Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Autostraddle Apologizes for Favorable Review of Seth Rogan's 'Sausage Party'

Here's an update from the outrage culture.

I don't read Autostraddle. Indeed, I'm only vaguely aware of Autostraddle. But the site published a positive review of "Sausage Party," a film I'm also only vaguely aware of. The editors pulled the piece, but the cached version is here, "Salma Hayek Is a Surprisingly Endearing Lesbian Taco in “Sausage Party”." (Available here as well.)

Well, did she play a lesbian taco in the movie? If so, then what's the problem with calling her a lesbian taco?

Here's the groveling apology from Heather Hogan, the editor who approved the abominably inappropriate piece in the first place, "We Messed Up" (via Memeorandum). Oh, how debased can you get?
I want to personally apologize to every reader who was hurt by the Sausage Party review. I failed you as a senior editor of this website and I failed you as an ally. I am wholly sorry for the pain and anger I caused you. I offer you no justification. I was blinded by my own whiteness existing inside a system of white supremacy. I must do better. I will do better. I also want to take full responsibility for not working more closely with the freelancer. This was not her fault. This was an editorial failure. I should have asked more critical questions about the film, especially since no one I know had seen it...
"Blinded by my own whiteness."

Oh brother.

I'm not white. But one of the things I've learned as a black conservative is that you can just destroy white PC leftists by accusing them of racist white privilege. They really do crumble, and if you have an actionable case under civil rights laws, that's all the more powerful. Keep that in mind when you're fighting the culture wars. You can just go all Alinsky on these people, turn the tables, use their own ammunition against them, and make 'em shut the fuck up.

In any case, I saw this story earlier today, at Heat Street, "Website Issues Apology After ‘Triggering’ Readers With Positive ‘Sausage Party’ Review."