Thursday, August 4, 2016

Amy Walter at Cook Political Report: Election 2016? It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

As I mentioned this morning, I'm bearish on the Trump campaign at this point. And just as much as anyone else, I know that it's a long season and lots can happen between now and November. And I also know that there's a lot of unknown variables that make predicting outcomes extremely risky, especially those based on current polling trends. What's mostly gotten to me is the leftist media's relentless attack strategy, which is so one-sided it's literally sickening. No, it's not Trump's fault, with his gaffes or whatever, that the press isn't covering Hillary and the administration's massive failures, scandals, and cover-ups. It's just what they do, and I'm reminding myself of how hard Andrew Breitbart used to hit the "Democrat Media Complex" for its corruption. Indeed, I was almost shocked at the practically extreme and brutal tirade he launched at the press corps during Sarah Palin's campaign rally in Anaheim in 2010. I wrote at the time, "Breitbart brought the crowd to cheering roars when he went straight at the press corps on top of the media stand beyond the crowd..."

So, I'm extremely skeptical of Donald Trump's chances right now and I'm almost given over to throwing in the towel. This morning I was just making light of all the polls on Twitter, engaging Louise Mensch, who's now trying to get me to retract my support for the Manhattan mogul. (And see, from earlier, "Donald Trump '24-Hours of Disaster' Screencap.")

But I'm not there yet.

Meanwhile, here's Amy Walter, at the Cook Political Report, "The 2016 Race Is Not Over."

Walter's a leftist, but she's an empirical numbers lady. I've always thought she was pretty fair overall. She apparently loathes Trump (if her Twitter feed is any evidence), but she's not ready to join the collective beat down announcing the Trump implosion.

I'll have more, as always.