Saturday, December 17, 2016

'Hate Spaces'

This is the kind of major post you don't see on blogs that much anymore.

From Miriam Elman, at Legal Insurrection, "Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus (Film Review)":
What’s happening to Jewish and pro-Israel students on many American universities and colleges from coast to coast is horribly ugly. On “hotspot campuses” the problem is only getting worse.

“Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus”, a new 70 minute documentary recently released by the organization Americans for Peace and Tolerance, chronicles the rampant anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activism prevalent on many of America’s institutions of higher learning.

We featured the film’s trailer in a recent post and the movie premiered in NYC on November 30.

Last week, I had the opportunity to watch the film in its entirely. In this follow-up post, I review the documentary’s central themes and take-home messages.

A 10 minute clip prepared by executive producer, director and writer Avi Goldwasser for our use in this post is included below. Also included below is a statement from him exclusive for "Legal Insurrection."