Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump Was Cracking Wise About the Crying Baby, But for the Leftist Media it's DEFCON 3 (VIDEO)

Following-up, "Here's Jonathan Karl on the Trump Campaign Pandemonium, Mentioned Earlier (VIDEO)."

Here's more on the Trump pandemonium at ABC News, "24 Hours of Trouble for Donald Trump."

I saw the video yesterday, but thinking more about it now, and really seeing it in context, he wasn't just speaking his mind. He was mostly just joking around. Yeah, the baby screaming was a nuisance, but he made light of it. That's his personal side. You don't see the personal side of politicians. I've been around them for two decades now, and they're the most guarded people you'll ever see. That is, they're totally fake. They won't utter a word that might damage their electoral prospects. It's stultifying. And that's why Trump's such a breath of fresh air.

I tweeted it yesterday, but today I'm seeing the lighter side of this. For the MSM hacks, there's no humor in politics. They've literally got to destroy The Donald.