Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ben Howe: 'I'd Have Shot Mike Brown Right In His Face'

I guess Ben Howe took some flak for this.

Here's his response, at Red State, "Why I Said I’d Have Shot Michael Brown in the Face."

Supposedly leftists, had they been in Officer Wilson's shoes, would have let "Big Mike" snatch the gun and shoot them. They wouldn't want to be seen as "racist" for defending themselves. Of course, in the real world things don't work out like that. Leftists simply need something to decry as "racist." Indeed, the left is what's wrong with this country. We're going downhill with these f-kers in office. And the culture's already gone to hell. At this point you just got to stock up and batten down the hatches. Shoot the bastards if they try to break down the doors.

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