Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Rule 5

I haven't done a roundup in a while, as always, because they take too dang long.

But here's a few celebrity shots and blog links, what the hell?

Women for Trump photo CmkxrtCUMAAOyXW_zpslsuqcbqq.jpg
First Street Journal, "Rule 5 Blogging: Totally Hot Twitter Edition."

At 90 Miles From Tyranny, "Morning Mistress."

And London's Daily Mail, "Meet Sahara Ray, the topless Australian model linked to Justin Bieber." And at Drunken Stepfather, "CENSORED SAHARA RAY TITS YOU’VE SEEN WITH CENSORED JUSTIN BIEBER YOU’VE SEEN OF THE DAY."

Still more, at the Mirror U.K., "Competing with Orlando Bloom? Justin Bieber and his girlfriend strip off during Hawaii getaway."

At YOLO Selfie, "Nude Selfie Breastroom."

More, at DListed, "Open Post: Britney Spears' New Video for “Make Me”."

The Hostages, "Big Boob Friday, "BBF – National Underwear Day Edition."

And Proof Positive, "Friday Night Babe: Chase Kennedy!"

Theo Spark, "Victoria’s Secret – Easy Collection Commercial Featuring Lily Aldridge (VIDEO)."

From Izismile, "Every Girl with Cute Tushie Should Wear Such Jeans (8 Pics)," and "Hot Women from '70s Sure Had Some Style (24 Pics)."

Bob Belvedere Flashback, "Rule 5 News: 08 June 2013 A.D. - Featuring Famke Janssen."

Check Pirate's Cove, "If All You See……is a terrible waste of water for fun when climate change will destroy all water, you might just be a Warmist."

Ms. EBL, "White Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter...Rule 5."

At Wirecutter's, "Your Good Morning Girl."

BONUS: At the Rule 5 blogfather's blog, the Other McCain, "Rule 5 Sunday: I Never Would Have Guessed."

Drop me a link in the comments to be added. I don't do these that much anymore, so I'm out of shape, heh.