first-time luxury buyers and professional women.