Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hateful Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Jerusalem Mayor's Speech at San Francisco State University (VIDEO)

Hat-Tip: Legal Insurrection, "San Francisco State: Yet another shout down of Israeli speaker":

We have been documenting a clear shift in tactics by anti-Israel campus activists, led by Students for Justice in Palestine joined by other groups.

The shift is towards disruption of Israeli and pro-Israeli speakers on campus in order to create a hostile campus environment. We have reported on several such recent disruptions, including at UC-Davis, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota Law School, UT-Austin, Kings College (London), U. Windsor, University of South Florida, and anLGBTQ Shabbat Event in Chicago. Even events that are not disrupted are protested, such as the appearance of actor Michael Douglas and human rights hero Natan Sharansky at Brown University.

It happened again yesterday at San Francisco State University, where anti-Israel activists have co-opted student protests over proposed budget cuts. International Business Times reports...
Keep reading (additional video there as well).

They should be prosecuted, like UCI's "Irvine Eleven" back in 2011.