Monday, April 11, 2016

Donald Trump Surrogate Paul Manafort Claims Ted Cruz Campaign Using 'Gestapo Tactics' (VIDEO)

Manafort's not just any old surrogate. He's an old GOP hand who was "the delegate-hunt coordinator" for Gerald Ford's 1976 convention floor fight in Kansas City, Missouri.

So, Manafort, along with Donald Trump himself, was pushing aggressively today to delegitimize the Colorado Republican state party convention, where Ted Cruz swept all of the state's 34 delegates to the national party convention in Cleveland. Boy, everything's a mess, and it's getting nasty out there.

At Fox News, via Memeorandum, "Trump slams GOP nominating process as top aide accuses Cruz of 'gestapo tactics' to win delegates."

And watch, from Greta's "On the Record" this afternoon: