Monday, April 4, 2016

Donald Trump Will Bring U.S. Back to Greatness

From the letters to the editor, at the Long Beach Press-Telegram:
Re “Are you going to vote for Donald Trump?” (Question of the Week, March 21):

After listening to the debates, I feel Donald Trump, although far from perfect, is the best person to lead our country. He has achieved the American dream by building up the million dollars given to him by his dad to billions by investing in real estate.

By using his own money and not being beholding to big donors, Trump is expressing his love for America and his desire to bring America back to greatness by:

• Improving our healthcare system by repealing Obamacare which is proving to be a job-killing healthcare-destroying monstrosity. Through the Affordable Care Act, my son’s deductible increased from $900 to $6,000. With this insurance, my son pays $150 for an office visit and is not compensated for anything X-rays etc. until the $6,000 is paid.

• Securing our border which is critical for both security and prosperity for America.

• Instituting a radical change to the tax system making it better for the average American and encouraging businesses to stay in America.

• Treating terrorists as military combatants not as criminals like the Obama administration treats them.

• Cutting spending without harming those on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

• Reforming welfare and cracking down on entitlement fraud.

• Not intervening in other country’s problems without being compensated for doing so, and if we go to war, we go to win.

• Strengthening our military so we can have a strong national defense.

— Martha Morissy-Call, Downey