Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oregon Mill Town Hails Donald Trump as Savior

This is great.

We've already been hearing stories about Trump's deep support among America's economically disenfranchised, especially among working class whites. But so many stories remain to be told, and it's not just blue collar whites by any means.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Inside Trump Nation: In a down-on-its-luck Oregon mill town, the savior they're waiting for is Donald Trump":

With the unemployment rate now exceeding 7.2% in Josephine County, the biggest issue in this year's election here is who can put people back to work. Many are betting it's the businessman in the race, even if he's a brash real estate mogul from New York whose chief previous contact with lumber was the veneered reception desks in his swank hotels.

Southwest Oregon is not a natural fit for a billionaire East Coaster, but neither are any of the other GOP candidates, particularly those running on a religious platform; Oregon is among the nation's least church-going states.

Trump's conviction that global trade deals are selling Americans short plays well with the independent streak that runs through Oregon Republican politics. Trump, many here believe, would never put up with letting the Western timber industry falter to protect endangered birds and owls.

“It's a part of the world that sees itself as having been abandoned,” said Jim Moore, a political scientist at Pacific University outside Portland. “These were not Mitt Romney people; they did not vote for George W. Bush. They've latched on to Trump as they have latched on to other outside candidates. The difference is, he's winning.”