Sunday, October 9, 2016

Marine Le Pen's Youth Brigade


I think France is on the leading edge of these things actually. The revolt of the masses tends to sweep up the young cohorts eventually. The establishment class is screwing everybody, as the young find out soon enough.

At Foreign Policy, "In Britain and the United States, it’s older working-class voters who are alienated and looking to blow up the system. In France, it’s young people":
FRÉJUS, France — It’s not easy being a teenage member of the National Front.

“Some people close the doors on you,” said Justine Dieulafait, an 18-year-old law student with a gentle manner and a fierce belief that France has no more room for immigrants. “You just have to accept it.”

But in Fréjus, a tranquil beach resort in southern France, Dieulafait was among her people.

Home to 50,000 people, the town is the biggest municipality under the control of the hard-right National Front (FN). As such, it was the perfect place to host last month’s “back-to-school” gathering of the party faithful in a former airplane hangar by the palm-fringed coast.

Most of the conference attendees — waving tricolor flags and sporting “Proud to be French” baseball caps — were middle-aged, a reflection of the party’s core demographic. Yet party leader Marine Le Pen, flanked onstage by a chorus of young women as she sang the national anthem, has also been pitching the FN as the party of choice for alienated French 20-somethings — and the pitch appears to be working.

Hundreds of young people have been elected to local office under her leadership since 2011, and some of the FN’s best-known faces have yet to turn 30. Le Pen’s 26-year-old niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the blond bombshell of the far right, is France’s youngest MP. And then there is David Rachline, a senator and the mayor of Fréjus, who at 28 has just been named Le Pen’s presidential campaign chief.

At the conference, smartly dressed, articulate young activists were among those pushing Le Pen’s message most fervently. They hammered home the dangers of multiculturalism and Muslims who “segregate” themselves from secular French society; they pronounced themselves enthusiastically in favor of a “Frexit” from the European Union. Like Dieulafait, who joined the FN at 16, they want a government that puts French citizens’ needs before those of immigrants, and they are not ashamed to say so.

If Le Pen wins next year’s presidential elections — a prospect that remains unlikely but not impossible — it will be thanks in part to a growing army of young supporters...
Well, her election "remains unlikely" because the entire political establishment will unify to stop her accession. Parties of the left and center will ally in opposition to the one political force in the country determined to crush the French political class and its globalist, multiculturalist tyranny.

But after Europe's Muslim refugee onslaught, and Britain's Brexit precedent, anything's possible. The people are starting to claw their way back, tearing down the ossified pillars of the old corrupt globalist state. It's awesome.

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