Sunday, November 29, 2015

'Our society has been persuaded by liberals that the demented and deranged should never be criticized because criticism might hurt their feelings. Wackos and lunatics are very sensitive people, we are required to believe, and deserve our sympathy...'


Yeah, let's let all the wackos out of mental institutions. Wait. Leftists already did that.

But see Robert Stacy McCain, "Crazy People Are Dangerous":

Liberals tell us it is heartless and “mean-spirited” to suggest that public safety would be best served if mentally ill people with histories of dangerous behavior were locked up in psychiatric wards. Americans are told that it’s OK to let delusional and antisocial freaks roam around free in our society, because what could possibly go wrong?

When one of these dangerous kooks who roam among us finally commits the kind of crazy violence, however, liberals quickly rush to tell us that his insane actions have some kind of political significance and that the proper response to this atrocity is — wait for it — more liberalism. Another crazy killer, therefore, vote Democrat!

Liberalism would be laughable, if it were not so deadly...
More at the Washington post, "Alleged Colorado gunman was adrift and alienated."

And at the New York Times, via Memeorandum, "Robert Dear, Suspect in Colorado Killings, ‘Preferred to Be Left Alone’."