Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boston Globe Publishes Fake Front Page to Attack Donald Trump

The so-called fake front page is supposedly "satirical," and runs as the first page of the Globe's Sunday editorial section.

Hadas Gold reports, at Politico, "Boston Globe to publish fake front page on Trump presidency" (via Memeorandum). And see PuffHo, "Boston Globe Hammers Trump With Fake Front Page."

There's a pdf of the entire page here, and the Globe's got an editorial smearing Trump, via Memeorandum, "The GOP Must Stop Trump."

It's a rank smear. A classic leftist, politically-correct globalist establishment smear. The Globe selectively highlights Trump's statements, and caricatures the nature of his "movement" as "un-American" (when in fact huge majorities support Trump's proposal on mass deportation, for example, to say nothing of his call to halt Muslim immigration to the U.S.).

The fringe ideologues with "un-American" views aren't folks who favor Donald Trump. It's the collectivist, politically-correct globalists, and the more they demonize The Donald, the more they work to bring about the very things they purportedly reject.

Boston Globe Fake Front Page photo download_zpsvcmgsjt0.jpg