Friday, April 8, 2016

Greg Louganis and Janet Evans Will Be Featured on Wheaties Boxes Ahead of 2016 Olympics

It's weird how you arrive at things sometimes on the Internet.

The Angels game tonight's on Fox Sports 1 rather than Fox Sports West. Since I love my broadcasters, Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza, on FSW, I googled around to see if there was a schedule of non-FSW games for the season. I started reading at the first click, however, at the Sporting News, "Angels broadcast thrives with Victor Rojas' attention to detail." And featured at that story was Janet Evans, who Rojas had up in the box to talk about the LA84 Foundation, a youth sports foundation to which Evans joined to promote the group's 2013 summer swim program.

So, not remembering what year Evans first won Olympic gold, I googled further, now to find out that Wheaties just announced that she'd be on the cereal boxes ahead of this summer's Olympics in Rio. What a trip. She's such an all American girl. Frankly, though, it's Louganis who I remember more from 1988, for his miraculous gold medal in Seoul, after hitting his head during the 3-meter springboard preliminaries.

In any case, see the Los Angeles Times, "Olympians Greg Louganis and Janet Evans finally make the Wheaties box."