Saturday, May 21, 2016

The America We Once Knew Is Over and It Ain't Coming Back

Mike at Cold Fury's got the beat on the vital importance of Donald Trump's campaign, "Clarification":
It’s my own personal belief that America That Was was forever lost—thrown away, rather—long ago anyway, and there ain’t no bringing it back short of catastrophic upheaval and, most likely, bloodshed. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of Americans today don’t want it brought back. We’re a nation of ignoramuses and soft dupes, content to allow itself to be misgoverned by knaves, crooks, grifters, and con artists, of which the Republicrats are merely the other side of a very mean coin indeed. Reversing course on the path we’re currently on will never be accomplished by mere voting. If that was possible, voting would be illegal. As it is, it’s been rendered mostly irrelevant.

If you're a Republican voting for Hillary, you're no conservative.

And Mike's been down for Trump since Day One of the campaign. Check the archives for more.