Sunday, April 3, 2016

Twists and Turns in California's 2016 Primary

The once-Golden State's going to have a very consequential primary, which is quite a surprise to most observers.

At LAT, "Donald Trump is about to blow up the California primary. Here's how":
The California electorate in the November general election will be far different than the makeup of voters who cast ballots in June. Obama won in 2012 with 59.3% of the vote.

If Trump becomes the Republican presidential nominee, political analysts expect a substantial anti-Trump movement in California during the general election, the first opportunity for non-Republicans to vote against him. Voter turnout among Latinos also would rise substantially, Madrid predicted.

“California has huge Spanish-language media markets … so you’re going to have much more reaction from the community,” Madrid said...
A great piece. Very informative.