Sunday, October 2, 2016

New York Times Publishes Parts of Donald Trump's 1995 Taxes

I read the story online last night.

This is obviously scandalous, as evidenced by the leftist reaction on Memorandum.

Whatever sense of electoral possibility I felt last weekend, on the eve of the presidential debate, is gone now. Trump's mediocre debate performance wasn't strong enough to overcome the left's ceaseless smears and attacks. The surge in polling Trump was enjoying has stalled. And now, with just over another week until the second debate, the campaign's going to be focused on Donald Trump's taxes rather than how much farther down the Democrats will take the country into the rat hole. And it's the Old Gray Lady who broke the news. I mean, it's too perfect. The newspaper's entire organization, from top to bottom, has been intent to take down The Donald, going so far as announcing that the traditional "objective" standards of old-fashioned press reporting no longer applies. Reporters are free to write "A-section" news reports as if they were op-ed pieces. If the election's still close a couple of weeks from now it'll be a miracle.

Expect updates.

ADDED: I forgot to mention that Donald Trump's done nothing wrong. There's no claim of law-breaking or illegality. New York Times leftists want to paint Trump as a plutocrat scofflaw out to stiff the average Joe. They also want to portray him as a loser in business, who passes the costs of his business loses onto the average schmuck. If folks remember how the left destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012, especially with the secret "47 percent" video, then you'll have a sense of how leftists will play it. The only difference this year is that Obama's not on the ballot, and the Clinton Foundation scam, and Hillary's endless email scandal, should be the bigger controversies. But we're dealing with neo-Marxist collectivists who'll do anything to win. Anything. No lie. No Alinskyite tactic. Nothing is too low for the left. They'll use any means necessary to destroy opposition to their undemocratic statist program.