Sunday, August 14, 2016

This Charlie Sykes Quote Getting a Lot of Play on Twitter

I'm not at all familiar with Charlie Sykes, although he's getting kudos left and right for these comments, via Oliver Darcy:

It's interesting, although I don't think there'll be any kind of reckoning. Indeed, if Hillary wins things are just going to get worse. Conservatives are only just now catching up to the left in tweaking reality. Frankly, I don't like reality-tweaking, and I said so yesterday here, "First Woman to Medal in Six Olympics Ignored by Media Because She's Pro-Second Amendment — Except She Wasn't."

The god's honest truth is always going to come first for me. I'm not a big fan of talk radio, in any case, so I've got little at stake in this debate. Perhaps Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are implicated here with their shows on Fox News, but even then I only tune in once in a while nowadays.

Things are going to hell in this country, and it's like Sarah Kendzior says: Even if Hillary wins the forces that have been unleashed during this campaign aren't going away. Where I differ with Kendzior is that I think this is a good thing. Let's break things up. We can start with blowing the current two-party system to smithereens. I just don't care anymore. If the GOP candidate is the only thing that's going to stop leftism, at least temporarily, than he'll have more support. But I don't consider myself Republican and most of the party leaders are establishment hacks who can FOAD as far as I'm concerned.

Thinking about it, this seems like a theme I'll be coming back to with some frequency as we move forward. Who knows what's going to happen in November, although I'd feel a lot better if Trump gained some traction against Hillary in the polls?

On that topic, we'll see...