Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton 'Inching Up' in Los Angeles Times Presidential Election 'Daybreak' Poll

I've been checking this poll daily, especially with the wild double-digit polls released in the last week.

Clinton's indeed inching up, but the Times' poll still has Clinton's lead over Trump with the margin of error, 45.1/43.4.

At LAT, "Clinton continues to inch up in tracking poll":
More than a week after the end of her nominating convention, Hillary Clinton continues to slowly gain ground in the USC Dornsife/L.A. Times "Daybreak" tracking poll of the election.

Since July 28, the Democratic nominee has gained 5 percentage points in the survey and leads Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, 45%-44%. Trump has lost just over 4 percentage points in the same period.

Clinton's lead, which is well within the survey's margin of error, is smaller than in many other polls released in the last week. That's in part because of the design of the Daybreak poll, which is structured in a way that makes it less susceptible to big swings one way or the other than standard surveys.
It's a "rolling average" over seven-days.

You're not going to get wild results, like that McClatchey poll that had Clinton up 15 points the other day. Ridiculous.

Still, it bears repeating that Donald Trump's main goal is to stay on message. I thought his economics speech yesterday was fantastic.