Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cindy Crawford, Who Turned 50 This Year, Shows Off Incredible Bikini Body on the Beach in the Bahamas

On Instagram, "Rande caught me in the blue lagoon! Thanks for the πŸ“·! #regram @randegerber πŸ’‹•"

And at London's Daily Mail, "'Rande caught me in the blue lagoon!' Cindy Crawford's husband shares stunning photo of his 50-year-old wife in a teeny bikini."

And WWTDD snarks:
Crawford’s doing it again. Shitting on your ability to manage expectations. Undoing life’s hardest lesson: accepting mediocrity. Crawford is fifty years old. She recently posted a picture on Instagram, from some exotic Caribbean locale, of herself in a bikini. She looks fucking amazing. Not amazing for a fifty-year-old. She has abs and shit. Good luck fucking your old, dimpled wife after seeing that.

BONUS: From February, "Cindy Crawford Announces Retirement from Modeling."