Saturday, August 6, 2016

British Toddler with 'Worst Case of Chickenpox Ever Seen' Turned Away from Doctors; Mum Told Not to Worry (VIDEO)

The scariest case of chicken pox I've ever seen.

And the doctor's office told the mum, "every mother thinks their child has bad chickenpox," so stop freaking out already.

At Pajamas, "Toddler With 'Worst Case of Chickenpox EVER Seen' Turned Away from Doctors."

I had to check around to make sure the kid was okay.

Thankfully, yes.

At the Mirror U.K., "Tot with worst case of chicken pox ever entertains This Morning hosts with his bored antics."

Here's the video, "Severe Chickenpox Put My Child In Hospital - This Morning."

I had chicken pox. The itching just about kills you, but you'll survive.

But both of my sons were vaccinated, so thank goodness they didn't have to go through it.