Thursday, August 4, 2016

Donald Trump '24-Hours of Disaster' Screencap



I don't think NBC's got an exact hour-count of Donald Trump's so-called "disaster," although Louise Mensch is getting a kick out of it.

At Heat Street, "Donald Trump – Quit, Or Trade The Apprentice For America’s Biggest Loser."
The Apprentice made the Donald’s career. He looked richer and tougher and smarter than he was. And he loved it. This pathological narcissist had all the attention he could eat, and ratings were through the roof.

They used to say that politics was ‘showbiz for ugly people’. But the Trump candidacy has made politics ‘ugly for showbiz people’.

Trump’s fight with the grief-stricken mother of a dead Muslim hero was only the last in a long line of failures, so long that NBC had to screen-cap them into 24 hours of disaster...

24 Hours of Disaster photo nbc_zpsbmtozvto.jpg

More at the link.

Louise is predicting a landslide defeat for the Trump campaign.


Fox News is out with another national poll showing a double-digit lead for Clinton, so I'm convinced now that Trump's collapse is no fluke.

I'll be blogging some of those polls today, but flashback to yesterday at this time, "Reince Priebus and Newt Gingrich Reportly Planning 'Trump Intervention' After 'Disastrous 48 Hours'."

Maybe there's to be no "intervention" after all. See Politico, "Giuliani blames Gingrich for Trump 'intervention' reports." Also, "Trump campaign spins a brutal week: This is fine - There's plenty of time to make up ground, campaign chairman Paul Manafort says."

Yeah, well.

We'll see.