Sunday, October 2, 2016

Donald Trump to Attack Hillary Clinton Over Husband Bill's History of Infidelity and Sexual Assault

Charles Krauthammer mentioned that you don't go after these things unless you're down 12 points in the polls. It's too dangerous. It's ugly. The GOP got burned on Monica Lewinsky and impeachment in the '90s. Bill Clinton's numbers were at nearly 60 percent by the time he left office. It's a losing proposition.

Well, after the first debate Team Trump was already gearing up for attacks on Bill's "dalliances," but after NYT's vicious attack on Trump's taxes last night, I doubt The Donald's going to be able to resist.

See this great post at Hot Air, "Should Trump attack Hillary for trying to discredit Bill’s accusers at the next debate?"

And embedded there is Rush Limgaugh's radio segment, "RUSH: Hillary Beats Trump In BULLYING WOMEN, Every Day of the Week."

We'll see. Frankly, I'd be hammering Hillary over this, but like Allahpundit notes at Hot Air, you gotta make it about Hilary's complicity. She bullied women to shut up. Don't make her a victim.

Anyway, FWIW, at NYT, "Donald Trump Opens New Line of Attack on Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage."