Saturday, August 6, 2016

Donald Trump's Watching the Olympics to 'See How High the Mexican Pole Vaulters Go...'

Quips the so-called "libertarian" presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

That's pretty funny, I gotta admit.

At the Hill, "Gary Johnson: Trump watching Olympics to see how high Mexican pole vaulters go."

Johnson's really a leftist who likes to smoke weed, heh. Or at least, that's what John Hawkins has been saying, but it sound about right.

And see this interview with Johnson at Reason TV, "Gary Johnson on Trump, the Presidential Election, and Life as a Pot Company CEO":
Johson recently found his "dream job" as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, a publicly traded company that markets weed products. "We want to be the Dom Perignon [of marijuana]," he explains. Johnson is also the chairman of the nonprofit Our America Initiative, which advocates for balanced budgets, defense cuts, drug policy reform, and improved ballot and debate access for third-party candidates.
And, of course, once he became the "libertarian" nominee, he had to issue the obligatory repudiations of the wacky weed. See, "Libertarian Johnson would not use marijuana as president," and "Gary Johnson: 'I've stopped using marijuana' during White House bid."

Hmm, I don't believe it, lol.